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11+ Elegant Makeup and Hairstyles To Try For Karva Chauth 2020

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 27 October, 2020

Image Source: Zehra Jagani

The sacred fasting of Karva Chauth is believed to shield the relationship of a couple and ensure longevity. Each year women go gaga over their outfits to look divine for their partners and their gorgeous outfits can be finished with a flawless makeup look. Well, a simple hair down does seem subtle however, there is more to hair than you can imagine. So get inspired before the day, to charm your hubby with 11+ Elegant Makeup and Hairstyles To Try For Karva Chauth 2020.

Makeup Looks

1. Incur Red Eyeshadow To Your Festive Look


Image Source: Ganga Makeup

You can try adding red tints to your eyeshadow while still maintaining the bridal look. If an eyeliner feels like a hectic task for you, then you could totally go for this look with the brown smudged in. Finish this look with mascara and you are done!!

2. Something Glowy For The Minimalists


Image Source: Namrata Soni

If you are a minimalist, then you would love to keep this look for Karva Chauth. Simply create this look by mixing an illuminating product to your everyday foundation and set it with a powder. Finish with your favourite blush and lipstick to get the look.

3. Go For Thulian Tinted Lipstick


Image Source: Khush Magazine

Red hues can be overwhelming for some women, and if you are one of them, then get a hold on the Thulian-tinted lipstick to pucker up! It will balance the overall look while keeping your options open for the perfect colour choice to use for eyeshadow.

4. Dive Into The Bold And Vermilion Lip-Colour


Image Source: Simmi Makwana

Dive into the bold vermilion on the day of Chauth as it tends to shift all the attention to them rosy lips! Not to miss the black eyeliner along with a silver stroke on top to appear like a goddess. We are currently crushing on this look, and cannot wait to see how many of you try it this season.

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5. Dramatise Your Eyes With A White Waterline


Image Source: Kulwant Singh Mararr Photography

Add the drama to your eyes by a stroke of white kohl or liner on the waterline. Do this after mascara to keep it clean. You can as well use neutral tones below the lower lash-line to make your eyes look bigger. No more struggle of small eyes!

6. Bright Hues For The Playful Ones


Image Source: Kalpana Pathak

The bright-bride would love to pick some poppy tones be it lipstick or eyeshadow. If you are amongst them who enjoy keeping it light, then a bright red lipstick look would make you happy! You can pair it up with a thin black eyeliner and black kohl on the waterline to suit your perfect eyes. Finish the look with a highlighter and wait for the moon with your honey!

7. Go All In With A Full Coverage Bridal Makeup Look  


Image Source: Amrit Kaur Artistry

You got to love makeup if you are a full coverage girl! And if you do, then your checklist for the steps is going to be big but worth it. Always remember to bake when going for a full coverage look to avoid any creasing on the face. It is apt for a matte makeup look.


8. Waterfall Braid

We have picked elaborated tutorials to help you try the hairstyles efficiently. Give a shot to the waterfall braid to add a twist to the regular hair down look. 

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9. The Romantic Bun

You can try a romantic bun for your Karva Chauth to pack your hair in style. It will enhance your entire saree look.

10. Twisted Messy Bun

A messy low bun can be tried if you desire to portray your wavy hair strands. Easy to handle and quick to try. Give it a shot!

11. Ready To Go - Boho Braid

Long hair can be beautifully tied together in a boho braid. Learn how to get it right with the tutorial. It can suit your favourite blouse with a sexy back by adding the flair.

12. Bohemian Half Up Half Down Hairdo

Bohemian hairstyles are catching the trend and so can you by trying our most loved half up half down hairdo. Go for it on the special day of Karva Chauth.

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Which look are you going to embrace? Tell us in the comments below.