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Cool Tips to Host an Amazing Diwali Party After Marriage

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Is this your first Diwali after marriage? 


Then you might be wondering about how to make it special, and we’ve enlisted the best ways to make it different.


Diwali, the festival of lights, is known to bring a wave of happiness and joy in the family. And what would be better than this for your first celebration? Completely filled with blessings and peals of laughter, this festival tends to bring the people who are far away together and gives a reason to bond again. 


Being the first Diwali together, I’m sure you might be nervous and would be wondering on how will you make it a memorable one. Don’t you worry we have curated the list for you! But before that, one thing you’ve to make sure is to celebrate this Diwali in an eco-friendly way, i.e. without bursting crackers and polluting the environment. We can at least make sure to do that right? 


Without further delay, let’s jump onto the list so that you start planning your Diwali : 

Decoration of the house in a colourful way


From cleaning every corner of the house and turning every stone, decorating the house with utmost care is another thing. 

Diwali after marriage- Decoration of the house in a colourful way

  Beautiful Diyas


As Diwali is already known as the festival of lights, so one of the most important things is to decorate and light up the house with beautiful Diyas. Place the diyas around every corner of the house so as to light it up altogether. Moreover, another interesting fact is, these muds diyas are reusable and can be used every year if kept with the utmost care. And for beautifying it more, you can paint the diyas and bring out the artist in you on your first Diwali after marriage. 

Beautiful Diyas-Diwali after marriage 

Diwali after marriage- Beautiful Diyas

Colourful Rangoli 


Go the traditional way, by making exquisite rangoli at the entrance and around the house. Make sure to keep kids away, they might spoil your hard work in a snap! However, even if you aren’t much of an artist, you can use the intricate rangoli stencils and make rangoli full of beautiful colours. 

Colourful Rangoli -Diwali after marriage


Mandir Decor & Pooja 


As it’s going to be your first Diwali pooja with your spouse, why not do it in the most beautiful way? You can decorate the mandir with some appealing flowers and garlands. This would not only prettify the mandir decor but also add a fragrance to the atmosphere of the house. Also, you can buy new poshak (fine dresses) for the god idols and please the gods. 

Diwali after marriage-Mandir-decor

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Lighting up with lights 


Fairy lights or ladiyan (in hindi), LED lights & chandeliers are used to deck up the entire house and it looks eye-pleasing as well, isn’t it? With trends barging in every now and then, you’ll find some unique kinds of lights too. Put up the lights around the entrance and balcony with your spouse, it’ll be a fun time for you two too. 

Lighting up with lights  Diwali after marriage 

Diwali Gifts for the happiness 


Gifts are quite synonymous to Diwali and I’m sure you won’t disagree with this. But the task is to select the gifts that are well-thought and to make sure that it’ll be of some use to the other. Gifting sweets and dry fruits hamper is too cliche, we offer you some amazing ideas for it. Flowers and bouquets are the most beautiful gifts you can give to someone, it instantly makes the other person feel special and in love. Likewise, plants are a great option too. We’ve already talked about eco-friendly Diwali, hence nothing can be better than gifting a plant to your friends and relatives. Green tea or chamomile tea combined with a ceramic mug makes an awesome gift these days, and you’ll already aware of how health-conscious people are nowadays (not really!). 

Good deeds never cost you anything right? You can choose to gift your old clothes & shoes to the poor people and just see the happiness on their faces. 

Diwali after marriage-Diwali Gifts for the happiness  

Diwali Gifts for the happiness -Diwali after marriage

Diwali after marriage-Diwali Gifts for the happiness  

Cooking the meals of your speciality 


Ladies are known to be the Annapurna of the house, and to prove this fact right, Diwali is the best occasion. Women cook delicious items on this festival and watch all the family members lick their fingers with a smile pasted to their faces. Also, to make your first Diwali special, you can cook the favourite dish of your spouse and see him going gaga over it. Or, why not cook the speciality dish, the dish you make the most delicious and nobody can beat you at it. 

Cooking the meals of your speciality -Diwali after marriage


Diwali after marriage-Cooking the meals of your speciality

 Throwing a Diwali Party 


Diwali is a festival, which is known to bring together all the friends and family. You send wishes and gifts for your loved ones. Also, the guests who come home, its great time to make memories, chit-chat and have a couple of drinks together. You can plan a Diwali bash inspired by the celebrities and make the party full of dazzles and tasty dishes. 

   Throwing a Diwali Party-Diwali after marriage


That’s it from my side on how to make your first Diwali special after marriage, go ahead and plan everything out!