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15 Makeup Looks To Ace For Future Occasions and Ceremonies

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 25 August, 2020

Image Source: Kaniz Ali

Fashion and Beauty trends continue to bring innovative styles regardless of the pandemic. Therefore, ladies can work up their skills while the lockdown lasts and step into the new season with a bam! Makeup experts have forecasted the upcoming season’s looks including colour palettes, eyeliner techniques, lipstick tints and much more. They are sure to break grounds, so get a hold on your makeup kits and practise these looks. We have curated a list of 15 Makeup Looks To Ace For Future Occasions and Ceremonies. Scroll down to explore them all!

1. Amplifying The Eye Shapes


Image Source: Shefali Nagpal 

Be it a Bachelorette party, Cocktail ceremony or an evening wedding event, ladies wish to look unique. If you are one of the fashion icons at the party, then try amplifying your eye shape with an eyeliner. Match up the tones with your outfit. Light for day and dark for the night! This is a definite eye-catcher.

2. 2020’s Summery Blue


Image Source: Khush Magazine

Adapt to the Summery Blue eyeshadow look this season by giving the mainstream brown and black a break. This game-changing makeup look will enhance your pupils and colour block attires from Tangerine to Fuschia. Tip: Flatter this look from afternoon until dawn.

3. Iconic White Eyeliner


Image Source: The Frisky

Apart from the pop of waterline, a white eyeliner seems more iconic when applied to the lids. You may wing it out over a black eyeliner or directly apply it over your eyeshadow to look exotic. Experts advance this look by extending the liner to the inner corner of the eyes.

4. Enduring Red Lipstick


Image Source: FNF Photo Work

An enduring Red Lipstick look can seem to be achieved easily. However, it takes an accurate foundation choice and eye makeup to ace its appearance. If your skin is to the fairer side, then you shall minimize the eyeshadow and blush. Whereas, neutral to dark skin tones can opt for highlighters and soft bronzers to get the best of this look.

5. Trending Colourful Eyeliner


Image Source: Glam Stories By Shabita

Most of the makeup brands are now offering a vast range of colourful eyeliners. So get your hands on the 2020s most loved tints such as- Lilac, Mauve, Shimmery Black, Aqua Blue, White, Pastel Pink and Soft Orange. It is time to welcome fresh colours to the season and quirk up the Desi vibes.

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6. Radiant Glow


Image Source: Namrata Soni, Cinewire

Overly powdered makeup sets out the impression of artificiality. However, minimal luminosity makes the skin look more alive by giving a radiant glow to the face. Strobing creams and creme based foundations can be used to attain the radiant glow. Alternatively, you can choose to buy strobing creams and other products based on your skin type to avoid excessive oiliness. 

7. The Idealised Sheer Coverage


Image Source: Annus Abrar

Sheer coverage is idealised for summer as it does not clog pores due to its translucent texture. It keeps the skin looking more natural and needs minimal touch-ups. BB Creams and CC creams do the job, but you may also purchase foundations that specifically offer sheer coverage. Perfect for the light makeup affair.

Secret Tip: When in summer, always keep handy of the facial mists to refresh your makeup.

8. Bronzed Warm Tones


Image Source: Khush Mag

If you are into the sunkissed look or the illuminated tan, then bronze up your makeup with a warm toned blush palette. This will provide you with just the glow you need this summer. This makeup technique can be blended with any outfit of your choice as long as it is exposed to the daylight.

9. Peachy Apple Of The Cheeks


Image Source: Muhammad Ruhab

It has been predicted that nude makeup will be the chase of the season, so stock up your peaches. It is indeed going to be the peachyapple of the cheeks year. The trick is to keep the blush subtle and natural to elude a healthy skin type. Dusk to dawn, this look is friendly 24 X 7!

10. Dewy Look Paired With Coral Tints


Image Source: Ali.K Photography

The beauty industry adores a dewy makeup look. There are oils to creams loaded in beauty stores promising dewiness, even makeup setters! So get all you can if you are all about the dewy look because next in line are the coral tints which heat up the game. Moist and Plump face is the new mantra! 

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11. Chrome Smokey Eye


Image Source: Glam By Maryam

Celebrity makeup artists share that a runway smokey eye is different than the ordinary one. So avoid filling in the black tints on your lids because it will only give you panda eyes. Instead, choose soft chrome shadows to dab in the middle and keep the base brown, to begin with. Lighter shade first is the ultimate rule.

12. The embellishment of the Eyes


Image Source: Sonam Kapoor

Indian women are aware of the facial embellishment, Bindi. So eye embellishments can be easily pulled off with Indian attires. There is finally a substitute of a Bindi and if you are bold enough to try it out, then you shall. Stick-on products are listed online if you wish to buy baby pearls for such looks.

13. Ombre Eyeshadow


Image Source: Kas Beauty

Play with as many colours as you have in your eyeshadow palette since it is the season of vibrancy, and nothing can make it better than the Ombre. Find your favourite 3 to 4 shades that can blend well together, and the rule is to be patient to get the perfect look.

14. Get Your Contour Right


Image Source: Second Glance Cosmetics

Structuring the makeup is a crucial step and must be carefully done with contouring. Start off by noticing your facial shape and move ahead accordingly. As there is no uniform way to contour because the facial features vary from face to face. So, research on your face type and begin when you are sure. The final result will be magical if done right.

15. Absolute Matte Look


Image Source: Khush Mag

If you wish to master a matte look for future, then simply pick matte finish makeup products including the setting spray. The key is to keep the face well moisturised before the application of makeup. Matte foundations can feel rather dry if the face is not hydrated. So oily or dry, it is important to use a moisturiser. After the application of the products, dust loose powder generously for an absolute matte look.

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Tell us which look did you like the most out of our curated list. Share your choice in the comments below.