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10 Ultimate Groom Accessories Checklist For 2020 Weddings

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Updated on 30 June, 2020


Accessories aren’t just a thing for the ladies, and men like to accessorise too. Although, their embellishments are a lot different than ours, yet you know what I mean. There is a reason why one says, with the right accessory, you can even lit up a simple outfit. So, rock that desi or videshi look because “Tenu suit suit karda!!” 


The Only Groom Accessory Checklist You Should Have With Yourself!


Safa or Pagdi

The one that you wear on your head is called safa or padgi (for those who don’t know). There are different ways to drape and decorate it, and even though it was initially designed for men, now the ladies have started donning it with abundance. Yay! It’s so pretty!


Groom Accessories checklist

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Being an Indian, we all know what sehra is but for those who don’t know, a sehra is that front design that hides the face. It’s an Indian tradition followed by some and now all creatively decorated up by many.


 Ultimate wedding Accessories  

Kalgis and Feather

One would wonder what kalgi is if one hears for the first time. Well, kalgis are used to decorate your safa or padgi. It looks similar to the jewellery and is worn in front of the turban. Similarly, you can use feathers to decorate the safa.


Top trending kalgis for groom


Stole or Dupatta

Yes, stoles and dupattas are in trend again, thus providing a regal look to your sherwani or indo-western. You can pair it differently, i.e. contrasting it with your sherwani by picking a different colour of the stole and teaming up with a different colour of sherwani . on the other hand you can also team up the same colour of stole with the colour of the sherwani depending upon your choice.


Groom wedding accessories

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Brooch is an ornament for men fastened to clothing with a hinged pin and catch. And nowadays they are trending a lot with thousands of different designs maybe its lapel pins, chain brooches, tassel brooch, flower brooch, and many more.


Trending groom wear for wedding



Wondering why we are listing necklaces in men’s accessories list, but wait . just like in ancient years the kings used to wear stones embellished necklaces made of emeralds, rubies or various other stones to give a special feel to your attire. Likewise, these days grooms are wearing necklaces with their outfits to match up the royalty that is provided by them.


Elegant Necklace design for groom


Pocket Square

The pocket square is a handkerchief which is stylised to be kept in the front pocket of your outfit, whether it is indo-western or a tux. Majorly a contrasting colour is chosen to give it pop or even you can select a multicolour one which also looks fantastic on the outfit.


 Accessories Checklist for Grooms

Watch and Engagement Ring

No description required for these accessories as they are usually a sense of utility then styling. The most used body part in a wedding is the hands, so it should carry that feel by wearing watches and rings that suit your style and even your budget.


Watch and Engagement Ring


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Kamarband , Sword and Jhutti

The cummerbund (Kamar band) is an Asian-origin garment, first adopted by British military officers in colonial India. They were exposed to it, seeing the Indian men wearing it. Next, it was adopted by Indian royal people or kings who wore them to keep their swords intact1. It is typically worn by Rajput’s or Punjabis at their weddings to keep their sword or ‘kataar’ intact, which is meant to be a promising thing to carry at your wedding.


Similarly ‘juttis’ are the footwear that grooms wear with their wedding outfit as they are the traditional pair of footwear that goes well with a sherwani or even an indo-western.


Groom accessories checklist

Bow ties

The bow tie is a necktie in the form of a bow or a knot with two loops. It is worn with a tuxedo to give a formal look to your outfit.


Groom wear wedding inspirations 

So, these are the top trending Groom's Accessories checklist for you in this 2020 wedding season


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