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15+ Ways To Arrange An Eco-Friendly Wedding

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 06 August, 2020

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An Eco-Friendly wedding is the best way to reciprocate the love of Mother Nature by cutting down the carbon footprint and planning sustainable executions. So without having to compromise on the decorations, quirky elements, gifts, food and location, you can easily manage to make your Big-Day a hit! There are 15+ Ways To Arrange An Eco-Friendly Wedding in our blog that you may find helpful while setting up your Wedding Event. Scroll through and GO GREEN!

1. Avoid Printed Invitations and Prefer E-invites.


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Invite your guests with utmost warmth by sending them E-Cards rather than printed invitations. This method will save you time and will ease out on the cost spent on expensive printing. Not to forget that saving paper will save many trees benefiting our ecosystem.

2. Choose Seed-Paper Invitation.


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Seed paper invitations are setting a new trend, and what is better than achieving the best of both worlds? You could be the real hero by taking a step to save the environment as well as stay trendy at the same time. How cool is that! So if you choose to send in printed invitations, then let your guests grow a plant out of the seed-paper.

3. Reusable Signage Board.


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Multipurpose signage can be used for decorations at all ceremonies. All that needs to be done is to add in attractive quotes written in chalk, removable paint and using vintage framed glass or a simple chalkboard. You may use it for Mehendi, Haldi, Cocktail and the wedding day altogether. Handy enough!

4. Recycle Components For Your Event Decoration.


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We come across many discarded vintage furniture, overused utensils, jars, bottles and similar components on a daily basis. So why not reuse the material by adding them to the decorations on your D-Day? They can be quirked up using chromatic spray paints for instance, or hung to the tree branches to charm the guests. Go ahead and discuss these unique decor ideas with your wedding planner.

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5. Avoid An Over-Decorated Seating And Try A Fancy Leaf Wreath One.


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The bride and groom’s seating doesn’t have to be loaded with unnecessary elements. Add an enchanting touch to their seats by adding in a floral or leaf wreath. It will do the magic on its own. A Tip: Try it with vintage wooden chairs.

6. Avoid Rare Flowers And Try Using The Locally Available Floral Garlands, Etc.


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Your dream decoration might be fuelled with carnations and lilies. However, when it is not readily available, you might end up purchasing them at a higher price. So do not push up your costs because the locally found flowers will not certainly be a disappointment. In fact, you may request your wedding planner to propose a spectacular setting with what is available to you. Alternatively, you may select artificial flowers for the decoration if your idea is to be sustainable.

7. Flower Petals Are Cheaper Than A Whole Flower.


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In comparison to a whole flower, petals tend to be cheaper and are a better option to use. This makes the use of fallen petals that are of no use but can fix up a beautiful carpet as an aisle. So bring in as many at the best price.

8. Rent Artificial Floral Elements.


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Keep them pockets filled and try renting an artificial floral setting that pre-exists with your decorator. This is because decorators can persuade you to pay for a new set of decor elements which will be used only once at your wedding. So to avoid plastic disposal post ceremonies we suggest reusing what the decorators have in their inventory.

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9. Choose Reusable Material Rather Than Disposables.


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Disposable items at a wedding are merely the cutlery, plates, decorative elements and decor structures. As we have various other alternatives to switch them with, we must take responsibility to bring in the reusable items such as local flowers, wooden structures, plywood, old glass bottles, etc. This will leave a positive impact on the environment as well as currently setting decor trends.

10. Try To Be As Plastic-Free As Possible.


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From gift wraps to cutlery, it is not okay to feed nature with plastic when we have alternatives present today. Instead of plastic gift wrappers, you can use paper bags and printed fabric drawstring-bags. Lucky for you that they all come in pretty variants. Try Them!

11. Try Edible Cutlery.


Image Source: Goodnet.org

As disposable cutlery might degrade our surroundings, it is a safer alternative to get a hold on edible cutlery. It is biodegradable, so even if it is thrown away, it will be harmless. In India, it is very much listed on offline and online stores. Therefore, we need not stress on plastic cutlery. How about we take baby steps to save our planet?

12. Select Organic Material. 


Image Source: Devika Narain

A selection of organic material can include using wood, plants or anything that comes straight from the garden. It has no plucking involved, we promise! For example, getting your favourite potted plants to sit beautifully as centrepieces would be a fabulous idea. It is effortless, and looks pretty! 

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13. Gifted Hampers Can Include Locally Found Edibles.


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While buying bath and body products are luxe to gift your guests, but on the contrary, it is a bundle of plastic containers and wrappers that come with an extraordinary price. So giveaway local sweets, coffee, honey, tea and related edibles with custom packaging that does not spell out the P-word as hampers. You will be one step closer to appetize nature.

14. Giveaway Herbal Plants As Wedding Favours.


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Guests await wedding favours so you can totally stun them by giving away herbal plants. They can choose the ones of their liking and continue growing them at home. Everyone loves herbal plants like- Mint, Basil, Coriander, Thyme, Rosemary and Chamomile. It will make you a heroic-host for sure!

15. Choose A Location That Allows You To Use What Is Already At The Venue.


Image Source: Devika Narain

We recommend choosing your location wisely so the execution of the decoration is smooth. Ripping off existing elements from the provided space might be another overhead cost for you and is not always necessary. So you can ease the decoration process by utilising all that the venue has for you. For example- a giant tree at the sight can be your Mandap with auspicious flowers and other hangings. Or maybe an outdoor garden venue, as it blends well with its own kind of elements.

16. Leftover food can be donated to the needy.


Image Source: Stories By Joseph Radhik

With a Gala dinner comes a gala waste of food, by the time your caterers are done helping themselves with the leftover it will be a shocker to know that so much more stays lying at the buffet. So you could get everything packed and donate it to the needy or contact an NGO for the food provision. With this gesture, you will feel genuinely satisfied.

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If you are a nature lover and planning to host an Eco-Friendly Wedding, then tell us in the comment section if you liked these green ideas.