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13+ Captivating Maang Tikka Designs for Brides of 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

We understand how important the accessory part is for the bride as well as her sisters and closest female friends. Therefore we bring you the hottest designs for maang tikka and matha Patti that are trending this year. This traditional piece of jewellery is one of the most fundamental accessories for women at any wedding to accentuate their forehead. Be the bride the sister or friend of the bride, the maang tikka or Maatha Patti compliment your necklace and bangles and is vital to creating the perfect wedding attire. 



In 2018, there has been a revival of the ancient traditions when it comes to the trends related to bridal and wedding wear as well as jewellery, reminding of the glory of Mughal queens and princesses. Principally, a Maang Tikka is styled in the middle of parted hair but in the recent year, you will find a wide range of methods of wearing a Maang tikka, as women have been jazzing up the look with more creative ways to wear it. Take a look at these extremely captivating modern Maang tikka designs and styles and pick the one that suits best your personality. For your convenience, we have categorized them in accordance to your face type.


1. Pendant style with One Tier (Maatha Patti)

One of the biggest trends of 2018 is the pendant style maang tikka with single-tier matha Patti. This delicateness of the style gives an ethereal look to the bride. A great option for those looking for a minimalistic design, which is also very in these days. Another plus point is that it can complement any kind of a facial structure.



2. Multi-layered maang tikka

This stunningly gorgeous maang tikka is in vogue this year with the diversity of designs. The additional layers of maatha Patti attached to maang tikka add to its elegance and at the same time do not make it look heavy on the forehead. Women with a round face and broad forehead can adopt this look. 



3. Pendant style 


This all-time popular style is still worn widely this year also with modifications in its designs. One can add Kundan to pearl stones to personalize the style, and all look elegant. One can also imitate traditional designs to stick to the conventional. Looks radiant on all face types.



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4. Chandelier style


The chandelier style is an ancient one but is trending this year among women who opt for a bolder look. Surprisingly, it is also in vogue in western countries where people opt to pair it with their western outfit for a style statement. One can choose a combination of pearl and rubies over it, and each creates a stunningly celestial appearance. Beware, this piece of ornament would work well only on a large forehead and a round face as this maang tikka is huge and may dangle on a smaller forehead.



5. Side maatha Patti 


This amazingly individual style can make your face look even more beautiful and radiant if you dare to wear. It is a breakthrough from the general maang tikka and can be a great choice for oval-shaped faces. 



6. The Tiara Style


This utterly charming style is for young women as well as teenage girls who fancy a maang tikka. Perhaps the amalgamation of the western tiara and the Indian maang tikka, this one will bring out the princess in you. Go for it if you give out simple and sweet vibes and want to feel as special as a royal.



7. Borla (Rajasthani -Bali style)


The glamorous and dazzling style of Maang tikka, called Borla, was primarily worn by Rajasthani brides. This tradition has been revived in the rising trends of bridal couture for 2018 and can be an option if you are looking for something more mature and ethnic. Best suited for women with long oval faces.


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8. Jhoomer style Maang Tikka


The typical Jhoomer or Passa has been an accessory worn by many celebrities recently, combining this traditional embellishment with their own style statement. This one can also be hung on the left side.



9. Large Central Maang Tikka


Women with a round or oval face can gracefully carry this freshest trend of heavy Maang tikka with a light, single-chained Maatha Patti. Can be efficient if you want to divert attention from your large and broad forehead.



10. Side-Swept Maang Tikka


 If you love the royal feels of a Mughal wedding and want to imitate it this season, then this one-sided Matha Patti can help complete your outfit. Attached to Maang tikka is a fine ‘Nawabi’ style to adorn the heart-shaped face, who generally have a narrower forehead. 



11. Sindhi Traditional Maatha Patti

Sindhi traditional jewellery has its own charms, with its intricate embellishments and multi-tier chains. If you don’t mind extra bling, then opt for this one, if you have an oval face. 



12. Kundan Maang Tikka

Kundan pearls on the Maang Tikka bring out its pureness and simplicity without missing out on its beauty. It doesn’t shine hard, which makes it elegant jewellery to admire. It is a popular choice among brides this year who want to colour coordinate with gold and white. 

Alternatively, a tiara shaped chain can also be fastened to hair and the heavily ornamented Maang tikka with Kundan pearls can be connected to this crown. This sumptuous piece of ornament can also unquestionably creates an aura of greatness. Looks exceptional on oval face shapes.


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13. Pearl string attached to Maang Tikka


If you love the shine of pearls and want to add them in your accessories, then this kind of a maang tikka can work out amazingly. Pearl strings joined to any maang tikka complimentary with it can create a stunningly beautiful bridal wear.




14. Maang Tikka with Crown Braid 


Last but not the least, this beautiful option for young women can be a great selection if chosen to wear this with a relatively very small-sized maang tikka and light chains of multi-layered matha Patti. Its integrity and class can magnify the beauty of small forehead or heart-shaped face structure. Can also be worn by teenage girls who want to add a maang tikka to their outfit.


There is a Maang Tikka for every face-type, just pick one that your heart wants to; rest we are sure you’ll rock anyway!

Image Source: Studio’s, Kismet Jewell Nakal