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11 Easy Exercises to Get in Shape Before Wedding

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Updated on 11 September, 2020

The wedding season is around the corner and you as a bride will be getting all the responsibilities on your head. But amongst all the Shaadi pressure, don’t forget to take care of yourself because it is your day. And just to make your pre-wedding preparations smooth, we have curated a list of easy exercises you can do at home. 

So, are you ready to get fit for your wedding? We are ready with our handy tips for you. 

Warm-Up with These Exercises At Home

# Surya Namaskar 

Surya Namaskar means bowing down to the sun or Sun Salutation. It includes 12 asanas incorporating rhythmic breathing. It helps in reducing fats and even improves flexibility. 

How to Do: Stand in tadasana or mountain pose. Place your hand in a prayer position in front of your heart and set an intention. Raise your prayer hands into an upward salute. Exhale into standing forward bend.  


# Skipping 

Bang on the rope jumping benefits while you are booking your vendors and photographers. This warm-up can master all your fitness needs from a healthy heart to a beautiful body and skin. 

Skipping helps you reduce your belly fat and makes sure that you do not put an inch of fat before your wedding ceremonies.


How to Do: Take a wooden or rubber flooring rope that whips around faster. Start jumping and speed up for higher impact. You can even practice different kinds of jumps like forward jumping or backward jumping. 


Photo by Dom J from Pexels

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# Exercise 1- Press- Ups

A bit the same as push-ups, press-ups are incredible for a core and lovely looking arms. To tone your arms, this is the exercise for you. This exercise can be done after you do surya namaskar in the morning. 

How to Do: Lie down facing on the floor and keep your back straight. Raise your body by pressing down on your hands. Do it 10-11 times and take a break.  


Source: Swedish Scientific 

# Exercise 2- Tricep Dips 

Also known as dips, tricep dips are perfect to build arms strength. This simple exercise can be done almost everywhere and has many variations to match your fitness level. 

How to Do: All you need is a chair or a bench. Balance yourself on the edge of the chair and slide your hip off the front of the bench with legs extended out. Lower yourself by bending your elbows back until they reach a 90- degree angle. Straighten your elbows fully to lift yourself back up.tricep-dips

Image Courtesy: Personal Trainer Malta  

# Exercise 3- Lotus Hip Lift  

The perfect exercise for your core and arms. This is one of the toughest but most effective poses that can help the brides strengthen and tone their muscles before saying ‘I do’. This exercise has been loved and cherished by us since childhood, and today it is time to have some fun again after ages. 

How to Do: Sit with crossed legs and tuck your tummy in. Lift your body a few inches off the ground. Balance your weight with your palms resting on the ground. Stay in this position for a few minutes and then bring yourself back to the ground.


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# Exercise 4- Squats 

Squats are one of the most efficient exercises that can be taken into the routine by a bride. Even the basic squat can easily help you drop that extra weight. It is super effective to tone your thighs and butt.

How to Do: Lower your body into a sitting posture placing the feet shoulder-width apart. Stretch your hands straight in front for balance. Remain in this chair- posture for some seconds and then stand upright. You can do 10-15 squats as per your physical ability. 


Source: Glow,gr

# Exercise 5- Lunges

Lunges can be used to strengthen your lower body and calves and core. They help you improve your balance, increase your hip flexibility and build muscle size and strength. 

How to Do: Start by standing up straight with your feet-hip width apart and flat on your ground. Perform by taking a big step forward with your right leg first. Lower your body until your right knee is at a 90- degree angle. Push yourself upwards with your right foot. Repeat with the other leg.  


Source: Dreamstime

# Exercise 6- Step-Ups 

Step-ups will help you burn fat around your leg area. You can use a bench to step up, use your right foot and repeat for 15 reps on each leg. Do 4 sets with a break of 30 seconds after each set. 

How to Do: Find a step, staircase or any low-height bench where you can easily place your foot on. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your arms on the sides. Start by putting one foot on the step first and pull yourself up. Pause for a few seconds. Bring down the same foot to the ground and repeat with the other leg. 


Source: Dreamstime

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# Exercise 7- Crunches 

When you are just a week away from your big day, crunches can really be great to get in shape before your wedding function. This is an excellent option for the brides who are super-busy. Crunches not only work on your shape but also make you happy. The best part is that you can do this exercise even when you’re laying on your bed. 

How to Do: Lie on your back with bent knees and flat feet on the ground. Take your hands behind your head and pull the abdominals inward. Start lifting off the floor until your upper body touches your knee while keeping your feet flat. Hold the posture for a few seconds and then slowly lower down to the same position


# Exercise 8- Burpees

Burpees or Squat Thrust is an aerobic exercise which is perfect for burning calories, toning fat and also for the whole body. It also spikes your heart rate. 

How to Do: To do a burpee, start from a standing position, then squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick both feet out behind to be in a pushup position, and then do one pushup. Next, bring your legs forward to go into a squatting position again, and jump up.


# Exercise 9- Mountain Climbers

Mountain climber is an easy exercise that a bride can easily do at home for 10 minutes every day. It is useful for burning calories, building stamina and strengthening the core. You can even use mountain climbers as a warm-up exercise. 

How to Do: Get into a plank position. Pull one knee up and in toward your midsection. Repeat the action with your other knee. Continue alternating the movement with both knees. 


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