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Trending Floral Decoration Ideas for Weddings in 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Are you looking for wedding decor with the dominance of florals?


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this gorgeous floral wedding decor that will mesmerise you! 


In this wedding decor, the dominance of floral is phenomenal. Just in front of the entrance gate, there is a cluster of plants in the garden in numerous numbers. The floral meanly feature white carnations, white and pink snapdragon flowers and some added greenery.

 Moving ahead you can see that, the entrance showcases an entry frame with circular door and windows cut out from it. Also, the frame features half-circular patterns in multiple numbers. 

Best Floral Decor Ideas for Weddings in 2020

floral decorated wedding entrance


Before stepping in, the entry door presents a few details. One of them being, the red tiny blooms, closely wrapped around it. Besides, two more arches in continuity feature the same pattern of the red blooms. 


red floral wedding entrance decor

Before entering the lawn, you’ll notice that the last round arch is in blue colour rather than red. Also, the flowers featured on the same are some artificial peach coloured ones that contrast well with the blue. 


beautiful floral decoration for wedding in 2020

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The railing that surrounds the fountains features numerous white and pink wisterias that looks very pretty. Having the fountains as the centrepiece enhances the overall beauty of the whole decor.


decorated fountain with floral decoration in weddings


Additionally, the railing doesn’t look empty because of the set of blooms wrapped around it, also adding beauty to this floral wedding decor.


beautiful floral wedding decoration in weddings

The stage decor looks gorgeous as it features various kinds of florals. However, the flowers used also differ from each other in their colours. While the white wisterias cover the centre beautifully drooping above the sofas, either side of the stage features fresh red blooms. Also, the floral chandelier peculiarly complements the floral wedding decor in a wonderful manner. 


beautiful stage decoration with flowers


This lounge area looks very comforting with the sofas. Moreover, the wall of the area looks different because of the white circular substantial frames placed on it. The frames also feature some artificial stems connected to each other in a circular shape. 

interior wedding decorations with flowers in weddings



Another lounge area, which isn’t covered but open, passing all the fresh area around. Open lounges tend to create a refreshing environment. However, white wisterias drooping from the top are covering the area. 


exterior floral wedding decoration




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 Amidst the fountains, there’s a bridge connecting the two parts of the garden with each other. A prominent feature of the same is the variety of blooms beautifying the railing. The flowers used to decorate the railing include white and pink garden roses with purple carnations.



pink floral wedding decoration


The dining area highlights the red theme. The chairs feature red tissue cover matching with the red tissue table covers. Moreover, the centrepieces of the same are quite simple. 


red floral wedding theme decoration


Different kinds of floral chandeliers have been used in this area. One unique and pretty one of them is the white floral ring chandelier with crystal threads hanging from it. 


beautiful floral wedding decor inspiration




Another substantial chandelier beautifies this open area of this floral wedding decor. One unique feature of the same is its decreasing volume towards the bottom. However, the ends have tiny red blooms hung from the white threads giving the chandelier a mixed colour theme. 

floral wedding decor using chandliers

The mandap, apparently the most important venue of wedding decor has to be gorgeous. Without a doubt, this wedding mandap looks simple yet elegant. The roof covering of the same features drooping thread-like elements. Moreover, mattresses can be spread around the mandap for the family and guests. 

mandap floral wedding decor in weddings


This floral wedding decor was quite heavenly! How many ideas did you save from it?