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Wedding Decor Ideas - An Eggplant Purple Wedding Decor

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Updated on 30 June, 2020


Want to decorate your wedding in something different? Something which is a classic combo! Here we have an eggplant purple theme for you.


If you are one of those who just love standing out from the crowd, then this is the perfect theme for you! An eggplant purple wedding decor theme will give a classic and vintage touch to the wedding and will also make your guests stop and admire the minute details.


Pairing the purple colour with any other bright warm colour will have an alluring effect on the decor.

Unique Purple Colour Wedding Decor Ideas 

Stick with us to explore the stunning eggplant purple wedding decor. But hey! Don’t forget to save the ideas that you loved.




The drapes and canopies with damask print create an appealing look for the wedding. Here we also have some pillar candles kept on wooden candle-stands, which have a mesmerising effect on the whole decor. The beautiful chandelier with drooping pink orchids and green ivy and crystals brightens up this corner for you to take excellent pictures!




A view blocker is probably the very first thing which you spot the moment you enter the wedding. Here the view blocker features a hand-carved beautiful wooden mirror frame. Covering the corner, we have red tulips, carnations, anthuriums and purple orchid (aka Pink Dendrobium Sonia orchid) which transform the dull edge into a perfect selfie spot!


Gorgeous Purple Wedding Decor with overdose of Draperies


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 Weddings are just incomplete without some gossips and chatting! For that very sole purpose, we’ve got you covered; here we have a lounge setup where your guest can sit like a big group of friends and family and have their unlimited talks while having their dinner as well.


Gorgeous Purple Wedding Decor with overdose of Draperies


The stage is one of the most essential parts of a wedding decor because its visible from every distance in the garden. Here we have red roses on the topmost part and Sonia orchid in the flower wall on either side of the seating space. The Rajnigandha curtain in the centre as a backdrop beautifies the whole decor, ideal for the bride and groom to shine!


Gorgeous Purple Wedding Decor with overdose of Draperies


Seating arrangement for the dinner tables looks fantastic along with Rajnigandha flowers curtain on the right side of the image. The crystal chandelier in the centre of every canopy is giving a perfect lighting effect to the drapes as well as the roof. Also, red roses on the candelabras as the round table centrepiece are complementing the purple theme very nicely!


Gorgeous Purple Wedding Decor with overdose of Draperies


A beautiful dining setup for your friends and family for having a perfect candle-lit dinner. The red roses on the candelabras as the dining table centrepiece will create a great fragrance around the table along with giving the table an ideal look. However, the candle votives in a high low arrangement provide a great lighting to the dinner table. Look out to stay safe!




The mandap is beautifully covered with Rajnigandha flowers in the shape of a dome along with lights that perfectly light it up. Also, the mandap features Sonia orchid (purple orchid), baby’s breath, roses, tulips and song of India leaves in the pillars. I’m pretty sure this set up will act as perfection for night weddings!



These golden tiffany chairs (aka chivari chairs as your decorators would call them) for the round dining table provide with contrast to the purple theme and a catchy effect as a whole.

What are you waiting for? Hop on the boat and sail your way to this fantastic eggplant purple wedding decor!

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