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19 Amazing Feet Mehndi Designs That Go Well With Heels

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Updated on 11 November, 2020

Feet mehndi that goes well with heels, isn’t this is what you were looking for?


As a bride, you are always looking for that perfect mehndi design to wear on your big day, not only for your hands but also for your feet. More often than not, you will be wearing heels, be it stilettos or peep toes for your wedding-related events and are looking for designs which will complement your footwear. Well look no further, here we have collated a set of mehndi designs which has everything from basic floral designs to complex Arabic patterns. 

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehndi patterns are not only for your hands but can also be incorporated into your feet mehndi designs, and you can then have matching designs on your hand and feet. 


Arabic-Mehndi-Designs for Foot with Heels


Floral Mehndi

Floral mehndi designs can be made both simplistic and elaborate as you wish. If you are a bride, who does not want to sit in one place for hours while the mehndi is being done, then go for this.


Floral-Mehndi design for Foot with Heels


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With Slingback Heels

Here, the space between the toe and heel straps has been used to create a very eye-catching radial pattern. 


With-Slingback-Heels Foot Mehndi Design with Heels

Extensive Mehndi Design

Here, there is mehndi work extending up the ankle and even calves. This mainly works if you are wearing ankle-length trousers as the designs will not be visible if you are wearing a lehenga.  


Extensive-Foot Mehndi Design with Heels

Elaborate Mehndi Designs

If you are sure you can get through the wedding festivities on high-heeled peep toes with no straps or supports, then you also have the added advantage of flaunting your mehndi designs to maximum effect. So go for elaborate patterns and designs without any hesitation. 


Elaborate-Foot Mehndi Design with Heels

Trailing Patterns

You can have cascading designs that look like it is flowing from your toes upwards. It is exquisite and sophisticated, and at the same time, it is not too minimalistic either. 


Trailing-Patterns Foot Mehndi Design with Heels


Filled in Mehndi Designs

If you want the designs to be readily visible and stand out, then you can use block designs and filled in patterns. It is also quite an unusual style. 


Filled-in-Foot Mehndi Design with Heels

Unusual Patterns

Both the colour and the pattern of this particular mehndi design is different, and the slope of the feet in high heels accentuates it further. 


Unusual-Patterns Foot Mehndi Design with Heels

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Modern Patterns

If you want to add a twist, then go for designs like this which has the traditional feather pattern, but it is then combined with other elements to make it look trendy.


Modern-Patterns Foot Mehndi Design with Heels


Rose Mehndi Patterns

Another tried, tested and sure to look fantastic design for mehndi is roses. You can have multiple roses or a single large one and also incorporate shading to make it look more appealing. 


Rose-Mehndi-Patterns Foot Mehndi Design with Heels


Full-Length Mehndi Designs

Here the entire leg is covered with mehndi designs but only on the side that will be visible outside. So you get it to flaunt the design while spending fewer hours with the mehndivala.




Paisley Designs

You can never go wrong with paisleys. Another perk is that it can be easily combined with other designs such as spiral patterns and floral designs. 




Circular Patterned Mehndi

This is a different take on the usual circular and radial patterns which are usually seen. Because of the wandering style of the design, it has enough visibility even if you wear closed heels.



Checkered Patterns

If you want something different from the radial and floral patterns, you can go for this idea. Beautifully designed, it blends well with your footwear. 




Side Patterns

If you are going to wear elaborate heels with mirror work or beads, then it is best to keep the mehndi minimal. For example, here, mehndi is just applied on the side facing outside to give a neat yet elegant look. 



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Semicircular Mehndi Designs

These semicircular designs make one perfect whole when you join your feet. Here the curve of the design has been matched with the slight curve of the sandal strap, which makes it look more alluring. 




Mandala Mehndi Designs

This is a prevalent form of design which is in vogue nowadays. You can go for this if you are not a fan of elaborate designs and this is also perfect for the bridesmaids and other friends and family. 



Central Design

Here, the design is made towards the centre but sloping sideways wwhich trailing patterns across the feet.


 Angular Designs

Here the mehndi is designed in such a way that it is visible even through the heels. The heel has a central strap, and the mehndi artfully appears on either side of it. 



Peacock Design

The peacock design is trending again. You can combine it with Arabic patterns to achieve an exotic look or combine it with Jaali designs for a more traditional look. 


Peacock-Design Foot Mehndi Design with Heels


We are sure that you have gotten some fantastic ideas to adorn those pretty feet of yours. Go ahead and rock those mehndi pictures!

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