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How Airbrush Makeup Is Different From HD Makeup

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 19 August, 2020

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As we enlarge our pockets when the big day is to arrive and try to compromise the least for a big shot happening, it is yet important to track the money outflow to evaluate the worth of any service or product that we purchase for the wedding. 

Spending more than ten grand on makeup, be it Airbrush or HD for a bride is not inexpensive. So let’s find out in this blog whether it is a smart decision to invest in either of the makeup categories by going over their process.

HD Makeup


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HD Makeup begins by preparing the base of the face with moisturiser and primer. The makeup artist will be more brush oriented when it comes to HD makeup as handling of strokes is the key to a well-finished look. 

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Since bridal eye makeup is the most time-consuming part of the overall makeup, it is the beginning point of the application. Eyeshadow powders are pressed. Therefore it can be expected to have a little fall out while blending in strong tints or glitter. This is the main reason why the foundation steps in next once the drama is added to the eyes.

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Foundation is layered on the face, neck and exposed areas to even out the skin tone, and after that, blending begins to neutralise the texture. HD makeup requires a baking procedure for a powder-soft finish. Do Not Worry; your makeup Artist won’t ask you to sit in an oven. Application of concealer on the T-Zone and under the eyes, set with powder using a damp beauty blender is called beauty baking, followed by contour, blush, highlighter, lipstick, and setting spray.

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  • Brushes and Sponges maintain manual control over the makeup.
  • Used by celebrities and handy for experienced makeup artists, HD makeup remains a traditional and trusted method.
  • HD Makeup products have the capability to look less sheer under cameras.
  • The process does not require any electronic device in the picture.


  • Layering up foundation, concealer, compact and etc. can feel heavy on the face.
  • Facial discolouration, blemishes, wrinkles and pigmentation can appear to be grey after a couple of hours.
  • Touch-ups are required to keep makeup in place.
  • Constant touch on facial skin by brush, fingers or blenders can cause irritation.

Airbrush Makeup

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Airbrush makeup is a process where the liquid form of foundation and blush is poured in the airgun that is further sprayed on the bride’s face. Many airbrush brands exist in the market today offering both portable mini, portable or wired airbrushing gun.

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Beginning with the same base as that of HD Makeup, the procedure of priming and moisturising takes place. After that, the foundation is applied on the entire face via airbrush gun, which is kept ten centimetres away from the face for even application. In Airbrush makeup there is no hassle of blending because the product sets naturally on the skin so you may not need hundreds of makeup brushes.

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Even though blending is not required in an airbrush technique, you might still need to secure the product on the face with a loose powder to avoid any creasing. For eye makeup, there is no way but to use a stencil to work in small areas. However, it is not preferred to use the airbrush gun directly on the eye, so this part is handled manually as well, followed by mascara, eyeliner, false lashes and lipstick. 

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  • Airbrush Makeup achieves natural finish on the face.
  • The products used for Airbrush Makeup comparatively feel light on the skin.
  • It lasts longer than HD Makeup with few touch-up intervals. 
  • Exact skin shades can be created using the kit products of Airbrush Makeup.
  • Least of product is used as it gets sprayed on.
  • Blending time cuts down.


  • Brushes and powders need to be manually applied.
  • Majority of the product is used in the application of foundation.
  • An airbrush gun cannot apply other products like highlighter, mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner.
  • Airbrush technique relatively costs higher.


Image Source: Elegant Makeover

There are both pros and cons to HD and Airbrush Makeup, but if your makeup artist specialises in either of them, then you may choose to go ahead with their work. The motive is to look flawless, and as long as you are satisfied with the technique, then it is worth the amount spent. 

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Would you choose HD or Airbrush Makeup for your wedding? Tell us in the comment section below.