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Best Fluorescent Pink Decoration Ideas for Weddings

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Are you planning to have your wedding decor in a unique shade?


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is a beautiful fluorescent pink wedding decor which will surely impress you!


The entrance features a beautiful set of patterned arches. The tassels made of mogra flowers on either side of the entrance look phenomenal. Moreover, the vases with red garden roses look amazing too. 


pink wedding decor with red roses containing vases on entrance


The pillars of the entrance arches have beautiful patterns on them which enhances the white pillar and makes it look artistic. Also, the arches have some wine patterns in silver colour on the arch as well to add some beauty to it. 


pillars and arches with pink wedding decoration


After the entrance, the hallway looks fabulous because of the substantial chandelier. It’s a candle chandelier with orange candle holders installed on them to give the whole set-up the orange shade. The crystal tassels shine with the lighting around it. Besides, the vase placed below the chandelier showcases red and pink fresh blooms along with the crystal candles.  



The lounge area is always a refreshing and chilled spot of the wedding. Likewise, the floor of the area is designed with the criss-cross patterns in the black and white shade. Also, the centrepieces of the tiny tables show off some small roses vases and candles. 


wedding hall decoration using pink  theme

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Vertical gardens look fabulous, just like this one. The lounge area also features a walled garden in the shape of an arch. An additional feature is, the round tables for the guests to stand and have the snacks.  

chandliers wedding deocration with pink colour

Another closed lounge area looks beautiful. The walls get back the vintage feels with the help of frames of historical rulers. Moreover, the vases overloaded with red garden roses make perfect centerpieces.



Another gorgeous chandelier featured in the hallway is this fluorescent pink wedding decor. The chandelier has candle holders installed on the top with web-like structures at the bottom. However, the lighting of the chandelier is contrasting with the blue spotlights which in combine looks great as wedding decor. 





The stage looks very graceful with the pink fluorescent lighting. Staircases on either side are just perfect for the bride and groom entry. Moreover, red ginger flowers on both the sides of the stage enhance the look of the stage. 


wedding stage decorated with pink theme



A similar closed lounge area with decorated walls looks excellent. The sofas used in the area are lounge sofas with patterned covers on it. Also, the area is individually carpeted, which makes the whole space look spacious. Additionally, the chandelier looks beautiful along with webbed tassels hanging from the base. 



The dining area is filled with dining tables along with tufted white chairs. The centrepieces of the dining table include florals shaped in the form of an umbrella. Moreover, the chandeliers feature orange marigold flowers wrapped tightly around it, making it look fantastic.


large banqet hall decorated with pink theme


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A set of dining tables for all the close members of your family to sit together and have a jolly time. Besides, the chandelier installed in the room features purple blooms and tiny lights installed with it. The crystal tassels attached with the chandelier look great!


beautiful chandliers decoration in dining hall with pink theme



I’m sure this glorified gallery of fluorescent pink wedding decor will do wonders to your wedding!