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8 Easy Tips to Style Your Lehenga at Wedding Ceremonies

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

What does one notice when a lady of the hour makes her fantastic passage? The adornments, the make-up – well inevitably, Yes! However, that is not the feature. It is a Lehenga! Everybody attend to view the lady of the hour stroll down the walkway or toward the mandap. Since the spotlight is on you, it is your opportunity to spark

Presently, not all ladies can bear the cost of impeccable creator wear, and for some, the brand label simply doesn’t make a difference. A shoutout to all the simple yet furious ladies out there, who have been thinking about the DIY fleeting trend and make their marvelous marriage wear, we give you eight different ways that are perfectly splendid and super simple to DIY a wedding lehenga. You spare cash, you gain experiences, and you will have the bestest lehenga story to describe to your youngsters years after the fact, also a significant legacy to go along. Look at it.

DIY tips for lehenga style

1. Mix and Match all components

As much as you think it is basic to color synchronize and wear clothing that compliments your look, you’ll be startled to realize that it isn’t so. Blend and match are tied in with utilizing what you have and purchasing just the parts that run well with it.

 Let’s assume; you have an awesome saree blouse with a unique decorated work and weaving. The key here is to utilize that blouse as your choli and work on a lehenga, which again could be of an alternate lehenga-choli set. You can simply go and purchase a different substance or light worked dupatta to finish the look. This would give you a fantastic look, and you will be all set to rock the party with your different looks. Don’t you think so? I do think so.

ways to style your lehenga

wedding lehenga inspirations

2. Lehenga out of a Saree

Simple to do and may spare you some genuine mixture! Making up for lost time with runway patterns, you can pick a kanjeevaram or unadulterated silk saree to make a flawless bit of lehenga-choli. You can choose any inheritance, vintage, delicate toned or even velvet saree and offer it to your tailor who will work his enchantment to make a stunning piece only for you. With all the sparkle, gleam, cutwork, and complexities exhibit on your saree effectively, you should simply take a shot at the outlines. This would be obvious from your ancestors be it your mom or granny it would be giving a different look, and you will be adored by everyone around. I dare say it is going to happen!

bridal lehenga styles


unique style to drape your lehenga

3. Choli and Lehenga – Buy them from Separate Stores

Admire a Sabyasachi or Ritu Kumar lehenga choli. However, it appears to be basically out of the spending plan. Consider the possibility that we let you know; you don’t have to purchase a total outfit, rather simply go for one originator piece and blend and match the rest. For instance, purchase a creator blouse and get the lehenga composed from your neighborhood tailor or the other way around. Along these lines, you can control your financial plan, yet have a fashioner contact to it. it is a great idea to follow, and this would work as a magic wound, don’t you think so! For your pocket and your wedding event too. Everyone around would have to turn once or twice to have a look at you, and I think this is what you want as a bride that is attention.

wedding lehenga designs inspirations

Beautiful bridal lehenga styles

4. Old is Gold – Refurbish Old Lehengas and/or Sarees

There are a few stores in and around Mumbai and Delhi, who can enable you to renovate an old lehenga or saree. The old lehenga or saree we’re alluding to here could be your mother’s stupendous mothers or possibly your most darling aunt’s. Why go for old? The kind and sort of mind-boggling handwork that was once in vogue are difficult to discover nowadays. On the off chance that your mother or grandmother will give you a chance to utilize her legacy piece as and how you like it, go striking, we say. On the off chance that you like a specific fix work or the outskirts of the burden outline of their blouse, join that into your lehenga plans. Numerous little time fashioner stores don’t charge you that much to make an extraordinary plan with all the material you have. Furthermore, no! They won’t take away any of those left finished materials from you. Hence there would be no loss on your side and rather gain of such a beautiful dress.

Best bridal styles for lehenga

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5. Timeless Heirloom Pieces

This conveys us to treasure pieces. Treasure is anything that has been passed on from age to age. You can take a prompt from Kareena Kapoor who wore her Mother-in-law’s Vintage sharara at her wedding. This essentially spares the cost and settles on individuals to complement your charming decision as well. All the exertion you have to do with this one is renovating it to influence it to look crisp and one of a kind. Even though the clothing perhaps vintage, you can adapt the look with contemporary hanging, haircuts, hair-do and gems embellishment. Utilize fine quality silk or glossy silk to include looking at the rear fringe of your dupatta or lehenga. On the off chance that the edges are frayed, think about a funneling in tissue or a differentiating shading to liven up the outfit. This would go well for your big day.

beautiful styles for your lehenga

6. Assembling the Lehengas – 1 year before

This one is for the fashionista who energetically sits tight for the most recent in marriage patterns to come up and get the primary chance to get their hands on it. Given your wedding is a decent multiyear away, you have a lot of time to begin collecting your outfits for the week-long Indian wedding festivity you intend to have. The trap here is to be aware of what you pick that won’t blur in style for a length of time to come. This additionally helps you bifurcate your costs and not have an all-out credit emergency. Separating your costs and shopping cleverly for your lehenga and the adornments that run with it – is the key. For ladies who’re intending to movement everywhere throughout the nation to get the best from the parcel, this tip comes convenient to you also.

Assembling the lehengas

7. Rush to your Local Tailor for Inspirations

Love the perplexing work you see on a Rohit Bal or Shyamal and Bhumika manifestations? Have you been sparing pictures, zooming all through the fine points of interest and are just aww’ed with the outfits? Quit featuring at the screen with hearts in your eyes and hurry to your nearby tailor now. There are gazillions of tailors and karigars (pros in weaving and stonework) who can reproduce a similar plan for you in low priced rates. No, we’re completely serious. Begin exploring now. You’ll be astounded to know the manifestations that they’ve aced and put out for ladies that can put the top of the line planners to disgrace. Who knows you may show signs of improvement outline than what you envisioned to be.

Best bridal lehenga styles

8. Local Vintage Markets

Our last DIY tip includes a great deal of legwork! Yet, we guarantee the final product will paralyze you. There are a few neighborhood vintages advertises in and around the city that you’re likely ignorant of. Sit for a light gab with your mother and close relatives, and you’ll have an entire journal loaded with even little corner shops that give vintage sarees to as shabby as Rs. 300/-, while some give trimming and fix works that can complement your plans. While a few stores are experts at weaving and weaving work, that has most creators rushing to them for motivations as well. Have a stroll around these shops, and you’ll be surprised with the blasted of hues, interwoven, stonework and embellishments, and additionally the assortment of textures they bring to the table. This will effortlessly open a wide window for every one of the ladies, who are hoping to make their remarkable lehenga and be glad proprietors of it as well.

Best bridal lehenga inspirations

The best thing about him is that you get something, no store sells, and you truly will be a different bride! So on your special day, be truly special and get started with your creativity.

Image Source: Photriya Photography, Little Black Bow Photography, Pooja Joseph Photography

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