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11 Unique DIY Room Decor Ideas for couples during Lockdown

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 04 August, 2020

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“ A power couple always have a way out to repel monotony if they wish to! ” 

- Author

It is time that we accept the new normal after an astonishing hit of Coronavirus. The loop of staying at home and killing time may have turned your life into monogamy, but we salute the togetherness of a couple who is willing to take a step forward to bring changes in their space. Yes, as much as the restrictions are getting to your nerves, there are still ways to face this phase right. Don’t forget that we are accessible to online shopping and safely visit general marts. So why worry when the changes can be made at home by simply rearranging and decorating the home space. Get a pen and paper handy before exploring our list of 11 Unique DIY Room Decor Ideas For Couples During The Lockdown.

1. For couples who like to get cosy


Image Source: Pom Pom At Home

Couples who adore an intimate setting can rearrange their living space and make it cosy. After all, cuddles in a comfortable blanket and pillows is a bliss. To make your room cosy, you can bring in some thick bed-covers along with spongy pillows to dive in. If you are willing to change the mattress as per online availability, then do not resist the idea of it.

2. Romantic Lighting


Image Source: Magazine Decorations

Light up your bedroom with LED phrases or make use of the fairy lights lying in your store-room. This will instantly change the ambience of the area you tend to spend most of your time in. Minor changes can literally modify the room, making it look rather different than usual. Alternatively, these props can be bought from an online portal and can be manually fixed up.

3. The lush green factor


Image Source: Reems Design

You may like a touch of greenery in your room by buying or placing home-friendly plants. They stimulate positivity in the home environment and are absolutely maintenance-free. Give them a Boho twist by adjusting them in a basket-weave vase. Or if you like, then weave them at home and work on your artistic skills. Voila!

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4. Accessorise the room


Image Source: LUXXU Modern Design Living

Accessorise your room by adding in throw-overs, cute tables, modern seating, lamps and carpets. If you have them handy, then refashion them in a Moroccan, Bohemian or French setting. This will give your bedroom a twist you have been longing for. These couple activities will strengthen your bond too. 

5. Modern and clean by nature


Image Source: LID Interior, Abdul Ahad

If you are a modern setting lover, then you must be aware of the fact that the neatness of the space hugely levels up the peace of mind. So get going, fold up your sheet and set the bed accessories in a modern way. Utilise the new set of bed linens and arrange everything in your bedroom. This is a great way to satisfy your OCD!

6. Try getting fur-friendly


Image Source: Interior4inspo, Instagram

Soft and comfy fur sheets, rugs, pillows and all that you can find or order can make your room look like a dream. Spread them out or lay them in random places, because it alters the monotonous appearance of the bed-space. There is a variety of furry accessories available online that is affordable enough to decorate your home.

7. Frame your pictures and beautiful quotes


Image Source: Etsy

Your walls may be lonely, but no more because they can be decorated with your favourite honeymoon pictures and be nailed up. A variety of motivational quotes is an excellent way to decorate the walls in your room too if you frame them up and wake up to it daily.

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8. Did someone say scented candles?


Image Source: The Wonder Cottage

Get on a couple-shopping-spree for scented candles, sweet, warm, fruity, musky or anything else that adapts with your mood. Add it stylishly in your room by placing it on the tabletops and windows. Even on the floor with candle-holders and at each of your desired area. Aromatherapy kicks away anxiety and stress, so this one can be useful.

9. Go hunt for fancy cushions online.


Image Source: COODECOR

One never has too many cushions and cushion covers. From a master bedroom to the living room, you may need them everywhere. Therefore, sit down with your honey and stock up cushions from great online deals or shopping websites. If you can fill your cart with multiple sizes, and shapes then that is definitely a bonus. Alternatively, you might want to change the settings of the existing cushions or just make them wear sequin or furry covers. Stitching them is a doable idea too. Don’t limit yourself!

10. Vintage rugs and carpets are a thing!


Image Source: Apartmenttheraphy.com | Rennai Hoefer, Ave Styles

Vintage rugs and carpets are trending, so you can upgrade your home decor with a couple of them. It isn’t every day that your house demands a change. They can be placed underneath the bed, sofas and tables to stand out. Suit your taste and buy them according to your room’s colour palette. 

11. Stick unique decals on your walls.


Image Source: Gatsbyhome.com

Yes! Online stores are equipped with wall decals varying from 3D to textured and surreal designs. Unlike wallpapers, they are speedy to stick and do not leave any residue when removed. This is a great idea to add spice in your room without having to do too much. They are just little efficient moderations.

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