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International Bachelor & Bachelorette Trip Under 50K

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 21 August, 2020

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If you are reading this blog, then you are someone who is hunting for International Places to host a perfect bachelor and bachelorette trip. As it is difficult to pick one amongst various places, we have collaborated a list of 15 locations under the budget of INR 50K per pax including accommodation and food. 

A bachelor’s trip could be for cumulative exploration of various activities such as Relaxation, Nightlife, To feel nostalgic with friends or just checking off your bucket list. 

These places will serve all that you need under a suitable budget and excludes the airfare. Although, we suggest to book air tickets prior, try to look for some unique Airbnb stays and research well about the place before you plan your trip. Scroll down to view our picks.

Under 50K



Image Source: Globalist.gr 

Singapore is a multiracial country built on the foundation of Chinese and Muslim cultures.

The main attractions of this city are Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, Garden By the Bay and Orchard. Clarke Quay is most famous for its nightlife and remains in the heart of the city. Clubbing can be enjoyed around Sentosa Beach or Tanjong Beach Club where laser light night show, Shack Bars and Water Sports could be availed. 

Food could be tried at Hawker Centres which are full of local delights and affordable. Also, Asian cuisine can be tasted at a fancy restaurant with a fancy price avg of $60/- portion for one. Little India serves Indian cuisine, and biryani lovers should definitely pay a visit to this area of Singapore.

Hotels in the city range from INR 3,200 - INR 6,300/ nightly for a person.

Tip: Do study the Singapore Rulebook as it is also known as the fine city.



Image Source: Wanderlust.Barcelona, Instagram

The hub of Football Clubs and the city of sunshine, Barcelona has great touristy spaces that are worth a visit. Basilica De La Sagrada Familia Church, Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter), Casa Mila, La Rambla and Palau De La Música Catalana (Palace of Catalan Music) are few of the local attractions. 

Foods to try in Barcelona are Calamari & Squid, Croquettes, Spanish Omelette and Bombas.

Hotels stay in Barcelona cost between INR 5,000 - INR 11,000/ nightly for a person. 



Image Source: Eric Vander Briel, Pinterest

Dubai, situated in the United Arab Emirates, is a cultured Muslim city which is known for its luxurious shopping malls, exquisite architecture and an active nightlife. Places to visit are Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Palm Jumeirah Beach, Desert Safari and Marine-animal park.

Food to try is Manousheh (Pizza of Dubai), Chelo Kebab, Mandi, Tabbouleh and Baba Ganoush.

Hotel Rooms are priced between INR 4,000 - INR 10,000/ nightly for a person.



Image Source: Shutterstock

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is known for the banks of the Danube River. Apart from touristy places like Museums, Thermal Baths, churches and other attractions, the Hungarian nightlife should at least be experienced once. Ferris Wheel is the starting point to explore the city at night, and the Old Jewish Quarter is the party hub if you wish to continue the night. 

Food To Try in Budapest are Goulash, Jokai Bean Soup, Chicken Paprikash, Halászlé, Foie Gras and Rántott Sajt.

Hotel Rooms range from INR 2,000 - INR 8,000 and can exceed these numbers for seven-star hotels.  

Hong Kong


Image Source: Qantas.com

Hong Kong, the city of skyscrapers, is filled with Chinese groups widely offering great shopping options, food samples, movie settings and festivals to celebrate. The visa-free policy can be taken advantage of along with the convenience of transports.

Food to try in Hong Kong is Dim Sums, Duen Kee Restaurant, Lo Mai Gai, Roast Goose, Yat Lok, Roast Pork, Roast Chicken and Char Siu. 

Four to Five Star Hotel Rooms range from INR 3,000 - INR 9,000/ nightly for a person.

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Under 30K



Image Source: Fortune.com

Cambodia’s most tourists are drawn to its well known Angkor Wat temple and other ruins that could be encountered in the surrounding places. You could wander around the trails of the jungle to come across with iconic ancient temple remains. The local community mainly follows Buddhism and Hindu culture, which welcomes tourists with warm smiles. 

Food to try in Cambodia is Khmer cuisine which is not widely recognised although their servings include sauces, pickled vegetables, herbs leaves and other similar condiments. 

The Boutique Hotel stay ranges between INR 1,500 - INR 6,000/ nightly for a person.



Image Source: Getty Images

Vietnam is a pocket-friendly country with interesting historical stories, monuments within cities like Ho Chi Minh. The city is a business hub for Vietnamese crowd and two-wheelers could be rented to visit local areas. The country serves tasteful food at reasonable prices. There are lively bar streets that a tourist could indulge in if interested.

Food to try in Vietnam is the authentic Vie tnamese spring rolls, Pho (Side soup dish), Rice Noodles, Banh Mi Sandwich, and Claypot Fish.

Hotel Rooms in Ho Chi Minh city range from INR 1,500 - INR 6,500/ nightly for a person.



Image Source: Bella Naija Weddings

Bali has surprisingly great resorts, and private beach stays. The coral reef, endless coastlines, waterfalls and forested volcanic mountains are must-see factors. Bali can be visited for both adventure and leisure as it has yoga retreats as well as great places to party at. Just remember to bargain over the fare if you take local taxis because they may charge foreigners more than regular rates. Uber is always a great and safe option in terms of transportation.

Food to try is Satay with peanut sauce, Nasi Ayam, Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng and Fresh Pork/Fish Dishes. 

Hotel rooms booked two months prior can cost you from INR 1,000 - INR 7,500/ nightly for a person.



Image Source: Dust By Manjik Photography

If you plan to take a tour to Malaysia, then try to hit Johor Bahru streets and Kuala Lumpur for some great shopping. Langkawi includes scenic resorts with infinity pools and beaches to get a wholesome dip in. It is essential to stay in groups while visiting the areas at night for safety reasons. Petronas Twin Towers and palace sites are the most monumental features of Malaysia. The locals converse in Tamil, Mandarin and Malay mostly.

Must-try food in Malaysia is the banana leaf platter, Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kandar, Satay, Biryani Meals, Malay Prata, Bakuteh, Hokkein Mee, BBQ Pork, Fresh Prawns and Nasi Lemak.

Hotel room ranges from INR 3,000 - INR 9,000/ nightly for a person.  



Image Source: Livingnomads.com

If your idea is to visit a place with white sand and an underwater world, then Maldives is the place to be as it has some great stays by the water which could be in your bucket list too. Get the gist of seaplanes, Body Beru performance, learn to dive and swim with whales and trained sharks. If your stay can make room for a walk to Malé, then do give it a go. 

Foods to try are Mas Huni, Masroshi, Bis Keemiya, Boshi Mashuni, Fried Yams, Reef Fish Cutlets and Gulhi.

Hotel Rooms are priced between INR 3,500 - INR 6,500/ nightly for a person.

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Under 20K



Image Source: Pinterest

Thailand’s Bangkok and Pattaya are one of the common visit-worthy names which travellers must land into. Street shopping in Bangkok is never enough as more than a thousand vendors put up their stalls. Sunday Market is excellent for a weekend stroll with temple visits. Pattaya has a walking beach where on one side there’s a sea and on the other will be a train of hotels waiting to provide you with the best hospitality.

Food to try is Pad Thai, Thai Basil Chicken, Satay, Coconut Ice Cream, Green Thai Curry, Tom Yum Goong, Mango Salad and Red Thai Curry.

Three-star hotel stays range from INR 1,500 - INR 5,500/ nightly for a person. 



Image Source: Theluxurytravelexpert.com

Bhutan exists in the southern area of the east of Himalaya following Tibetian culture. It is known for the monasteries and also is a great destination for tourists willing to trek or get to the mountains. A five day trip to Bhutan will cost Indians upto INR 6,000, and the visa is free for them. 

Food to try is Red Rice, Ema Datshi, Jasha Maru, Momo, Butter Tea and Zow Shungo.

Hotel Rooms range from INR 1,500 - INR 5,500/ nightly for a person.



Image Source: Eos.com

Nepal has the best of Himalayan mountains to appeal to the tourists if they wish to visit the high altitudes and experience the Hindu and Buddhism cultures. Kathmandu is ideal for Temple visits, Pokhara for Phewa Lake, Annapurna for Hiking, Chitwan National Park for wildlife sightings and villages nearby for Himalayan Valley views. 

Food to try in Nepal is Momo, Dal Bhat, Sel Roti, Bara, Dhindho, Gorkhali Lamb, Chatamari and Thupka.

Three Star Hotel Rooms range from INR 1,600 - INR 6,600/ nightly for a person.



Image Source: Newsin.asia

Srilanka is popular for its diverse landscapes varying from the rainforest, highlands to sand beaches. Anuradhapura has stories for tourists as it consists of ancient ruins which date back for over 2000 years. Modern capital Colombo is known for its beaches, whereas Inland sustains Dambulla Golden temple that is adorned by Buddhist paintings and statues. 

Food to try in Srilanka is Fish Ambul Thiyal, Kottu, Kukul Mas Curry, Parippu, Lamprais, Hoppers and Polos.

Three Star Hotel Rooms range from INR 1,700 - INR 5,000/ nightly for a person. 



Image Source: Wikimedia.org

Myanmar touches multiple borders including India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand with more than 100 ethnic groups. The nation of Pagoda temples all the way from the 6th century are worth a sight for the visitors. Markets line the Inle Lake where boating could be enjoyed. 

Food to try in Myanmar is Tea Leaf Salad, Shan-Style Rice, Burmese Curry, Burmese Tea Shop Meal, Deep Fried Stuff, Tofu Noodles, Nangyi Thoke, Mohinga and Shan-Style Noodles.

Three Star Hotel Rooms range from INR 1,500 - INR 6,000

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