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Emotional & Joyous Moments between the Father-Daughter Duo

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

We've curated a bunch of cute and emotional pictures that you experience at your wedding with your father, check it out!

Whether we say 'Papa ki Pari' or 'Daddy's little princess', both the phrases reflect about how adorable the relationship is and how important a daughter is to her father. Starting from childhood, no matter how much a mother gets angry & upset, your Papa has got you protected and will cover up for your mistakes so that you don't get scolded, and that's the level of immense love the father shows for his girl. Despite all this love and affection, the father has to let go away his little girl one fine day, after her marriage and that's one of the most emotional moments for this duo!

However, as the saying goes, every picture has a story to tell. The wedding day is one of the most important days in life. It demands bundles of photos starting from joyous moments to the sentimental ones & everything needs to be captured. And for that, we bring you a beautiful gallery of candid as well as emotional moments the two go through on D-day inspired by the real weddings!

Without further ado, let's scroll through the photographs and don't forget to keep a tissue box beside you because these pictures are surely going to make you teary :

Candid Shots

Well, how entirely happy are the candid pictures, isn't it? So, for putting a smile on your face, we've made a cluster of candid photos that were clicked in wedding ceremonies. Candid pictures capture the happy moments of the occasion, and those pictures make us equally happy while looking at it later on.

The joyous haldi ceremony captured with all smiles

haldi photoshoot of father and daughter

A calm, soothing candid of father & daughter

calm candid shot of father and daughter in wedding

A glance full of love and affection

happy moments of father and daughter in weddings

A wedding is a happy day but equally emotional one, very well captured in this picture.

emotional moments of father and daughter in weddings

A joyful father-daughter duo picture of the mehndi ceremony

joyful moments of father and daughter at haldi ceremony


The father's tender touch

beautiful father and daughter moments in weddings

The happiest moment for the father when he knows his little girl is in the right hands

happiest moments of father and daughter in weddings

A candid picture of father & daughter with all the fun and endless dancing

candid picture while dancing of father and daughter in weddings

A moment of joy a daughter shares with her father on the wedding day

moment of joy of father and daughter while dancing

The kiss that depicts all the love and care

loving wedding moments of father and daughter

A perfect father-daughter wedding picture

perfect father daughter wedding moments

A candid shot while the bride helps the father get ready.

candid shot of father and daughter in weddings

An emotional yet joyful moment for the father of the bride

emotional yet joyful father and daughter wedding moments

Bridal Entry Captures with your best man.

What can be better than walking down the aisle, towards the mandap with the first man ever who entered in your life? And this luckiest moment needs to be captured for sure. So, we've curated this another cluster that captures the divine moment of the spectacular duo. With tears or with smiles, this is the longest walk for both with a plethora of emotions in the father's mind. Scroll through the pictures and experience its joy :

Father accompanies his daughter to take her towards the new man of her life

bridal entry with her father in weddings

The whole family walks hand-in-hand with the joyous emotions

bridal entry with whole family with a joy

And as they say, it's not easy to let go, here's an entry shot where father hugs the daughter

beautiful father and daughter wedding moments

The spectacular father-daughter duo walk hand-in-hand down the aisle

bridal entry with her father with hand on hand

The two most important people ever accompany you towards the new journey of life

bridal entry with father and mother in her wedding

A moment of mixed emotions when you let go your dearest girl

mixed emotion moments of father and daughter in weddings

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The majestic pair walks towards the mandap with a heavy heart full of emotions

majestic pair walks in bridal entry

The happiest day for the parents when their lovely darling happily gets married

happiest wedding shoot with parents

Holding onto your father tightly because you know he's the strongest pillar of support for you

bridal entry with holding her father hand

Pampered by everybody, the little girl is all grown up now and getting married and starting a new phase of life, a moment worth capturing.

bridal entry moments with her father

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Vidaai Moments

It is undeniably the most emotional moment of the parent's life when they let go of their precious gem after spending so many years together and experiencing gazillions of memories together. However, they are obviously happy as well to know that they're giving the hand of their daughter to a deserving man,. However, there still is a sense of protectiveness that hangs around. Look through these very emotional vidaai pictures, I'm sure they'll leave you teary.

It's hard to let go away your constant support and source of love.

emotional vidaii moments of father and daughter

Father is the pillar of the house, he has to be strong! A picture capturing the bride getting all emotional

vidai moments of father and daughter in weddings

Sometimes your daughter acts stronger than you, to give you immense support & power

emotional father at his daughter vidai

The plethora of emotions cannot be hidden no matter how strong you are in life

emotional father and daughter wedding moments

An emotional father hugging his daughter on her Viddai

father hugging his daughter wedding moments

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A father-daughter moment during Vidaai when everyone sheds tears and one man who holds her tight to make her feel protected and strong



I'm writing this article, but believe me or not, these pictures have made me equally emotional! All the shots were touching and would've made you weep and smile at the same time!