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25 Awesome Display Ideas for Wedding Favours in 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Do you want to have the perfect display for the Wedding Favours?


Awesome! We’ve got you covered with some unique and good-looking display ideas for the wedding favours! 


A set of traditional bracelets would be a great idea for a wedding favour. But, a great way to display it would be the putting them in a circular packet and post them on wooden bars or place them neatly on a table instead. 

best ideas to display wedding favours


Everybody loves banarasi paan and is aware of the famous Bhojpuri song as well. Putting up a banner saying ‘Khaike Paan Banaras Wala’ will rope your guests towards the paan table. 


bhojpuri style display wedding favour


Makeup makes women happy and a pleasant fragrance for the men, I think this would make perfect favours for your guests. Moreover, place these gifts neatly on a table to bring out the royal look of the same. 

best display wedding favours for weddings  

From kids to old ladies, everyone is fond of bindis and bangles, so why not put up a stall for the same. Also, put up a sign on the side saying ‘Swag up your look the desi way’ to add some spice to the display. 

bindis and bangles in a wedding display wedding favour 

Moreover, add a sign that says ‘Bole Choodiyan Bole Kangana’ to give the wedding favours a filmy twist. Also, arrange the bangle boxes neatly on the table to provide the look of a stall. 

beautiful bangle box display in wedding 

bangle box as a display wedding favour

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Another jewellery that fascinates girls are earrings! Therefore, hang some traditional ornaments or maybe Jhumkas for the girls at your mehndi and let them choose their favourites. 


jewellery display in wedding as a favours


Dreamcatchers are one of the most beautiful elements that tend to grab the attention of anybody. Hence, putting up a favour wall full of dreamcatchers will make your guests stop and choose one for themselves. Also, dreamcatchers are believed to bring good luck, so it’s like a cherry on the top. 


display of dream catchers as a wedding favour


best display wedding favour for wedding


A decorated sign that says ‘Mehndi Lagake Rakhna’ is another way of adding the filmy twist to your Mehndi Function. 


decorated sign board as a display wedding favour


A stall with all sorts of sweets for the people who have a sweet tooth can be a great wedding favour. You can neatly place the chocolates and desserts on a three-tiered stacked dessert display stand. 


display stalls with full of sweets in indian wedding

 Apart from this, you can also go for pretty packaging for chocolates and make chocolate boxes for the same. Here, the chocolates look pretty fascinating in the cage packaging. 


chocolates as a display wedding favour in weddings


A favour wall displaying cups and plates is quite a modern way of favours. Also, the guests crazy for crockery will love this favour from you. 


best ideas to display wedding favours


favour wall display in indian weddings

Perfect favour for the handsome hunks would be this one, an aftershave lotion. However, you can give this to all the men by providing it in the rooms where they are staying. 

perfect indian wedding favour for mens

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‘A little treat for your dancing feet’ sign accompanied by some colourful disposable house slippers for your guests for making your guests comfortable.


feet shoes as a display wedding favour 

Morris, as a wedding favour for all the traditional lovers, would be a great idea. You can display them on a table for your guests to choose from.

indian wedding favours to display mojris


Have a favour wall that displays Potli purses or some hanging keychains as a part of wedding goodies for your guests. 


keychain hangings as a display wedding favour


unique style display wedding favour by keychain hangings


A fresh haul of sunglasses can be an excellent idea for a wedding favour. Also, you can arrange them neatly on a table and let the guests choose for themselves.


display of sunglasses as a wedding favour

wedding favour display by using umbrellas 

Display some different and gorgeous pocket squares for all the men on a favour wall. Moreover, they can make their choices according to their outfits and remember you every time they see it. 


gorgeous pocket squares as a indian wedding favour to display

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As a caring bridegroom have some sweet-smelling sprays for your guests to make them feel overwhelmed and happy all through your mehndi function. 


best display indian wedding favours 

bride and groom carriage as a display indian wedidng favour

I’m sure all these wedding favours and the display ideas would have driven you crazy and excited! Hoping that your guests get as happy as you when they see the inclinations!