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Glamorous Outfits To Wear On Roka Ceremony For Bride & Groom

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Updated on 31 August, 2020

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How exciting it is to marry the person of your dreams, and why not dress up for the occasion of this heavenly union? If your day of Roka Ceremony is around the corner and you are done searching for attires from your racks, then we suggest you check out our curation of Outfits for the Bride and Groom. This blog will inspire you and help you select just the outfit you have in mind for your Roka Ceremony. Scroll over to gaze at Glamorous Outfits to Wear on Roka For Bride & Groom.


Modern Lehenga

Lehenga for an Indian ceremony is no surprise! After all, it is hard to resist the Intricate Embroideries, Flares, Sexy Blouses and a wide variety of patterns that the Lehenga Choli outfit has to offer. For a Roka Ceremony, it is not important to look too traditional, so you may try a Modern Lehenga with futuristic detailing. If you wish to go traditional, then you can opt-in for some colourful embroidery as it is trending this season.


Image Source: Kresha Bajaj


Image Source: Kresha Bajaj


Image Source: Mani Jassal


No one can take away the elegance of a gown that has clean cuts and is stitched to perfection. This can be a choice for women who are looking forward to a classy affair, and there can be exquisite jewellery options to complement the outfit. So let your hair down and a catwalk all the way Diva!


Image source: JJ Valaya


Image Source: Ekaterina Simakova


Image Source: Reynu Taandon


Hook yourself up with an evergreen Saree that will bring out the royalty within you. A saree outfit is indeed sophisticated suiting all cultural festivities of India and the accessories that get paired along are even more amusing. So it is time to hit the stores and shop-shop-shop!  

Secret Tip: Currently embroidered chiffon and sequins seem to be on people’s wishlist.


Image Source: Papa Don’t Preach By Shubhika


Image Source: Maria B


Image Source: Shyamal And Bhumika

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Kurti Sets With Several Bottom Options

Authentic garments that are adored by women are Kurti Sets which can be worn on occasions like Roka, so you can explore look-books online which offer different styles of bottom wear with the Kurtis. You may choose from peplum Kurti to any length or style that you wish to try. Bottoms can vary from ankle-length skirts to flared pants and Chudidaars. If you wish to swish your dupatta fashionably, then this is a fantastic option for you.


Image Source: Umer Sohail


Image Source: Yosari.com


Image Source: Asiana Couture, Chandni Chowk


The best of both worlds, Indo-western outfits are much loved, and occasions such as Roka can make room for something that is a little too Indian and slightly western. Be it the blouse, readymade saree, Dhoti Styled with lace tops or anything that blings your eyes. It will surely suit you and serve you in the long run.


Image Source: Kalki Fashion


Image Source: Papa Don’t Preach By Shubhika


Image Source: Papa Don’t Preach By Shubhika

Quirky Attires

Ladies like to keep up a sassy attitude with a quirky style! Yes, they do! Get the best pair of colour-shocking designs off some designer racks and show everyone how bold you are. Only fearless women can pull off a stunt in sexy yet quirky attire. Try for yourself.


Image Source: Aisha Rao


Image Source: Papa Don’t Preach By Shubhika


Image Source: Papa Don’t Preach By Shubhika



Men with all shapes and sizes carry Kurta-Pyjama very well. A loose and breezy pair of Kurta can make a man look handsome in the Indian Wear. This can be the outfit priority for an occasion like Roka.  


Image Source: Mahima Mahajan


Image Source: Anushree Reddy


Image Source: Sadaf Fawad Khan

Nehru Jackets

Nehru Jackets are ideally paired with Kurta making it more dramatic. Several prints suit most of the Kurta colours in the mobile pattern of this jacket, and that makes it an investment for the future. Voila! Accessorise yourself with these Nehru Jackets for a cultural look that you desire.


Image Source: Bubber Couture


Image Source: Sachin’s Men’s World


Image Source: Sabyasachi

Nawabi Look

Nawabi Look can be carried by men who wish to go ultra Desi with their selections and maintain their regal touch in what they wear. It is simply a personality more than an outfit style. It takes a particular character to fit into this catchy Nawabi vibe, so if you belong to one of the few, then this may be your Roka outfit.


Image Source: Varun Bahl


Image Source: Shantanu And Nikhil


Image Source: Rajwadi.com

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Suit Up

Numerous men like to go formal when a special occasion arrives, so they mostly get themselves covered in a Tuxedo or a Blazer. Suited men feel rather more comfortable and modern than regular Kurta, so if your venue or style demands this attire then go for it.



Image Source: ASOS Design


Image Source: Phillippe Leblond X Hugo Boss


Image Source: Thevuphoto.com

Funky Ethnic

People dress up according to their personal style preferences, and there are a handful of men who like to go the extra mile with their choices. Funky Ethnic is therefore for men who are into uncommon prints that not anyone can carry. So if that is you then glare at these inspirations.


Image Source: Samyakk 


Image Source: Shyamal And Bhumika


Image Source: Anita Dongre

Bandh-Gala Blazers

Bandh-Gala is full sleeve outerwear that is very similar to a blazer. However, the neck and the button stand is traditionally designed as per Indian taste. It has been a fashion for men in Rajasthan that makes them look very charming and clean.


Image Source: Ethnic World


Image Source: Jade Blue Lifestyle


Image Source: SS Homme

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