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Style Like Your Favourite Designers Bridal Lehenga in Budget

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Are you dreaming of style like your favourite bridal lehenga designer? It’s a mood kill when you bookmark any designer lehenga to know later that it’s way out of your budget. Well, not now. I know you dream of wearing your beloved Designer Bridal lehenga. Still, the thought of putting an enormous sum might disturb your wedding budget, and you switch the idea with buying a replica. A bride should never settle for anything less. So, here I have made you easy to ace the designer bridal look in almost a teeny-weeny budget.


Do you urge to wear the look of your favourite designer?

So are you curious to know how to wear your favourite designer’s bridal look without hurting your budget? The answer is pretty exciting! Let’s do this.

How to Style Like Sabyasachi Bride?


Being a Sabyasachi Bride is the bride’s dream coming true. A designer who doesn’t needs any introduction. The most demanding and our beloved. His innovation has touched great heights with a beautiful blend of glamour and tradition in the realm of fashion, making him one of the leading contemporary Indian designers. This man selects unique texture, and his details have a fusion of Indian trends making him stand out always.

Just recall delicate pink floral bridal lehenga of Anushka Sharma or classic red lehenga of Bipasha Basu with heavily embellished zari work. You too can style yourself for your D – Day wearing the same allure. To get the Sabyasachi bridal look:

Lehenga – Tradition is the essence of his style. Go for naturally knitted fabric –Banarasi Silks, Velvets and Brocades with intricate embroidery that get woven beautifully into the lehenga. Pick solid colours tones on a cloth that has united buttis and classy sequined motifs, and it has to match with the bold border to make the look complete.

Jewellery: Open the cupboard for your mamma & grandma and pick that big oversized Maang Teeka and bridal Nath. Just do not miss, the big choker.

Hairdo and Makeup: To ace his bridal look, do a tight bun with centre partition. You have to keep your base even, avoid bright blush. Complete this look with a big bright bindi.

Favourite Bridal Lehenga Designer

Favourite Bridal Lehenga Designer

The Classic Red




Vivacious Velvet



Tale of Banarsi & Brocade



Sabyasachi bridal Lehenga designs

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How to Style Like Manish Malhotra Bride? 

A new age designer, Manish Malhotra, is the next name that strikes in our mind. He has styled numerous celebrities from across India and abroad in his extravagant attire. If you have a desire to be a new age bride who doesn’t want to put on the same old thing! There are such interesting modern silhouettes and hues by him keeping it super stylish. Let’s know how to get his unique bridal look:

Lehenga: The Manish Malhotra bride is Indian at heart but modern in her outlook. She values her customs and traditions, but her life, and by extension, her wedding attire, are replete with global influences. His crucial element lies in the sheer, shimmer & shinny fabric with thread work. Mostly he does his art with pastel shades.

Jewellery: Not much to put on, you may only do with the statement jewellery, or you and a wedding Nath are sorted.

Hairdo and Makeup: Loosen up your hair, give it smooth waves have them tied. Wear the smoky eyes makeup with a lip colour that compliments your lehenga.

 Manish Malhotra Bridal designes

wedding lehanga desings  

Manish-Malhotra wedding designs

Wedding lehenga designes

Manish-Malhotra bridal lehanga designs

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How to Style Like Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla Bride?

The Label’s lehengas are done using the finest fabrics which comes alive with detail embroideries and intricate embellishments to create what we call as a modern masterpiece. White comes in my mind when I think about this duo. They have redefined Bollywood style. Here’s how you can ace their look –

Lehenga: Just look Deepika Padukone walking the ramp in an ivory lehenga. Pick offbeat shades of white with heavy embroidery for your lehengas.

Jewellery: You need not worry too much about the jewellery. Just go with minimum or no silver at all, wear big earrings and matching Maang-Teekas. These go fine with their bridal lehengas. 

Hairdo and Makeup: Smokey eye makeup and lipstick complimenting with the colour of lehenga. And tie a high bun. You’re done!

Abu-Jani-Sandeep-Khosla wedding designer

Best bridal lehenga designs

Style like bridal designers

Best bridal lehenga designers

How to Style Like Neeta Lulla Bride?

Neeta Lulla is known to use Paithani. It is the ancient technique of tapestry that combines multiple threads of different colours and choose gold and silver threads which are woven together to create a dynamic piece of silk. She has got the magic to create the dresses which give you a majestic look. She has gained currency in the elite class for her great style. Here is what you may do to get the Neeta Lulla bridal look:

Lehenga: Look like a Queen from Rajputana royalties. Neeta Lulla looks with all the bright sparkle, bold embroideries, and statement beadwork. Choose A-lines flowy lehengas.

Jewellery: Traditional or modern Indian any kind of jewellery goes with such designs.

Hairdo and Makeup: Same for hairstyles and makeup as well.

Best wedding lehenga designs

Beautiful bridal pink lehena designs

style like your favorite lehenga designers

Trending bridal lehenga designs

Beautiful bridal lehenga designers

Best wedding lehenga designs

How to Style Like Rohit Bal Bride?

Rohit Bal is intensely concerned with design as an art form. The designer draws on history, fantasy and folklore to create masterpieces that are desired by discerning aficionados around the globe. His art is mostly inspired by nature around. He has his unique approach to design outfits, and this is how you can nail his look.

Lehenga: His USP is the textures he uses, like, velvet that provides timelessness to his pieces. Get a lehenga inspired by nature, flowers, birds, and trees.

Jewellery: His style needs a minimum of silver. Since a bride should not be without any, do wear a mang teeka and that would be it.

Hairdo and Makeup: Pale makeup and tied up hair.

Style Like Rohit Bal Bride

Rohit-Bal bridal collection

Rohit-Bal wedding collection

Beautiful wedding lehenga designs

Celebrity designers lehenga designs

Bridal wedding inspirations

Trending bridal lehenga designs

Best bridal lehenga designs

How to Style Like Rimple & Harpreet Narula Bride?

Another name who have wowed the brides. Their journey is about exploring, travelling through a luxuriant era, inspired by ancient motifs, craft & vintage textiles. Here’s how you can get her to look –

Lehenga:- The exquisite selection of silk. The lehenga draws Mughalai inspiration from rich Indian heritage. Heavily embroidered Esque roses, with the handcrafted motifs on the fragile tulle base using, Resham and glass crystals. The look is completed with a sheer dupatta.

Jewellery:- Modern Indian jewellery goes with such designs. Big bangles also do excellent justice to complete your bridal look. Sometimes her blouse designs have elbow sleeves, so bracelets or stuff could be optional to put.

Hairdo & make-up:- Get yourself tight bun with centre partition or let your hair fall loose. Under essential eye makeup with light lip colour will do the charm.

Rimple & Harpreet Narula Bride designs

Best wedding lehenga designs

favorite  bridal lehenga designers

look to your best lehenga designers


Style Like your Favourite Bridal Lehenga Designer

Designer-Lehenga Replica

Beautiful lehenga designs

wedding lehenga designers

wedding lehenga designers

Designer-Bridal lehenga designers

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How to Style Like Anita Dongre Bride?

Pastel glory by Anita Dongre in her light-weight Lehengas. I want to look fully decked up in a lehenga, without having to carry the weight of all the embellishments. Anita Dongre’s art is an answer to it. The handwoven lehenga gives you the luxury of living in ecstasy. Here’s how you can get her to look –

Lehenga: Pick pastel shades as a solid concept in the lehenga with the intricacy of heavy embroidery.

Jewellery: A passa, layered choker and big earrings are the trademark bits to complete her bridal look.

Hairdo and Makeup: Make a tight bun with centre partition. Wear a lip colour flattering with the lehenga. Avoid loud makeup.

Latest bridal collections

favorite wedding lehenga for brides

lehenga with waistband

Anita dongre creations

Anita-Dongre bridal collections

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How to Style Like Anushree Reddy Bride? 

Playing around with multi-colours in lehengas is always exciting. Not only it turns out to be fashionable with the flavour of tradition but also showing a sense of originality. The bridal look gets extremely vibrant and beholding. This is what Anushree Reddy does. Hers’s how to get her:-

Lehenga: Go for fresh, young, poppy colours perfect to wear for a day wedding.

Jewellery: Elegantly crafted danglers made of polkies and pearls completes her look.

Hairdo and Makeup: Curly Tendrils Updo and Bumped Up Curls with a matte makeup will give you her look.

wedding designers lehenga

best wedding lehenga for brides

bridal lehenga  designs

bridal lehenga designs

Trending bridal lehenga designs

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How to Style Like Ritu Kumar Bride?

Ritu Kumar is a designer for the masses, and she knows what the brides want. Ritu’s dresses are a mix of bold, vibrant colours and detailed embroidery. Things to do to attain the Ritu Kumar’s bridal look:

Lehenga: The designer herself selects traditional silhouettes with fuller needlework, zardozi and prints.

Jewellery: Junk jewellery goes perfectly with Ritu’s look.

Hairdo and Makeup: Curled side bun or high tied bun. For heavy designs go for bold smoky eyes and pale makeup.

Ritu-Kumar best collection

lehenga designs for brides

beautiful wedding lehenga 

How to Style Like Tarun Tahiliani Bride?


He is another name among the king of drapes. He has championed the art of preserving tradition in a manner that speaks to the modern muse of today. His rich Indian artistry with a modern touch is sure to marvel the brides. Tahiliani’s creations are steeped in heritage but without compromising on a global outlook.

Lehenga: His lehengas are light and comfortable but visually-heavy and gorgeous for brides.

Jewellery: You don’t have to put on anything substantial. Modern jewellery will go with Tarun’s look.

Hairdo and Makeup: Elegant Twisted Side Bun with minimum bridal makeup.


Tarun-Tahiliani wedding collection


wedding lehenga collections

Tarun-Tahiliani best collection

Tarun-Tahiliani- collection

Seems Wow! So without much ado, opt the signature style of the ace designer who clicks your mood and shops the stuff which gives you the ultimate bridal look that lasts in the hearts of all your loved ones. For making the herculean task pretty easy thank me later!