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Intimate Weddings - The New Normal and Smarter Trend of 2021

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 28 April, 2021

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Hello, Couples of Millenia!

We have seen the pandemic change our way of life from the beginning of 2021 until now. However, keeping the situations in mind, the Wedding Industry has stepped up their game by focusing on intimate weddings as the new normal. From Virtual Weddings to Intimate Weddings, everyone has seen the quick shift in trends and behaviours that paint a picture of the future. Since Intimate Weddings have been stealing the show over Big Fat Weddings, let us find out what this is all about and what is expected to be seen in the upcoming weddings. Scroll to read Intimate Weddings - The New Normal and Smarter Trend of 2021.

1. Mandatory Government Guideline To Reduce The Risk Factor


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Coronavirus has drastically slowed down the economy due to its risk factors and the government has advised hosting wedding ceremonies with not more than a hundred members. In this way, we can avoid the spread of this virus by supporting small gatherings. Health is any day a priority!

2. Choosing The Venue


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As the aim is to host a wedding in smaller groups, choosing an appropriate venue can be tricky. This is because weddings will be taking place on auspicious days that are to fall in December and it can cause a clash between the number of weddings vs. number of venues. In this case, you may either have to be an early bird or organise a wedding from home. 

3. Advantage Of Sanitisation and Hygienic Practises


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To keep off the virus you can arrange sanitisation at the wedding venue, so your guests enter a hygiene-friendly space. This idea is beneficial for everyone to get shielded from COVID and take memories home instead of an infection. Hygienic practises such as eco-friendly disposables, usage of gloves, temperature checks of the vendors will ultimately clear off your environment from germs. Therefore, we see it as an advantage of lowering the risks of any virus that is to come.

4. Masks and Social Distancing


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Masks and Social Distancing are the two essential elements to the new normal wherever you go. In fact, bridal masks are being offered by brands who are stylishly supporting its usage at the same time helping you stay in fashion. Now there is no excuse to avoid masks! Social Distancing has its ways to be implied by the Namastey drill and a hug-free zone. Keep a six-feet gap and save yourself this season!

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5. Money Matters!


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A lifetime of saving does not have to be spent overnight anymore. Giving this tradition a break, you will end up saving a huge amount of money by planning an Intimate Wedding. The decoration, food, photographer, makeup artist and venue booking will cost you much lesser when arranging an event for a hundred people. Save money now to use it in future!

6. Expected Year Of Coronavirus's Exit


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Researchers are undergoing the process of finding a permanent cure for Coronavirus and have yet not announced a subsequent way of treatment. So it is interpreted that the virus will be with us until next year and all we can do to avoid it is by taking the required precautions. It is understandable that Wedding is the occasion of a lifetime but we might not be willing to put our health at risk. Therefore, Intimate Wedding is the ultimate go-to and do not fear much as you can still make it look like a dream wedding. With a small-scale wedding comes the importance of people around you whose attention will mean a lot to the couple. 

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