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Top 12 Celebrity Makeup Artist in India For Weddings

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 30 June, 2020

Before the Wedding Day, a bride puts in all her time in finding the perfect look for her big day, and we think it is completely fair to have it all planned before time. Although, the main task and skill that are required for getting a stunning look are in the hands of a Makeup Artist. No Tom, Dick or Harry can help you get the Celebrity look which you desire, so we have worked with our elves to find out the Top Notch Makeup Artists in India who are suitable for your wedding makeup. They will do just what you ask so scroll some more and explore the list.

1. Ambika Pillai

Best Celebrity Makeup Artists In India - Ambika Pillai

Image Source: Instagram

Ambika Pillai has gained the attention of the beauty industry by her exceptional talent of Makeup Artistry. She has portrayed her skills in Fashion Week and worked with celebrity fashion designers. A lot of celebrity looks have been created by her. She has branched out a salon chain in India specialising in both hair and makeup.

Instagram Profile Link: Ambika Pillai

2. Chandni Singh

Chandani Singh - Best Celebrity Makeup Artists In India

Image Source: Instagram

Chandni Singh is a professional makeup artist whose work has been featured in many fashion magazines. She has done editorials as well, followed by operating an academy by her name teaching makeup. Her ability to provide the best hairstyle with a flawless makeup look keeps her on top of the game.

Instagram Profile Link: Chandni Singh

3. Daniel Bauer

Best Celebrity Makeup Artists In India - Daniel Baurer

Image Source: Instagram

Daniel Bauer is the man behind the gorgeous looks carried by Katrina Kaif, Jahnvi Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. He is one of the popular names in the Bollywood industry in regards to Makeup and Styling. So if your motive is to get a glamorous look for something close to a red carpet event, then he’s your guy to approach.

Instagram Profile Link: Daniel Bauer

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4. Shaan Muttathil

Shaan Muttathil - Best Celebrity Makeup Artists In India

Image Source: Instagram

Shaan Muttathil is mostly seen on social media with Jacqueline Fernandez. And it is no surprise that Mr Shaan himself creates her looks. He screens makeup tutorials on youtube and has worked with many celebrities with his enchanted brushwork. His looks are well finished and adored by the Bollywood industry big time! 

Instagram Profile Link: Shaan Muttathil

5. Vidya Tikari

Best Celebrity Makeup Artists In India - Vidya Tikari

Image Source: Instagram

Makeup Artist Vidya Tikari has not only styled celebrities but also masterminded the term Male Grooming in the beauty industry. The girl with so much power is her makeup tool that mesmerises the world today. She has created looks for Madhuri Dixit, Deepika Padukone, Sushmita Sen and many more. She provided makeup services in Commonwealth Games 2010 too.  

Instagram Profile Link: Vidya Tikari

6. Bharat And Dorris

Bharat and Dorris - Best Celebrity Makeup Artists In India

Image Source: Instagram

Bharat and Dorris started off as Makeup artists who eventually established a beauty brand by their name selling a full range of cosmetics. Known for their work, they too have made a mark in the Bollywood Industry. They are priorities for some celebrities, so get your hands on them if you can. 

Instagram Profile Link: Bharat And Dorris

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7. Aliya Baig

Aaliya Baig - Best Celebrity Makeup Artists In India

Image Source: Instagram

Aliya Baig is rated as one of the top 10 Makeup Artists in India. She provides full coverage and poreless makeup to all her clients. Her understanding of the skin type and suitability of the colour palette gets her customers the Makeup High. She mostly keeps busy, so it is difficult to catch her without an appointment.

Instagram Profile Link: Aliya Baig

8. Jasmeet Kapany

Best Celebrity Makeup Artists In India - Jasmeet Kapany

Image Source: Instagram

Jasmeet Kapany is an expert of Hair and Makeup whose motto remains to provide the best services that her Bride clients find fabulous. She has experience from the Bollywood beauty industry and runs a firm under her name in Delhi NCR. She wows her customers by enhancing their features, making them look well-powdered. 

Instagram Profile Link: Jasmeet Kapany

9. Pakkhi P. Siroya

Pakkhi P Soriya - Best Celebrity Makeup Artists In India

Image Source: Instagram

Pakkhi Pahuja Siroya is a Makeup Artist who creates looks to crush on as she brightens up the Big day of the bride by her skilful hands. She is a well-rated artist who brings grace to life with her hands-on experience in the field of makeup. Her portfolio is worth looking at to know all about her marvellous makeup looks.

Instagram Profile Link: Pakkhi P. Siroya

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10. Aakriti Kochar

Best Celebrity Makeup Artists In India - Aakriti Kochar

Image Source: Instagram

Aakriti Kochar brings modernity to the Bridal Makeup looks that charm her brides big time. To bring out the best results, she works carefully with the skin tones and features without having to cake the face of her Brides. Ranked as one of the top Makeup vendors in Delhi, Aakriti is a big name presently.

Instagram Profile Link: Aakriti Kochar

11. Shalini Singh

Shalini Singh - Best Celebrity Makeup Artists In India

Image Source: Instagram

Shalini Singh who puts up in Delhi NCR has collaborated with several fashion designers and has been in the beauty industry for over nineteen years. She creates Makeup Looks for all occasions and understands the suitability of applied makeup as per the demand of the event. She offers HD Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Hairstyles and much more to her clients. 

Instagram Profile Link: Shalini Singh

12. Sanjib Majumder

Best Celebrity Makeup Artists In India - Sanjib Majumdar

Image Source: Instagram

The Mumbai based Professional Makeup Artist, Sanjib Majumder is extremely artistic when it comes to designing looks for his clients. He has been in business for sixteen years now and always looks forward to working on new projects. He likes to challenge himself by creating beautiful looks for his customers by working on various kinds of faces. He provides his hair and makeup services to Bollywood, TV shows or related events.

Instagram Profile Link: Sanjib Majumder

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