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Beautiful Magenta and Blue Decor Ideas for Weddings

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

I’m sure you might have gone through endless wedding decor searches but let’s just put an end to that. We present you with a fantastic magenta and blue decor ideas theme that involves pink as well as blue colour which is very vibrant.

Starting from the entrance to the photo corners, we’ve got you covered!

The entrances are supposed to be on point because they tend to create the first impression of the decor. It starts with pleated sheer fabric chandeliers with deep red cymbidium orchids dropping down in the centre.

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Moving ahead with the decor, we have a floral chandelier with white orchids and gladiolas and tuberoses drooping from the centre as well as on the corners of the square setting. Beautifying the whole setup we have mirror chip work pillars with assorted roses, carnations and white orchids.

magenta and blue decor ideas

A closer shot of the floral chandelier put up in the lounge area where your friends and family can sit together and have their enjoyable chatting. The white sofas are also accompanied by centre tables that have a candle-lit centrepiece.

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Again featuring, we have white orchids in the ceiling besides the central installation of this floral chandelier. The centre tables have a flower vase that provides minute detailing to the whole decor.

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Here we have a Preston Baily inspired decor inspiration, with magenta-pink lighting complementing the blue decor perfectly.

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The blue and white chandelier in the ceiling features silk threads stitched together to create this pattern. The backdrop behind the bridal couple’s chairs is paper flowers, that highlight the seating area.

Beautiful wedding decor ideas

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This lounge area is spread across the garden with white and purple sofas that complement the magenta-pink theme. The pillars in between are installed with lightings which brightens up the whole area.

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Entertainment stage for the band is decorated with artificial wintery trees, installed with yellow light below it to give the setting a golden look.

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The dining area is beautified with gold tiffany chairs with pink tissue cover and matching tiebacks. The pink tissue is a nice contrast to the shiny turquoise table. Red and white flowers put in a vase are used as a centrepiece for making it look a proper setting.

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Wall sconces are a nice touch to the pleated curtain wall. White flower garlands dropping from the ceiling are enhancing the look of the whole blue decor.

magenta and blue decor ideas

The bar counter’s ceiling is decorated with red cymbidium orchids.

Magenta pink wedding decor

Talk about the new ceiling; we have white orchids drooping along with yellow lights giving them a golden tinge.

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Best Blue Decor Ideas

The mandap can be one of the essential spots of the wedding decor. This floral chandelier in the mandap looks very eye-pleasing, also giving the decor its pretty look.

Magenta Pink and Blue Decor Ideas

Along with the mandap seating in the centre for the bride and the groom, there a room given for the viewers, with turquoise covers complementing the magenta lighting.

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