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25+ Trending Engagement Tray Ideas for The Couples of 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

“OMG! They Are Hitched”

The beautiful journey to love begins with a proposal and is followed by an announced Engagement ceremony. The duo exchange rings and promises to walk the path of their life together for eternity. This heavenly moment is truly special for the couple and their family. Therefore, to capture this ritual with glamour, you must prepare an appealing Engagement Tray, as this is one of the most important elements you must not miss. In this blog, you will indulge with enchanting Engagement tray ideas that could be pursued on your marked day.

Glass-Box In Glass-Tray

Glass-Box In Glass-Tray Ideas

You may display the rings in separate boxes with a floral base, elegantly arranging them and pairing in a glass tray so the rings can be easily accessed. Say goodbye to clumsy moments!  

Single Glass-Box

Single Glass-Box Engagement Tray Idea

You may avoid a full tray set to be handy and use one glass-box instead, while supporting it with a cushion. Grass and floral decoration suits such display, therefore, you may want to consider this for your engagement. ‘After all, two rings in one box speak so much about love!’

Open Wooden Box

Open Wooden box Engagement Tray Idea

Let the rings sit surrounded with a floral setting in a wooden box that remains open. It is rather more convenient than opening up a box in the midst of celebration. If you cannot wait to ring your spouse then this box can make your process faster. 

Sphere Bound Garden Tray

Sphere Bound Garden Engagement Tray Idea

This little Sphere Bound Garden Tray is decorated with artificial floral elements upon which a love tag is hung. The sturdy wooden base teamed up with the false bush setting brings out a garden-like vibe and rings can be pinned down the base for visibility. So if your engagement party has a room for this, then you may want to get one for yourself.

Silver Egg Shaped Ring Holder

Silver Egg Shaped Engagement Tray Idea

The silver egg-shaped holder is arranged with pink roses and candles, this tray royally elevates the ambience of the occasion. The rings are placed in the flower petals and are a dream come true. If your ceremony theme depicts royalty, then you might want to bookmark this one!  

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Antique Wooden Box

antique wooden box Engagement Tray Idea

Make history with this antique wooden box that can be passed on in future to your heir. If you wish to add an adventurous touch to your Engagement party then you may lock your choice now and get this box.  

Double Holder Tray

Double Holder Engagement Tray Idea

A Double holder tray consists of two tiny poles or levels, where the ring boxes are placed. As these layers stay elevated, the bottom may be decorated as per your taste. The image above features flowers in the decoration of the tray. You can get one and personalise them according to your needs. 

Square Framed Tray With Pearl Detailing

Square framed Engagement Tray Idea

This pearl framed tray will please your eyes as you see them being displayed with two heart-shaped boxes. Fixed with a bunch of flowers in the corner and advancing the softness in the look is what you may need for a light-themed ceremony.

Pearl Shell Inspired Engagement Tray

Pearl Shell Inspired Engagement Tray Idea

If you are planning to get engaged by the beach or simply planning a beach-themed engagement party then you could go for this pearl shell ring dish. The rings can be placed around the pearl twins for your beloved and the rhinestones on the edges give a perfect touch to it. 

Reflective Fairytale Trays

reflective Fairytale Engagement Tray Idea

Reflective trays look promising when there are fairytale components added to it. A pair of duck, ring holder and crafted legs of the tray in all gold is quite a fantasy of some people. So live your legendary engagement and try this magical tray to match with your theme.

Coronet Ring Holder

Coronet Engagement Tray Idea

The Coronet shaped ring holder in pearl with a pair of fabricated roses is irresistible. Its ivory bedding fills in space while holding the rings on small arms within the structure. You can crown the rings from this particular display to keep it classy on your Engagement Day.  

Ethnic Tray

 Ethnic Engagement Tray Idea

This ethnic tray combines detailing of floral applique, gota, tiny ghungroo and artificial flowers on two ring-shaped forms. This design is suitable for traditional themed ceremonies and might be the one if your composition is likewise.  

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Pearl Bottles

Pearl Bottles Engagement Tray Idea

This magnificent duo of pearl bottles can be your go-to if you are looking to dazzle up your engagement tray. As it presents itself in a pearl-bordered plate sub-merged with gold it can be used for both traditional and western concept decor. 

Krishna Tray

krishna Engagement Tray Idea

If you are a devotee of Lord Krishna then this tray may fulfil you engagement tray features. As it represents the setting of the lord’s swing it could be suitable for you. The peacock feathers and marigold in tassels are said to be auspicious.

Flat Ring Holding Tray 

Flat Ring Engagement Tray Idea

A flat-surfaced reflective ring holder depicts modernity in the design. Therefore, it can be selected for an indo-western engagement party. So for an exceptional display of rings, you may want to grab this.

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Compact Birdcage Pair Tray

Compact Birdcage pair Engagement Tray Idea

Set your love free and create a statement in public with this cute little pair of golden birdcage ring holders. Lying on a tray with artificial flowers, it not only seems pretty but can signify your love story at your engagement. 

Minimal Floral Basket 

Minimal Floral basket Engagement Tray Idea

This minimal floral basket is not only affordable but less time consuming to decorate. Jewellery boxes nowadays are equipped with LED lights that brighten up any engagement tray. Therefore, add in some flower petals and put on your beautiful rings.

Sophisticated Dish Tray

Sophiscated Engagement Tray Idea

Another way to keep your engagement tray classic and minimal is to adapt in this sophisticated dish tray. Do-it-yourself and add in some more jewels to finish up the look. If you plan a last-minute ceremony or looking for something affordable then this may be your catch.

Peacock Feathered Tray

Peacock feathered Engagement Tray Idea

Peacock feathers are graceful and this tray is full of them. Each feather is attached to a pearl which edges the ring box. Suiting all themes, this tray could be your next favourite as it not only solves your purpose of an engagement tray but also is bewitching.

Stone-Studded Basket

Stone Studded Engagement Tray Idea

These baskets are easily accessible in the local market and have beautiful stones studded on the border. You may find your desired colour for your engagement and make the arrangements much quicker by buying this item.

Rustic Frame Tray

Rustic Frame Engagement Tray Idea

Layout your engagement rings in this floral setting of the rustic framed tray. The presentation of rings on the swing is a unique concept and suit your ceremony of any chosen theme. Buy one if you adored it.

Jute Tray

Jute Engagement Tray Idea

A jute tray with flowers tucked in it may seem simple but is really a sustainable investment as its making. If you wish to keep an environmental friendly tray then you could go for this tray for your occasion.

Embroidered Tray

Embroider Engagement Tray Idea

Simple and raw setting of this tray will send the message of how important the ritual is to you where all you require is to unite two souls and emphasize more on the rings. If this is your idea then you may want to try this tray for yourself.

His & Hers Tray

His and her Engagement Tray Idea

Sober and straight, bold statements can be made with the symbols of ‘His & Hers’ logo. So if your plan is to keep it that way then you may prepare a tray of this kind.

Photo-Frame Tray

Photo Frame Engagement Tray Idea

Silver frames with silver or platinum rings look rich and when framed like in the image above, it is difficult to let go of the creativity put into this idea. If you wish to go silver on your engagement then you could try this item.

The Royal Carriage

Royal Carriage Engagement Tray Idea

If she is your cinderella then you may want to surprise her with this carriage ring holder. Decorated with white and pink flowers you can make it memorable and cherish this moment throughout your life.

If you were spellbound by the Engagement Tray ideas then please share your wishlist with us in the comment section below.

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