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Carmine Red Wedding Decor Ideas for Weddings in 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Red never goes out of fashion at an Indian wedding!


Check out our ravishing red wedding decor inspiration to see for yourself. Get inspired and save what you love — bringing you the best of Indian wedding decor inspiration from some of the most beautiful weddings in India.


Ravishing Carmine Red Wedding Decor Featured by WeddingsOnly


Wedding decor tip: Match the colours of the drapes, table overlays and flowers to create a stunning impression.

Create beautiful spaces that your guest can not stop taking pictures of.


Red carmine decor ideas


Using the carmine red velvet overlays on a rectangle dining table, we have made a classic dinner setting for you. Accompanying the table layout are authentic silver show plates. Red rose centrepieces and velvet wrapped crystal candle stands beautify the whole look, to create a mesmerising effect.


red deocr theme ideas

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Red decor inspirations ideas


Blood red coloured beautiful canopies with round table arrangements, make a perfect spot for you to have small chats. The round table arrangement features the perfect carmine red velvet table overlays and carmine red raw silk chair overs. Candelabras with red roses in table arrangements create a classic vintage look for your red wedding.


Best wedding decor ideas

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Very comforting, there is quite a room for mood lighting under the canopies. Spotlights on tables are indirect, which create a calm and soothing effect on all your guests.


carmine red wedding decor


Carmine red velvet overlays on a rectangle dining table are entirely giving a vintage effect. The table layout with silver show plates (charger plates) gorgeously complement the red overlays. The red rose centrepieces and velvet wrapped crystal candle stands create a fantastic ambience for dinner.

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Here we have a dance floor with floral and green ivy ceiling, creating a brightened effect along with the spotlights.


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Trending decor theme ideas

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The candles as well as the spotlights, creating an astonishing effect on the whole decor.


Trending decor ideas for wedding


Fountains on the table side are creating a relaxed and soothing effect.


Fountains on the table decor ideas

Weddind red decor 

These cocktail tables with a small red rose centrepiece in a crystal vase are exceptionally delightful and mood uplifters. Other than that, small silver votive candle stands are adding a bit of cuteness to the table. Martini glass with black olives and other accompaniments for the cocktails create a perfect party for your tastebuds.


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entertainment stage set up for the band with falling red curtains is a perfect complement to the whole red decor theme.

Perfect theme for wedding 

Add a lot of candles as a part of table decor to create a warm and intimate setting.

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wedding decor ideas


Using a lot of warm white lights in your decor will have a quintessential aura. These warm white lights will also keep your wedding photographers very happy.

Which are the elements that your favourite?

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