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Most Beautiful Lavender Pink Decor Ideas for Weddings

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Eye Catching Lavender Pink Wedding Decor Ideas

Are you looking for a wedding decor inspiration for your perfect wedding? 

Here’s a romantic lavender & pink wedding decor for you which will steal away the hearts of all your guests!


Florals tend to prettify every decor, just like this one. The moment you enter the wedding venue, you see a substantial floral chandelier. The chandelier features beautiful purple orchids, pink blooms and tassels of white wisterias. Moreover, the wooden ceiling adds a neat look to the decor. 

The hallway looks pretty with the red full room red carpet with floral centre props featuring pink carnations and purple-white orchids. Also, the walls look unique with artificial leaves stuck intact to each other. 


beautiful decoration with lavender pink flowers


The roof looks very stunning with florals arranged on the borders in the shape of a rectangle. Moreover, the upside-down draping with garden roses on its borders.


halfway decorated with lavender pink florals


interior decoration with lavender pink chandliers


The massive chandelier is another peculiar feature of this lavender & pink wedding decor. The oval white floral chandelier with red blooms surrounding its borders looks dazzling. Also, silver bar-shaped props hanging from the chandelier enhance its beauty in an enchanting manner.


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decorated stage area with lavender pink flowers


The stage area has to be decorated beautifully because all the attention is on the stage at one point. The background of the stage features floral frames and white patterned frame in the centre with a pink background.


lounge area decoration with lavender pink decor


The lounge area looks beautiful with blue square-shaped chandelier with white wisterias hung on the borders. Moreover, brown tufted sofas complement the full-sized red carpet. The pillars look stunning because of the spotlights and red roses. 


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interior area decorated with blue chandliers


Capacious chandeliers have their charm, just like this one. Blue spotlights installed on the roof reflects on the white wisterias which make the whole chandelier look blue.  


dining area decorated with red tassels on roof


The dining area looks spacious because of the white decor around, with the roof featuring red tassel decoration.


beautiful dining area decoration with red tassels


Round dining tables with golden shimmery cover and tall vase featuring purple orchids and white roses. Moreover, tiffany chairs also add a great look to the setting. 


interior area decorated with lavender pink theme


lounge area decoration with golden decor


The wedding decor has another lounge area with a full-sized red carpet and sofas. The ceiling looks beautiful with the orange and yellow tassels and flower attached on every end of the tassel. Also, the wall seems gorgeous with yellow lamps lined together. 


I’m sure this Lavender & Pink Wedding Decor would have stolen your heart already! How many ideas did you save?