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5 Beautiful Bindi Designs That Works Best For Every Face type

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

 Bindis have been used in our nation for many ages, and each Indian woman can relate to the feeling of wearing one, at least some time in their lives. Though our mothers often wear one regularly, we 21st-century women own the look for when we’re feeling mainly ethnic, to add to a fashion statement or when we’re tying the knot in all our bridal radiance.


What we take into consideration while choosing a bindi is the colour, the elegant design or maybe we like it simply because it’s trendy. But we rarely keep in mind whether the shape of our choice of bindi would compliment the way of our face. This aspect is essential in determining whether the particular bindi would look good on you or not. Just like the body figure, the same comparison applies to your face. Choosing a bindi that wouldn’t grace your facial symmetries is something one wouldn’t like to come across. 

Instead of categorising the bindi according to its colour and shape, we have decided to classify the bindi designs determined by your facial structure. Measure your face’s length and breadth to know your type and find out the bindi that can make you look radiant and flawless. Here are some ideas exclusively for you to select the best bindi design to pair with your wedding outfit!

Irresistible Bindis That Work Best With Your Face Type

Round Face

Women with rounded profiles should avoid going for extensive and circular bindis as they will only make your face look even rounder. Vertical bindis are an excellent choice as they lengthen the face and give an illusion of angles and help in balancing out your facial features. But if you do happen to get around one that you happen to fancy, only go for it if it is comparatively small in size. Vidya Balan and Sonakshi Sinha are some of the celebrities opting for such kinds of bindis for their ethnic outfits. As one can see, the vertical bindi that Sonakshi adorns flatters her round face, making her look elegant. For your wedding, you can select between embellished vertical or small round bindis to match your attire.

Round face bindi designs

Bridal accessories bindi designs

Sonakshi sinha in beautiful black bindi

Beautiful bindi designs

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces generally to have a broad forehead, slightly extended cheekbones and a small chin. Any sort of big bindi should be avoided as it would merely make your forehead look more extensive. Instead, opt for small ones in a complimentary design. We advise you to go for short and simplistic circular bindis which distract the attention towards your forehead and give the face some symmetry. Actors such as Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone possess a heart-shaped face and are known to adorn small round bindis.

Bindi designs for Heart-Shaped Face

small round bindi design

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Diamond-Shaped Face

The diamond-shaped face can be recognised by a smaller forehead, defined cheekbones and jawline besides having a pointed chin. There is good news for you; you have the liberty to experiment with most types of bindis, including the circular as well as the long one. We can take a cue from Shruti Hasan’s choice of the bindi, which gives proportion to her face. However, we advise you to stick to simple shapes.

bindi designs for Diamond-Shaped Face

Trending bridal bindi designs

Oval Shape

Uniformly proportioned forehead and jaw with a somewhat broad set of cheekbones are indicated as the universally ideal face shape. If you have that type, then you can flaunt any kind of bindi and look flawlessly beautiful, from the big round ones to the tiny simple ones. You can also do trial and error with other types of bindis such as the elongated bindi or bindis of different shapes such as the crescent one or the diamond-shaped one. You are one lucky person when it comes to selecting bindis, as all kinds of them suit on your face. A tip: try not to go for too long bindis. 

bridal accessories bindi designs

findi for oval face type

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Square Face

If your forehead, cheekbones and jawbone are all of the same wideness, then you have a square face. Further can be distinguished by sharp edges, strong cheekbones and a wide jaw.

The aim here is to soften a few of those edges so we would suggest you to select round bindis. Any size does just fine! Though, we believe you’d be capable of pulling off a big statement bindi the best. You may also test with half-moon shaped bindis, for they look fantastic. At last, we suggest that you avoid geometrical bindis at all costs since they accentuate the squareness of your face and attract attention towards the sharp jawlines. Actress Kareena Kapoor is known for such a jawline, and we have noticed how she never steps out in large geometrical shapes of bindi when wearing ethnic. We have often spotted her in v-shaped bindis and small round ones which are not the centre of attraction, and each time she displays her bindi, she ends up looking nothing but merely gorgeous. 

trending Bindi designs

gorgeous black bindi design

Kareena kaoppr in round shaped bindi

A bindi is one of the 16 essential accessories of a married woman in Indian society. You are about to pack some of them in your trunk, might as well put deep thought into it. After all, the only ornament of your face beside a nose pin needs some more time. We can always help you with more guided articles!