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Floral Wedding Decor Ideas Under 1 Lakh

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Updated on 19 August, 2020

Image Source: Lin & Jirsa Photography

Wedding Ceremonies are incomplete without flowers, and when it comes to thematic decorations, florals have a certain charm that is incompetent. As wedding planning generally gets executed by decorators and wedding planners, it is important to guide them about certain elements which can be major cost-cutters otherwise your budget might exceed the actual calculation. In this blog, we will be focusing on innovative floral ideas and features that can be used as alternatives for wedding decoration. You will not have to compromise on the decor quality because our ideas will mesmerise you and your guests. Moreover, they will be under 1 Lakh so you will be able to suggest your decorators better by the end of this read.

Use Artificial Flowers

Real flowers are comparatively more expensive than artificial flowers, so we advise you to get hooked up with the artificial glory. Discuss with your decorators about the bunch of flowers that they have and select artificial ones which look expensive in nature by coordinating with the theme.

False Flower Drop


Image Source: With Love Nilma

A false flower drop can be a prop included in the decoration rental. It simply gets tucked up and needs no other set up that starts from scratch. It is a time saver to install similar props with desired colour scheme instead of using real flowers that might even lose petals by the time they are ready to be fixed.

Floral Arch Structure For Entrance And Aisle


Image Source: Lin & Jirsa Photography

Light-weighted wooden, thermocol, aluminium structures are decorated with flowers as it looks pleasing when placed in much more contactable areas. For this prop, artificial flowers in one or mixed colour can be used to decorate all the way from top to bottom. If you choose to pick real flowers, the cost might relatively be higher, so make a wise decision.

Stylish Floral Mandap


Image Source: Hitched & Clicked

It is not viable to use all real flowers for an event due to its availability in bulk and considering the freshness factor for longer hours. Wedding mandap can be stylishly decorated using false flowers that look flawless rather than real fresh flowers which may lose it. 

Mix Real Flowers with Artificial Flowers In More Visible Space

In a wedding, not every floral decoration is put up with real flowers. Majority of decorators either fuse false floral elements or use only false flower elements. It can be a choice to mix real and artificial flowers in much more visible places that guests may come in contact with. The purpose of appreciating the decoration will, therefore, be fulfilled.

Floating Flowers and Petals


Image Source: Wedfish

Pots can be filled with water and decorated with a mixed choice of flowers as merely they are placed on the walkway or entrance.

Tiny Installations


Image Source: Harvard Photography

Ready made tiny installations or structures are available in the market to stick artificial flowers or further enhance them by adorning it with real floral garlands. These little installations appear to be very catchy with any kind of floral decoration.

On Top and Around the Canopy


Image Source: 7 Events

Canopies are placed in small numbers at wedding venues which seem very catchy as they are decorated. The floral strings that are artificial can be hung upon them with real garlands around it to beautify the composition.

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Plywood Backdrops is pocket friendly 

Ply-woods are recommended for backdrops as they cost lesser than iron frames which are heavier in weight resulting in doubling of the labour costs. The plywood backdrops are prepared on the venue with floral decoration and are stable to an extent.  

Plywood Backdrop With False Grass and Flowers


Image Source: East Coast Creative

False grass is glued on to the plywood and decorated with lights, artificial flowers, wedding hashtag and more in order to prepare an outstanding backdrop. It not only is the money saver but quite modern if planned to install as a prop.

Plywood Base for Various Styles of Decorative Backdrops


Image Source: Fixthephoto.com

A minimal yet innovative setting with a plywood backdrop can be achieved with a couple of standing elements before it. A pair of chairs with a bunch of flowers and clear candle stands create a dramatic composition while still managing to depict new age decorations.

Wooden Frame Backdrop


Image Source: Pinterest

A giant wooden photo frame can make an attractive backdrop for a wedding. It can be decorated with artificial flowers by tucking them in a spiral form along with hanging beaded stings or other elements of a similar category with the desired colour scheme.

Creative DIY Centerpieces 

Centerpieces varying from tiny ones on the table to big vases can too be decorated with a mixture of artificial and real flowers. The cost can be lowered down by using DIY techniques in its decoration. Decorators keep a range of DIY props nowadays because it has been setting the trend and is widely being used.

Metallic Painted Centerpieces


Image Source: Wedbook.com

Fancy props can cost an extra grand, rather go for spray-painted vase or holders where beautiful flowers can be used for decoration as a table centerpiece. The aesthetics will brighten up, resulting in lavish decor with a reflective table cloth.

Floating Candles with Flowers


Image Source: Bloom Dekor

Floating candle centerpieces are of the romantic sort in which not much of flower petals are required as tea light candles occupy the space of sleek holders. It can be an open choice to add real or false flower petals for this element. It sure will be budget-friendly.

Use Metallic Structures To Place Ready-Made Flower Bunch


Image Source: Glittery Bride

False flowers can look stunning if the colour palette has vibrant multiple colours. You can easily ask your decorator to fix up a table centerpiece by adding a false flower bunch to a metallic frame-like structure. It sets out a luxurious vibe mixed with modernity.

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Origami Flowers

Origami flowers is another funky element to use in the wedding decoration set up as it does not require utilising false flowers or real ones. They can be created in all sizes to be installed in different areas. In the form of pom-poms, garlands, backdrops and much more.

Origami Table Decorations


Image Source: Es.Bridetrendy.com

Alter the use of flowers by using origami shapes and floral decorations for the table setting. They genuinely send out a cheerful vibe without having to worry about their freshness. Inexpensive bunches of origami flowers can be used to fill in the table vase or other kind of holders. You may choose to get this decoration in coordination with the selected theme.

Origami Flower Garlands


Image Source: Vadobuch

Origami flower garlands can be made in several ways, and paper flowers can be very eye-catching. Decorators can be advised to install garlands of a similar type to cut down real flower costs. LED lights can be spiraled around the garlands for evening gala to make it extra sparkly.

Origami Pom Pom Hangings


Image Source: Ali Express

Origami pom-pom is fascinating as its formation portrays something that is fluffy and floral. They could be hung up to the canopies, ceiling area and also be stuck to backdrops, pillars and other places to decorate.

Beautiful False Flower Garlands

Garlands is one of the most used props in Indian events. They are decorated in indoor as well as outdoor areas. It can be hung, placed on the floors or create 3D effects using different props. If you wish to use garlands with false flowers, then have a look at these gorgeous ideas.

Paper Flowers


Image Source: Dicaspraticas.com.br

Paper flowers can be made quickly and then can be turned into beautiful garlands which could be used around the mandap, walkway, around shades etc. You can also work according to the planned colour palette to coordinate with the desired theme. They look equally eye-pleasing as the real carnations.

Accessorised Artificial Sunflower Garland


Image Source: Erika Grace Photo

For yellow colour factors in the wedding theme, false sunflowers can be used as garlands along with accessories such as glass bottles, artificial flower bunches and other elements of your preference. Ideas like these seem more out of the box than usual garlands. 

Unique Pine Garland


Image Source: Guidepatterns.com

Spray painted, real or artificial pines look unique in garlands or floral arrangements. It appears more exotic than any other decorations. According to the planned decorations, you can make room for these pine garlands to place where needed.

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Which Floral Element From Our List Will You Be Incorporating At Your Wedding Decoration? Share In The Comment Section Below.