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29+ Most Loved Bridal Foot Mehndi Designs | Bridal Mehndi

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Updated on 09 December, 2020

Are you exhausted of scrolling through an endless list of mehndi designs? 

We’ve got you covered and present before you some of our best foot mehndi design!

Selecting a mehndi design for yourself isn’t a simple task to do! Even if you go through a zillion of designs, not one will click with you. Moreover, another issue is that while choosing mehndi designs, the foot mehndi designs go ignored. Hence, we’ve handpicked some best designs for you. 


Also, I’m confident too that one or the other designs will click with you!


Get. Set. Screenshot!

Simple Feet Mehndi Designs


1. Small details are a must for foot mehndi design 


Tiny details added to a design makes it look flawless, just like this design. However, the mandala in the centre is grabbing all the attention. 

simple bridal foot mehndi design with small details 

2. Minimal Foot Mehndi Design with peacock motifs


A mehndi design need not be filled with a lot of patterns every time. Likewise, in this foot mehndi design as well the peacock motif in the centre is doing all the wonders. 

simple bridal foot mehndi design with peacock motifs

3. Minimalistic foot mehndi design


Some brides find beauty in staying simple. Likewise, this minimalistic foot mehndi design is a go-to design for them. The anklet shape and tiny designs spread around the foot makes it look unique.

minimilstic and simple bridal foot mehndi design


4. Simple Anklet Mehndi


Minimalist mehndi designs are beautiful without the detailing as well, just like this one. This foot mehndi design is more in the shape of an anklet and looks flawless.

simple ankelet bridal foot mehndi design

5. Minimal Mandala Foot Mehndi Design


I love this mehndi design because of its minimalistic quality as well as the fineness in the mandalas drawn.

simple mandala bridal foot mehndi design


6. Arabic Foot Mehndi Design 


Quite different from other foot mehndi designs, this is an Arabic mehndi design that goes across the foot from the ankle to the big toe. This design features some floral and paisley patterns and looks fab.


simple arabic bridal foot mehndi design

7. Minimalistic Foot Mehndi Design 


Minimalistic yet pretty, this foot mehndi design is a perfect example of that. The mandala design in the centre looks fantastic while the jaali pattern on the toes is complementing the same.



8. Minimalistic Anklet Mehndi


This is a perfect example of minimalistic design as well as anklet mehndi design. With the use of a minimum number of elements, this design accurately looks like an anklet. 


simple ankelet bridal foot mehndi design

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Full Feet Mehndi Designs


 1. Full Leg Mehndi Design with peacock motifs


With beautiful peacock motifs in the middle of the foot and leg, and heavy intricate designs surrounding them, make the whole design look fantastic. 

Full Leg Mehndi Design with Peacock Motifs


2. Full Leg Mehndi Design with intricate geometric patterns


I love it how the geometric designs perfectly fit with each other making the design look heavy. 

Full Leg Mehndi Design with Geometric Patterns

3. Full Leg Mehndi Design with intricate spirals


Gorgeous foot mehndi design with intricate spirals and paisley patterns is perfect for the bride-to-be.


Full Leg Mehndi Design with Intricate Spirals

4. Full Leg Bridal Mehndi


With the use of various elements, this design makes up for one of the best foot mehndi design for brides. Most prominent motifs include the peacock and the tabla.

Ultimate Full Leg Bridal Mehndi Design


5. Heavy Foot Mehndi Design with motifs


This mehndi design is unique because of the use of elephant and peacock motifs. Moreover, these motifs give the mehndi design the traditional touch.

Heavy Full Leg Bridal Mehndi Design with Motifs

6. Symmetrically patterned full leg Mehndi Design


Stunning mehndi design with symmetrical patterns is quite breath-taking. Besides, the use of great pattern on the top is unique to go for. 

Symmetrically Patterned Full Leg Bridal Mehndi Design


7. Full Leg Mehndi Design with jaali pattern


A finely drawn full leg mehndi with beautiful, versatile patterns, this design looks phenomenal. Also, the jaali patterns used in different spaces look great. 

Full Leg Bridal Mehndi Design wiht jalli patterns

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8. Irresistible Full Leg Mehndi Design 


This mehndi design is an eye-opener because of its intrigue features. While the tightly knitted patterns have their charm, the peacock motifs and mandalas have their beauty. 

Irresitable Full Leg Bridal Mehndi Design


9. Full Leg Mehndi Design for the Minimalists


This mehndi design looks beautiful because of the neatly made mandalas on the centre and around the ankle as well. Also, the band structures on the upper end complete the look of the design. 

Minimal Full Leg Bridal Mehndi Design


10. Full Leg Mehndi Designs with geometric patterns


This mehndi design looks gorgeous because of its neatly drawn geometric designs as well as the jaali patterns around the toes. Also, the peacock motif on the upper end is like a cherry on the top. 



11. Webbed Full Leg Mehndi Design


The prominent feature of this mehndi design is the web-like structures, which look unique. Moreover, the half mandalas around that present a fantastic look.

Webbed Full Leg Bridal Mehndi Design

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Latest Feet Mehndi Designs


1. Mandala Perfect Foot Mehndi Design


Known to be one of the best foot mehndi design types, a mandala pattern in the centre, with a beautiful design on toes and ankles, is what so many brides opt for.

Mandala Perfect Feet Mehndi Design


2. Mandala Centred Foot Mehndi Design


This is a gorgeous foot mehndi design with a beautiful mandala motif in the very centre while the details include the lotus motifs and tiny dotted ones spread all around the foot. 

Mandala Centred Leg Mehndi Design


3. Centrally aligned Motif Mehndi Design


I adore this mehndi design because of its minimalistic yet clean mandala designs in the centre. The minute details on the toes give out a beautiful vibe as a whole. 

Leg Mehndi Design with centrally aligned motifs


4. Beautiful Foot Mehndi Design with Jaali Pattern


The jaali pattern is an upcoming trend and looks pretty as well. Even in this mehndi design, the same pattern beautifies the foot, along with spirals on the toes complementing it. 

Leg Mehndi Design with Jaali Patterns


5. Foot Mehndi Design for Minimalistic Brides 


I love it how this mehndi design is minimalistic but at the same time breath-taking. Moreover, the jaali pattern on the toes adds up to the beauty of the mehndi design.  


Minimilistic Leg Mehndi Design

6. Mandala and jaali pattern mehndi design


Mandala motif and jaali patterns make a perfect combination in making a mehndi design stunning. Also, teaming them with intricate patterns around them is a great move.

Mandala and Jaali Pattern Leg Mehndi Design


7. Gorgeous Toes Mehndi Design


Some mehndi designs need not be all over the foot; they can prettify the toes. Just like this one, intricate designs drawn on the toes will make the feet look beautiful in your footwear as well. 


Gorgeous Toes Bridal Mehndi Design

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8. Centre Mandala steals the show


Any mehndi design that has a mandala motif in the centre tends to drive all the attention towards the mandala only. Besides that, even the lotus on the upper end looks fab. 

Centre Mandala Leg Mehndi Design


To play the role of a bride is a stressful job, to make that easy for you, we’re here to help! Be honest, how many designs did you screenshot?

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