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7 Most Amazing & Fun Games for Your Mehndi Ceremony

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 30 June, 2020

When a wedding bell rings, you can expect your close relatives to be high spirited because it calls for a celebration. Apart from music and dance, there is so much more that could be arranged for the guests when you host a Haldi or Mehndi ceremony such as planning games for the entire family. The idea is to break the ice and keep your guests entertained all day long, so we have listed 9 Most Amazing Games for you to consider adding to your ceremony. Scroll down to follow.


Black jack as a Mehndi Ceremony Game

Image Source: Isha Shukla

We all have members in our families who just love playing cards, casinos and one card game that tops the list is BLACKJACK! This game is played with chips and cards, which requires you to gamble. All the Teen-Patti team at your ceremony may find this card game interesting and enjoy playing it to the fullest. For the rules, you can visit How To Play BlackJack 

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Tug Of War

Tug of War as a Mehndi Ceremony Game

Image Source: Candid Tales

Be it the side of the groom or bride both can compete in this game because it is a strength-based game. All you need for this game is a rope and a few ribbons to divide the teams. Grab the ends of the rope as per decided teams then pull until the marked division takes over your side. We always played this game as kids, and it is the perfect game to be played with the family too!

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Golgappe Challenge

Golgappe Challenge as a Mehndi Ceremony Game

Image Source: Zee News

If you are a Chaat lover, then play this game with those who cannot beat you at consuming the most of it. Golgappe or Panipuri, eat as many as you can, and the one who eats the most wins this game! My mouth is already watering! Brb, going to eat a chaat right away!

Wedding Karaoke / Antakshari

Wedding Karaoke as a Mehndi Ceremony Game

Image Source: Eventila

One of the most chosen games at weddings is Antakshari. It can have more than two teams where one of them starts to sing on the given initial or a letter which is followed by the competing teams one after the other. You may lose if you are unable to sing a song with a particular initial at any point. This is precisely when singers accumulate to humm along with their teams, so prepare your cheat sheet before playing. 


Tambola as a Mehndi Ceremony Game

Image Source: Maiori News Article

Call it Houzie or Tambola; all age groups can manage to be a part of this game. It is not only interactive but reward-winning too. Therefore this can be your choice of game for a mehndi ceremony. No one can ever get enough of this game since it’s so engaging irrespective of the age group playing it. It is a fun game to bond with your family.

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Saree Tying

Saree Tying as a Mehndi Ceremony Game

Image Source: Eventures

The Saree Tying game is very humorous, and by the name, it is evident that this game takes participants to be the speediest saree tiers. Spare ten old sarees and keep a set up to begin this game instantly. In a pair make teams and clock the saree tying time. Keep great awards for the winners. To add some fun, ask all the men to drape the saree and then take a ramp walk in it!  

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga as a Mehndi Ceremony Game

Image Source: The Wedding Salad

This 54 wooden block game is started by creating a tower of them. Players use their physical skill to take out a block at a time without destroying the structure. The game ends if the tower falls. The fun part about this is, you can distract the players by making noises and even put some crazy dares on each block. Let the participants perform the dares and see how interesting it gets!

So here are some of the most trending games for a haldi ceremony! These games are lit and you can be rest assured that your guests will love being a part of these games. From Board Games to Strength Games, share with us your favourite game in the comment box.