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27+ Beautiful DIY Ganesh Puja Decor Ideas for your wedding

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Are you looking for some easy decor ideas for your Ganesh pooja? 


Since childhood, we’ve been told that we worship Ganesh Ji before anything that we are about to do. There are numerous reasons why Ganesh puja is done before any other Hindu marriage ritual. Ganesh puja or Ganpati puja should be done before other Hindu Gods and Goddesses. He is the God who brings happiness and prosperity to a person’s life, therefore having a Ganesh Puja as a part of the wedding ritual will bring luck into your life. 


However, don’t you think the Puja that has so much of significance, should be decorated equally beautiful? Therefore, we have handpicked some easy Ganesh Pooja Decoration Ideas for your wedding, let’s take a detailed look at it. 


Here are some DIY Ganesh Pooja Decor Ideas for your wedding! 


A backdrop decorated with white flower garlands a green frame made of green leaves in the shape of an arch. Moreover, place a table in front of it with a Ganesh Idol on it. 


beautiful backdrop located with flower garlands in ganesh puja decor


Yellow is a light and bright colour. For a natural backdrop, put up a lemon yellow drape, accompanied by golden curtains on either side. Also, to enhance the beauty, add a line of florals on the top. Instead of placing an idol, draw a Ganesh figure on the yellow drape with pink florals. 


yellow coour natural backdrop with printed ganesh ji on it


A gorgeous and substantial Ganesh idol with a floral backdrop. The backdrop features red and white carnations placed at equal distances from each other but spread all over the black frame at the back. 


red and white flower backdrop with gorgeous ganesh ji


A simple yet elegant idea for a Ganesh Puja Decor is this one, with prominent use of yellow marigolds. White and yellow marigolds stuffed from top to bottom looks mesmerising. Moreover, the use of marigolds can be seen on the hanging bells as well. 


simple ganesh puja decoration with yellow marigold flowers


Go eco-friendly with the use of paper plates and bowls by placing them in patterns on the vertical green garden used as a backdrop. Moreover, team them with white and red carnations to enhance it more. 


decorated ganesh puja area with eco friendly styles

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Florals make everything look beautiful, just like the decoration done here. The Ganesh Idol is decorated with different colours and types of blooms. Also, the use of Dhatura fruit or thorn apple in the decoration could be a great idea.


flowers backdrop ganesh puja decoration  

For a natural DIY backdrop, stick many bananas leaves adjacent to each other on a wall and draw a pattern on it with yellow marigold flowers. Also, to enhance the beauty, hang some white garlands along with it. 




Paint the leaves into different colours, then place them neatly adjacent to each other, forming a substantial flower. Moreover, red tissue roses also make it look beautiful. 


ganesh puja decoration with the use of painted leaves


I’m sure all of you loved pinwheels growing up, but do you know you can use them to make a beautiful decoration set up for Ganesh Puja. Use the sticks of the pinwheel to stick it up to the wall behind the Ganesh statue. Fill the wall, covering the rods of the pinwheel with the other pinwheels. You can add some lights to the table to give a better look.


colourful pinwheel backdrop decoration at ganesh puja


Marigold flowers bring out the traditional vibes. A combination of yellow and orange herbs can work great for your decoration. Moreover, you can hang the garlands of these flowers as a backdrop, which will look stunning. 




A simple decoration includes placing candles in between the spaces of the bricks. This lights up the area naturally, and the decor as well looks elegant. 


a simple candles decoration for ganesh puja


This decoration for the Ganesh Puja looks beautiful with the help of red garden roses. A Ganesh figure drawn with the help of red roses and surrounded with white mini carnations can be counted as a great decor idea. Also, because red and white create high contrast, this surely is a beautiful backdrop for you. 


beautiful floral backdrop decoration for ganesh puja


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Another great idea would be giving a metallic rim the shape of a Ganesh Figure. Then, covering it entirely with orange marigold flowers. The idol looks simple yet elegant.


ganesh puja decoration with flowers on metallic rim


If you don’t want to complicate the work, then make a Ganesh figure with the help of Paan leaves. Also, with the help of tikka, draw the face on the blade itself. 


ganesh puja decoration with the help of paan leaves


Roses are the prettiest flowers, use them to make your Ganesh figure. Place the roses adjacent to each other, giving it a shape of Lord Ganesh. 





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Another fab idea would be making a rangoli instead of an idol. Colour the rice grains in different colours and draw a rangoli with the help of it. Moreover, this is a unique idea which is more natural and less time-consuming. 


best creative idea of ganesh puja decoration 

We tried giving you the best ideas! Which Ganesh Puja Decor Idea was your favourite?