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15 Top Lehenga Colour Combinations for Indian skin tone

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Updated on 30 June, 2020


Wow! Congratulations your Shaadi is planned, Are you confused about the colour of your bridal lehenga? So here I am to help you select right colour lehenga for the brides of wheatish, dusky or any Indian skin tone. 

Any bride can get confused when it comes to select her bridal lehenga according to her skin tone. After all, it is all about her bridal look. 

Dusky brides are drop-dead gorgeous, and they can slay effortlessly by choosing the right colour lehenga. Certain colours complement Indian brides of dusky skin tones more than the other shades.  

Bridal Lehenga Colours That will Compliment Your Dusky Look 

So if you’re a dusky bride finalizing her bridal lehenga, take a look through the lehenga colour guide below.

 The Ever Adorable by all Indian Brides- Red


Mostly, brides prefer red for their D- day. I ‘d suggest avoiding a bright red, or a tomato red lehenga for that would overdo the thing. Look for other hues of solid maroons or if you can’t think off red, do it with a tinge of orange and stay happy.


Red Colour Lehengas for Dusky Bride


The-Ever-Adorable-by-all-Indian-Brides--Red for Dusky Brides


Dark Red Wine is Always in!


A dusky skin looks beautiful in wine coloured red or even a deep maroon. How sizzling is this diva to show you how lovely this looks? Wine shades are deep and non-blingy. These shades will suit dusky darlings.


Dusky-Bridal-lehenga in a Dark Wine Colour



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 Pleasing in plum


It’s not limited to dusky brides only. Shades of Plum can complement all the skin tone. It’s one of the trendy colours of the season and looks super pretty during winters. A dull gold embroidery woven on a plum lehenga is sure to make you stand out.



Dusky-Bridal-lehenga in a Pleasing-in-plum style

Pretty Peach for Indian Brides


Peach colour lehenga is the best pal for a dusky bride. From lip colour to lehenga, peach looks seamless on the dusky complexion. It makes your skin look radiant, and the shade almost lit up the face. Same is for coral!




 Pinks can be a Good Choice for Dusky Brides 


Jazz up your bridal look with blush pink. It will also add a natural glow to your bridal look. It’s your wedding, and you must steal the show in a trendy blush pink lehenga.

Pink Dusky-Bridal-lehenga 



 Tangerine for That Serene Look


The colour tangerine is a tone of orange. It is a must-try for brides of Indian skin tone. It will make you delighted by enhancing your beauty and elegance like never before.


Tangerine-lehenga for Dusky Brides


Dusky-Bridal-lehenga in a Tangerine colour


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Blue Ecstacy 


Yes! The elegant blue has adorned the new age brides of dusky skin tone. And let’s admit that this colour looks classy. Skip pale blue or a bright blue instead opt for deep, royal blue. Sea blue lehenga is also a right choice for the D-day.

 Blue Dusky-Bridal-lehenga



 Hues of Green!


Shades like olive green, emerald green will suit the dark-skin bride as compared to other shades of green. Avoid mint green & neon green, and you will look a stunner.




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Sparkle in Turquoise 


Do not miss out on super pretty turquoise. Dusky brides should definitely try this colour. Redefine your elegance and go flaunting your bridal lehenga flawlessly.

Sparkle-in-Turquoise Dusky-Bridal-lehenga

Dusky-Bridal-lehenga in a turquoise lehenga


  Indigo for Dusky Brides


Wedding lehenga in hues of Indigo looks fabulous on brides of dark skin tone. Shades like cobalt, ink-blue are definitely recommended.




 Whites Look Timeless


The white colour suits the sun-kissed skin beauties amazingly. You can surely opt for an all-white outfit and look absolutely ravishing in it. Please make sure the right fabric to try it in. I’d suggest avoiding stark white. Choose off-white or slightly beige whites instead.


Dusky-Bridal-lehenga in a Wondrous-White-





 Gunmetal Greys looks Super Gorgeous


It’s the perfect blend of silver and black. Dark-skinned brides look really hot in a gunmetal grey lehenga teamed with glitzy choli on her wedding day.


Dusky-Bridal-lehenga in grey colour

Gunmetal-Grey Dusky-Bridal-lehenga



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 A Dull Gold Color is A Big Yes for Dusky Brides


Majestic Gold! It comes in numerous shades, rose gold, yellow gold, dull gold etc. Dusky darlings, you may confidently opt for a dull gold colour bridal lehenga for you. Opt for dull gold thread embroidery or sequin work.

A-dull-gold-Dusky Bridal Lehenga 

Dusky Bridal Lehenga in A-dull-gold colour


A-dull-gold-Dusky Bridal Lehenga


A-dull-gold-Dusky Brides lehenga-design


 Purple Lehenga for Dusky Bride


It’s good to opt for a purple colour bridal lehenga for your wedding functions. It will make you look super gorgeous on your D-day. Try it and see for yourself!

Palpitating-Purple-Dusky Bridal Lehenga 

 Bewitching Coral

Are you one of the millennial brides who would like to wear shades of coral? Jazz up your wedding look with the soothing and soft coral shades. Wearing coral will be perfect for day wedding functions for the night is not the right time for it.


 Choose from the wide range of handpicked bridal lehenga for all our Indian brides who boldly wear the dusky colour. Go flaunt it on your wedding festivities! Also, let me know which colour are you planning to wear in the comment section below.

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