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Ultimate Bridal Makeup Technique Guide for Brides in 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

An Ultimate Makeup Technique Guide

 From outfit to jewels and makeup, brides want everything admirable and glamorous. The mesmerising outfit and stunning jewellery, everything goes futile without flawless makeup. From her makeup artist to type of makeup she needs everything perfect to make her dream day a fairy-tale talk of the town. Airbrush makeup is most preferred and trending among not only brides but also for other festivities and occasions. Whereas HD makeup giving high definition look to one has been an all-time favourite of every girl and woman. Here is the detailed makeup guide for the bride to be. Get the best bridal makeup tips from this guide.

Unclear about HD or Airbrush makeup? Listening to, to many people will leave you confused and perplexed. But don’t worry! This detailed up to date blog will help you decide what’s best for you.


What is Airbrush Makeup?

Makeup has become quintessential for every woman. Be it a girl going to college or a woman going to an office, to the ones hosting the shows. Everyone loves to look confident, bold and most importantly highlight oneself. Not only brides but every single one gets confused about which technique is best! It is a style of applying makeup to the skin by using an air-gun as opposed to the traditional method of using various Options.



Foundation is filled in the spray gun, and then millions of droplets are drizzled, pressing the trigger, on the face giving it a perfect look. The coverage of airbrushing can range from sheer to full, depending upon the occasion, as it is built up in layers to give a smooth texture to the skin. Eyeshadow, lip colour, blush and also refining eyebrows, can all be done using stencils in this method.



best airbrush makeup guide for brides

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Airbrush Makeup Pros


Most airbrushed makeup is silicone-based, giving you a photogenic look and also is more water-resistant than regular lipstick. This type of makeup is long-lived unless a strong makeup remover is used.

Every bride has hundreds of candid pictures to choose from, for her wedding album. It allows makeup to be applied evenly, creating a smooth blanket finish to eliminate imperfections of the face, infallible to give a natural, candid shot.

It requires less product for more coverage. Because of the spray technique application process, a minimal amount of makeup goes a long way. Also, it does not make your makeup look artificial and cakey.

Since you can apply airbrush makeup in such a fine layer, it dries super quickly, so you can add more layers for coverage before going to the stage as final touchup.