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Host Cocktail or Sangeet Ceremony without Hiring A DJ

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 28 July, 2020

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Wedding occasions should be a blast, so that they can be cherished in the future. There are a lot of factors that get pitched into bringing out the best in these events. However, don’t trick yourself into thinking that music is the backbone of these celebrations and depend on a DJ for all the fun. There are more exciting things that can make your Pre-wedding ceremonies catchy, and this blog is all about Hosting a Cocktail or Sangeet Ceremony Without Hiring a DJ. To know them just scroll down a little more.

1. Dhol Players


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Dhol Players could be called to your Sangeet Ceremony to add some freak beats that will get everyone to shake a leg. A wedding is incomplete without a Dhol wala so hire the best in your knowledge to experience lit vibes and dance to the beats!

2. Pool Party


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Beat the heat by hosting a Pool Party for Sangeet Ceremony. Margaritas and Martinis are just the buddies that will cool your guests off. Jello shots can be served, and playlists can be made to blast off the speakers all day long. Sip-Sip Hurray!

3. Play Games


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There’s always a mood to play games such as- Tug of War, Volleyball, Beer Pong, Limbo, Black-Jack and so many more at a ceremony. Everyone can hook themselves up with a game of their liking and have fun at the event. So bring in the gaming element to your party where people will need nothing over victory.

4. Bring Anchors To Host


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Enter into a carefree zone by letting an anchor take control of your guests’ hosting. They have just the talent that will make your night memorable with a consistent amount of dance, music, drinking and celebrating the occasion of a wedding. They mingle around with everyone leaving no complaints.

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5. Silent Disco


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Stage or without a stage, lose yourselves to the tuned-in music of the Silent Disco concept. People can select their music and be the party themselves. How maddening it is to set such a vibe at a ceremony like Sangeet or Cocktail. You may try it on your own.

6. Hire Interactive Performers


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Book Interactive performers who will equally indulge with your crowd like yourself. Magicians, MC’s, Dance Performers are a handful of them. They will not leave your guests sitting and yawning for sure. Add extra stars by calling an Interactive Artist.

7. Participate In Cultural Dance


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Cultural dancing engages guests as they all come together in the celebration of the wedding. From the pre-rehearsed performances to the spontaneous ones, the party lasts for more extended hours when the dance factor comes in.

8. Karaoke With Live Band


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Live Band or Live Music has become a trend so people could enjoy Sufi nights to some headbanging sounds. Select whom you wish to call to make a Cocktail night more memorable for you and your guests. Sing along with them and let the crowd be a part of it to achieve a brilliant night.

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9. Use A Spotify Playlist


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Spotify is a music app which has a playlist for all moods, genres, languages and podcasts. So use this app to rock your cocktail party and play all you like. It is an excellent alternative to hiring a DJ. All it takes you to do is to connect to speakers, and your job is done.

10. Awards Night


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Host an award night for your Cocktail Party where everyone could spread the glam factor as they dress up for the eve. With great Anchors, Awards, Booze and Finger Food this night will be a hit for you. This is an amusing way to keep the guests entertained.

11. Drinking Games


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Get handy with Mocktails or Cocktails because drinking games make you chug them all at once. Beer Pong, Truth & Dare and many other games can be played at a ceremony for amusement. You will not have to worry about a DJ Artist if all the attention is taken up by Drinking Games.

12. Theme Parties


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Get your imaginations to life by throwing a Themed Cocktail or Sangeet party. From your favourite Disney characters to Movies, choose what may be enchanting and turn your Gala into a La LA Land!

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