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51+ Most Trending Mandap Decor Ideas For 2020 Weddings

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Are you looking for inspiration to create a perfect mandap design?


Let us enlighten you with some fantastic mandap decor designs for you to make your wedding a perfect affair!


We want to be your ultimate go-to site for anything related to weddings. Right from mehndi designs, wedding decor or outfit to the pre-wedding shoots, we want to help you with the perfect inspirational looks.


Planning a wedding for yourself can be an exciting but a hectic experience, with you running here and there to do everything with sheer perfection. More importantly, deciding on a venue that will set an appropriate mood, which includes the selection of flowers, music and colour scheme is the real deal. 


Now is the time to personalise your decor in your way!


Exchange vows under an arch that is as unique as you are, with your individual choice of the florals and lighting and motifs. Check out some of our favourite mandap designs and arches to inspire your look :


 1. Red rose dominated square-shaped mandap decor


A square canopy, the mandap looks gorgeous with roses pinned onto its roof borders as well as the pillars. Moreover, white blooms drooping in the centre gives the perfect result. 


red rose square shaped mandap decor design


2. Family of gentle colours


The mandap gives inspiration for all the right reasons. Firstly, the blush pink roses teamed with white hydrangeas, and purple blooms steal the show. Secondly, the simple draping on the roof and four corners also look equally great. 


mandap decor design with gentle colours


3. Circular tassel details white and red mandap decor


Here we have a unique mandap decor design for you, with precise details provided by the white tassels. Besides, the red garden roses add a contrasting effect and beauty to the plan. 


red mandap decor design with circular tassels in it


4. Blush Pink doing wonders 


This mandap decor inspires to have many blush pink blooms as a part of the decoration. However, pink is a gentle colour and tends to reflect innocence. Therefore, this design is worth trying.


blush pink mandap decor design


5. Traditional Mandap Decor with dropping blooms and greenery


The mandap decor gives the traditional vibes because of the Ganesh Ji drawn by stuffing red roses tightly together and kept in the centre. Also, the drooping purple blooms and greenery. The pillars feature white and red flowers which look great. 

 traditional mandap mandap decor design with blooms

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6. Beachside mandap decor with gold drapes


This decor should be listed in your mandap decor designs because of its elegance and simplicity. Notably, the golden drapes look phenomenal and complement the background as well.


beachside mandap decor design with gold drapes


7. Marigold dominated Mandap Decor


I love this mandap decor design because of its classic use of marigold flowers. The flowers are stitched together in the form of tassels and hung around the borders of the roof. Moreover, the bells tied to the yellow marigold malas look beautiful. 


mandap decor design with beautiful marigold flowers


8. Mandap decor with hanging florals 


This mandap decor is quite breathtaking because of its peculiar feature of white floral hangings. Moreover, the white and red flowers wrapped around the border of the roof perfectly complements the hangings. 


mandap decor design with hanging florals


9. Vintage Floral Mandap Decor 


An elegant mandap decor with a touch of vintage, this one has to be your choice. Moreover, the thread-like tassel details on the border and roses stuffing gel with each other in an excellent manner. 


vintage florals mandap decor design


10. Minimal Floral Mandap Decor Design


The wedding decor looks beautiful despite being decorated with minimal florals. One prominent feature is the thick white floral hangings on the border of the mandap stand. 


minimal floral mandap decor design

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11. Virushka Inspired Mandap Decor 


You can choose your mandap decor to be inspired by your favourites, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s Wedding. The mandap looked beautiful, solely with the help of a few floral clusters and glass candle holders hung from the roof. 


virushka wedding inspired mandap decor design


12. Flooding Florals Mandap Decor


This mandap decor looks gorgeous due to its choice of the florals. While the roses beautify the dome borders, the hanging strands of blush pink wisterias enhance the design more.


beautiful mandap decor design with flooding florals  

13. Neat White-dominated mandap decor 


A traditional mandap decor with neatly stuffed white marigolds hanging from the roof as well as stuffed to the pillars. Moreover, clusters of dark pink roses in between the whites look breathtaking.


simple neat white dominated mandap decor design 

14. Red & Pink Florals Mandap Decor 


This one is another floral dominated mandap decor wherein florals cover the pillars and roof borders completely. Moreover, the centre of the roof features different golden tassel-like details. 

red and pink mandap decor design

15. Roses Flooded Mandap Decor


This gorgeous mandap decor looks impressive because of the overloaded roses. While the pillars feature white roses, the borders of the roof have pink roses and greenery wrapped around them. Also, another prominent feature is the drooping blush pink flowers.


mandap decor design with white roses flooded


16. Red & White Daisy Mandap Decor


A dreamy mandap decor beautifully decorated with white & red daisies has to be one of your choices. The roof borders and pillars feature daisies along with thread-like wite floral hangings giving it perfect finishing

red and white daisy mandap decor design 

17. White Floral Mandap Decor Design


A wedding mandap decor design dominated by white florals is quite breathtaking. White marigolds stitched together forming garlands, that are then hung towards the pointed roof in the form of a canopy. Moreover, gorgeous hydrangeas and chrysanthemums add beauty to the same. 


beautiful mandap mandap decor design with pink drapes  

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18. Circular Rose Floral Mandap Decor


The mandap decor looks beautiful and fresh due to the use of roses in the borders of the roof. Moreover, thin strands of pink flowers enhance the presentation of the same. 


circular floral roses mandap decor design


19. Arch-shaped Pink Floral Mandap Decor


This one is a unique mandap decor in the arch shape. The arch is thick in the form with different kinds of pink florals covering it, making it look quite royal. 


arch shaped pink floral mandap decor design


20. Overflowing Pink Floral Mandap Decor


The Pink Mandap Decor looks phenomenal with the hydrangeas and other blooms in the shade of pink and red. Also, the thin white floral strands give the mandap a lovely look. 


beautiful pink mandap decor design with flowers


21. Canopy Fabric Mandap Decor with drapes


Unlike the other floral mandap decors, this is a fabric theme mandap. Here, a canopy features peach and red drapes on the roof as well as the sides. Moreover, the substantial red crystal chandelier sums up beauty. 


canopy mandap decor design with drapes


22. Floral Dome Mandap Decor


The dome of the mandap looks terrific with pink and pastel yellow florals decorating it. Also, the same flowers cover the pillars of the dome as well. 


beachside floral dome mandap decor design


23. Blush Pink Mandap canopy with florals


The mandap decor looks heavenly with the help of the blush pink drapes and the florals. In particular, the florals include blush pink roses and cherry blooms, giving the mandap a fairy look. 


blush pink mandap decor canopy with florals


24. Hot Pink Mandap Decor


The floral mandap decor features drooping hot pink and blushes pink florals. The florals not only hang from the roof but also creep around the pillars of the mandap. 


hot pink mandap decor design for weddings


25. Yellow Floral Mandap Decor


With minimal yellow florals, this mandap showcases yellow marigolds. However, the flowers are not only pinned to the roof borders but also, hung with a thread in multiple numbers from the roof of the mandap.


mandap decor design with yellow florals


26. Traditional Dome Floral Mandap 


One gorgeous sample of traditional mandap decor is this one, with ‘Om’ motif in the centre drawn with blush pink florals. Moreover, other blush pink and pastel pink florals tightly cover the roof of the dome, enhancing the mandap more. 


traditional floral dome mandap decor design


27. Drooping Florals Mandap Decor


Quite a minimalistic design for a mandap decor with purple and white wisterias dropping from the roof. Also, the pillars feature clusters of roses for adding beauty to the decor. 


drooping florals mandap decor design


28. Suspended Circular Floral Mandap Decor


If you are looking for a unique style of the mandap, then this is the one for you. The circular metallic mandap roof suspended by a crane looks excellent as its fully covered with white and blush pink mini florals. Moreover, the strings of tiny flowers hung from the ceiling adds more beauty to it. 


mandap decor design with hanging florals


29. Floral Dome Mandap Decor


A mesmerising floral mandap decor with dome fully covered with pastel pink florals. Besides, pink draped ceiling with a crystal chandelier counts as other elements beautifying the mandap. 

mandap decor design with floral dome


30. Peach Fabric Mandap Decor 


With an apt combination of drapes and florals, this mandap design has to be one of your choices. While peach swag drapes look dreamy, the vertical floral placements in shades of pink are no less.


peach fabric mandap decor design

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31. Crystal Floral Mandap Decor


This mandap decor is different from others because of the crystal mandap structure. Moreover, red hydrangeas decorate the roof borders beautifully. Also, pink and white florals hanging from the roof make the set-up more gorgeous. 


crystal floral mandap decor design


32. Marigold Garlands dominated Mandap Decor


Marigold Flowers add a traditional touch to the decor, just like this one. Garlands of orange marigold hung on the four sides look beautiful and neat. Moreover, marigold flowers put together in the form of a semi-circle make the whole decor heavenly.  


mandap decor design with marigold garlands


33. Orange Marigold dominated Mandap Decor


Here is another traditional mandap decor with many orange marigolds put together for stealing your heart. The marigold flowers cover the whole canopy and also the pillars. Also, little garlands of the same hung on the borders look fantastic. 


mandap decor design with orange marigold florals


34. Red & White Floral Mandap Decor 


This floral mandap looks gorgeous as its entirely covered with red and white roses as well as other flowers of the same colour. The florals include not only the pillars but also the borders of the roof.


red and white floral mandap decor design 

35. Rose overloaded dome floral mandap decor


A gorgeous Mandap Decor with red roses is completely covering the dome as well as the circular boundary. Also, the centre of the dome features drooping white and red floral hangings. 


rose overloaded floral dome mandap decor design


36. White Fabric Mandap Decor


Another dreamy mandap decor with white drapes creating a heavenly effect with minimal florals. Also, the metal rims feature the pink, white and purple flowers that are all considered to be gentle colours.


white fabric mandap decor design


37. Floral Dome Mandap Decor


A mesmerising floral mandap decor with dome fully covered with pastel pink florals. Besides, pink draped ceiling with a pink crystal chandelier also gels well with the decorative work. 


mandap decor design in floral dome structure


38. Multi-coloured Floral Mandap Decor


The mandap features different types and different colour florals around the roof borders as well as the pillars. Also, the same set of flowers used to decorate the chairs placed around the mandap.


multicoloured floral mandap decor design


39. White Garlands Floral Mandap Decor


This is one modern mandap decor inspiration, wherein a pillar-less mandap decorated with white garlands hung overhead, and uncluttered does wonders to the decor.  


white garlands mandap decor design with flowers


40. Antique Metallic Mandap Decor 


This design of mandap decor is unique because of the metallic dome structures. However, light florals still beautify the same by hanging garlands around the borders in the shape of semicircles. 


antique metallic mandap decor design


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41. Pastel Roses Floral Mandap Decor


This Mandap Decor looks quite like a fairytale one, with pastel roses wrapped around the borders of the canopy. Moreover, the pink drapes on the sides and the ceiling adds beauty to the same.


mandap decor design with pastel roses florals


42. White Circular Floral Mandap Decor


A gorgeous mandap decor with a perfect combination of white and greenery. While the ceiling features the greenery, the borders feature white florals. Also, numerous white floral hangings dropping from the centre enhances it. 


white circular floral mandap decor design


43. Pink & Red Mandap Decor


A minimalistic mandap decor with hot pink florals covering the borders of the canopy. Moreover, the centre features thin hangings with flowers attached to the ends. 


pink and red mandap decor design


44. Pink & White Florals Mandap Decor


A divine mandap decor with pink and white roses tightly pinned to the borders of the circular pillar-less mandap roof. Moreover, the overhead white strings look beautiful as they are neat and uncluttered. 


pink and white mandap decor design


45. Maroon Floral Mandap Decor


A simple mandap decor with maroon florals that are completely covering the canopy starting from the roof borders to the pillars. Also, the maroon drapes perfectly complement the florals. Moreover, the crystal bulb chandelier in the centre is one eye-catchy element of the decor. 


maroon floral mandap decor design


46. Multicoloured Floral Mandap Decor


For the couples who are not willing to have a canopy for the mandap, they can choose to have a decorated background instead. Here, the backdrop looks gorgeous with the pink roses and greenery pinned in the pattern of checks. Moreover, the strong mandala motifs are the elements that add beauty to the same. 


mandap decor design with multicoloured florals


47. Lilac Theme Floral Mandap Decor


With the dominance of pink & purple, this mandap decor gives the feels of a fairyland. While the borders and pillars feature pastel pink, peach, yellow and purple florals, the centre of the ceilings looks gorgeous with drooping strings of white florals. 


beachside lilac theme mandap decor design


 48. White Floral Dome Mandap Decor


A dreamy mandap decor with a fountain backdrop and tons of greenery. Moreover, the pastel blooms make the decor look like a part of the fairyland. 


white floral dome mandap decor design


49. Blush Pink Floral Mandap Decor


This mandap decor looks heavenly with the use of cherry blossoms and wooden twigs. However, the twigs give the decor a vintage look and make it worth dying for. 


blush pink mandap decor design


50. Elegant Pink Drape Mandap Decor


A simple yet elegant mandap decor design with the use of pink drapes. The pink curtains wrapped around a thin circular rim, tied with florals towards the bottom makes the decor very dreamy.


mandap decor design with elegant pink drapes


51. Wooden Log Mandap Decor


A unique mandap decor made of wooden logs looks quite vintage. However, the minimal use of orange marigolds still highlights itself because of the green background. 

wooden lgo mandap decor design


So, did any of these mandap decor designs inspire you to save the ideas for your wedding?