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30 Trending Ways To Style Your Lehenga Dupatta For 2020 Weddings

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Updated on 30 June, 2020


How about adding a little twist to the styling of Lehenga Dupatta?


One of the significant components of your lehenga is the shawl, and how you drape it can often change the entire look of an outfit. As a bride, you are often looking for ways to creatively drape it to bring out the best of the attire. And so for we have compiled a master list, which comprises both the traditional styles and the recent styles which are currently in vogue.


Saree- Style

Pleat the dupatta and wear it over the left shoulder to give the entire outfit a saree feel and get two outfits at the price of one.


saree-style dupatta designs


Like a Gujarati Seedha Pallu Sari

An age-old style which is mainly seen in Gujarati weddings, this also gives you a chance to flaunt the work on your shawl.


gujarati style designs for saree 

With a Cowl Gather

You can display your border to maximum effect with a style that usually works with shawls of a lighter material. This can also be used in haldi and Mehendi functions to keep the shawl safely away from your hands.


Best Lehenga dupatta styles


Open Drape

If you have a heavily worked on dupatta paired with a relatively simple blouse, then this is the way to go!


One drape dupatta style


You Shaped

This style showcases both shawl and blouse beautifully while at the same time keeping it pinned in place.


u shaped dupatta designs 

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Half Saree Style

If you want to turn the lehenga on its head, then go ahead with this style. Also the style for those who want to wear a saree but want to avoid the hassle of draping the whole nine yards.


half-saree lehenga dupatta style


Loosey Goosey

This loosely pinned dupatta gives the outfit a very effortless and casual look while also exhibiting the dupatta flawlessly.


Beautiful lehenga dupata style


The Simplest Way

Probably the simplest way to drape a shawl, you can bring it forward and pin it on your hip if the shawl is heavy.


Simple way dupata style


Over One Shoulder

A different draping style where the shawl is pinned at the waist and then brought over the shoulder through the back and can be worn both in pleats or in free flow.


Trending lehenga inspirations for brides


Dupatta Covering the Head

It is often considered mandatory to cover your head and in that case, go for a lightweight material.


Dupatta-covering-the-head designs


Over the Head and Chest

A favored style during rituals, here the dupatta covers the head and then is brought over the chest in big pleats. These can be then removed after the rituals if you prefer that.


Best lehenga designs 

Combining Two Styles

A combination of pleated dupatta and a covered head style when custom dictates that you need to cover the head, but you also want to wear the pleats.


Bridal lehenga inspirations


 Double Dupatta

To take the ensemble up another notch, you can use two different dupattas which are different in color and material and which can then be draped accordingly.


double-duptta designs for brides 

Sabyasachi Style

Well if you are wondering how Sabyasachi does it, then this is his signature style where a sheer dupatta is draped from front to back and another similar one used to cover the head. 


Sabyasachi-Style lehenga designs

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Border Saree Style

One to show off the dainty border!


Trending lehenga dupattaa style


Draped Over The Arm

This may be a little difficult to manage, especially if it is a bulky material, but it sure does give out a royal vibe.


Bridal lehenga inspirations 

Shoulder and Wrist Drape

By tying it to the wrist, it becomes easy for you to handle the dupatta. Also, this style helps to flaunt your neckline.


Elegant lehenga with dupattta


Sliding off the Shoulder

Pinned to just one side, this exudes a kind of effortless grace and charm if you can carry it off.


Unique off shoulder designs


Front to Back

This style goes well with a blouse/ crop top paired with a low waist skirt.


Gorgeous lehenga dupatta designs


Jacket Style

Gives an entirely modern appeal to the outfit, you can pin the dupatta on the shoulders for ease of movement.


Jacket style lehenga outfit


Around Your Arms

For a pure dupatta, wrap it around your arms and goes well with slowly worked lehengas.


Trending style to drape your dupatta



Use this when you do not want people to miss out on the heavy detailing that you so painstakingly got done on your pallu.


V-Shaped dupatta wearing style


With a Waist-belt

A slim belt in a contrasting color both adds a modern vibe and also helps keep your shawl in place, whichever style you are draping it.


Waist band dupatta style


Saree Doubling As A Dupatta

Take your favorite sari and use it like a lehenga dupatta and pair it with a simple blouse and skirt.


Saree Doubling As A Dupatta


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Thin Pleated Dupatta

If you have a petite figure, then this style will help you show that off.


Thin Pleated Dupatta for brides


On the Waist and Head

An unlikely combination of styles, this makes for breathtaking pictures when you twirl.

Trending bridal wear designs


Around the Waist

This is a simple, no-nonsense style that can be done by you in under 5 minutes.


Bridal lehenga designs


Contrasting Double Dupattas

Play around with colors; you can also mix and match between dupattas of different lehengas here.




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Showing off the Blouse

Tied loosely in the front, this shows off your blouse well.


gorgeous red lehenga designs 

Pinned to the Back

Pleated and pinned to the back, this is perfect for your haldi function.


Pleated dupatta style bridal lehenga


We sure hope that you have found a few exciting draping styles to play around with!


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