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10 Stunning Couple Entry Ideas for 2020 Wedding Entry

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Walking down the aisle, holding hands! Well, it’s now time to try out these unconventional couple entry ideas for your wedding! 


Walking down the aisle with the love of your life, it’s like a dream come true, right? Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, where everything requires to be flawless, even your entry! Couples these days have come up with such creative couple entry ideas and taken the wedding entry game to a new level. Also making sure that the wedding album is full of picture-perfect wedding pictures.


As a couple, you’re certainly going to be stealing the limelight anyway; nevertheless, to help you out, we have created a compilation of the most amazing and offbeat couple wedding entry ideas. These are specially selected from the most viral couple-entry pictures of weddings on the internet. These ideas will surely make your spouse, and you look like significant couple goals and remain the centre of attraction throughout the wedding. 


Couple Entry with Sparklers

What can be better than your loving guests holding the sparklers while you walk down the aisle? The lights would look amazingly magical, just like the fairytale. Be sure to specify the photographer to take the pictures from the front angle. The background must be slightly darker to highlight the fireworks. 


Stunning Couple Entry Ideas


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Holding Colourful Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs tend to add colourful elements to the wedding. So, you can make a rocking couple entry with the love of your life while holding colourful smoke bombs. Or even your family members can hold them for you, while you enter in an auto-rickshaw grooving to your wedding entry song. 


Trending wedding trends


Couple Entry Under Floral Umbrella

A couple of entry idea, where the groom is holding the umbrella, while you two make your wedding entry together. A uniquely thought wedding entry idea, this one sounds quite romantic. You can have a floral decorated umbrella or simply an umbrella parasol. 


Couple Entry Under Floral Umbrella


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A Beauteous Zorb Ball Entry

A zorb ball wedding entry is a cool idea to declare that you both are hitched and ready to be forever! This one is not widely used, yet it is one of the best unconventional couple ideas. Moreover, the large zorb ball would attract loads of attention and let the group back off and gaze in awe. 


 zorb ball wedding entry ideas 

Couple Entry in a Golf Cart

This couple made their entry together in a golf cart, and this one is something to take a cue from if you plan to wed outdoors in a lawn. You can also choose this idea if your wedding is in a garden. But, if the marriage is not in a golf course, then make sure that the lawn is mowed and not bumpy, to ensure a smooth ride. I’m sure you’ll have fun riding this one to your wedding venue. 


couple wedding trends 

Flower Shower Couple Entry 

This flower-shower couple entry idea at the wedding looks beautiful and is a blissful sight, bringing out the natural aesthetics, other than having a traditional touch to it. It looks beautiful and is also an eco-friendly option. One can choose roses for a romantic feel or marigolds for a slightly more traditional vibe. Besides that, other flowers such as orchids or any other exotic flowers can also be used, depending upon your choice and the set up of your wedding venue. Here is a fun tip for your wedding photograph – while you two are being showered with flowers, the bride can twirl, and this beautiful moment can be captured right away! Besides stealing the limelight, it will also have each guest admire your grace and elegance. 


Flower Shower Couple Entry


Couple Entry in Royal Style 

Be a real-life Cinderella by choosing to make your wedding entry in a royal chariot. The groom can ditch the conventional ghodi and come and pick you up on the wagon. With your Prince Charming by your side, this idea is no less than the tales each girl grew up reading and aspiring to have someday. 




Couple Entry on Decorated Bike 

A couple entry with the groom bringing the bride on a decorated luxury bike. It’s not necessary that the groom has to bring you on the bike, you can also be the one to take over. Gender roles have been redefining, so why not take this bold step by being the bride to bring his groom. It will surely look super hot and brave! The bike can be decorated with marigold flowers and sparklers for a fine touch up. 


unique couple entry ideas


Couple Entry in a Cinderella Carriage 

It’s your wedding day, and you are no less than a princess, then why not make a wedding entry that way in a Cinderella carriage. You and your husband-to-be sitting in the carriage while it’s being pulled by the men is a great idea to go for. Also, another attractive addition would be, your family members holding sparklers while you two make your couple entry.



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You can choose to go for a simple couple entry idea yet keep it classy. Which one of these is your favourite?


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