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35 Unique Canopy Decor Ideas Of This Wedding Season

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Seating Lounges are an important part of a wedding decor! How styling the canopy decor in a beautiful manner?


When it comes to your big day, there is no facet of the event that can be left to chance. We know that you would like to select each and every aspect of it carefully after much deliberation. Seating areas and lounges form an important part of the wedding venue and add to the overall charm of the place. Gone or the days were seating was just chairs and table, there are so many more innovative ways to do it now. Having a canopy style seating or lounge area gives you many creative options and here we have collated the top ideas in one place, so that you can look through them and make the best choice, maybe even mix and match the ideas.


1. Sunshine Yellow

With yellow canopies, it looks like you have bursts of sunshine shining around. Use shades of yellow to add warmth and happiness to the wedding venue.


sunshine yellow canopy decor for wedding


2. Go Bohemian

Give the decor a fun twist with these boho-chic themes


 canpoy decor in a bohemian theme


3. Burst of Colours

You can either have multiple canopies in different colours, colours of a single palette if you have a colour theme for the wedding. You can also have multiple mixing colours in a single huge canopy also.


multicoloured wedding canpoy decor ideas for wedding 

4. Rustic Charm

If your wedding is on a beach or any other water-facing location, then this theme will go along with it.


rustic theme wedding canopy decor ideas


5. Pastel Shades

Bring in pastel shades to give the venue a muted yet dainty look.


canopy decor for weddings in a pastel colour shades

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6. Dream Catchers To Make Your Dreams Come True

Decorate the canopies with some dream catchers so that all your dreams and wishes for your new life come true. Here, you can also see the subtle pairing between the dream catchers and the bride’s earrings.


canpoy decor ideas in a dream catchers styles


7. Lounge Style Seating

Lounge style seating is a new and upcoming trend in weddings. This usually goes well with Mehendi and Haldi functions, where guests can mill around and converse.


colourful lounge style seating by usage of canopy decor


8. Light it Up

If you are having a night-time wedding, then you can string around lights along the poles or have it hanging from the centre. If it is a grand affair, you can also have hanging chandeliers. 


beautiful light it up canopy decor ideas


9. One-sided canopy

A one-sided canopy also serves as a good backdrop for the million pictures you are going to take.


one sided canopy decor for sangeet functions


10. Multiple Canopies

Multiple individual canopies have multiple purposes such as acting as Mehendi stalls or as dining areas.


multiple canopies decor for exterior wedding decoration  

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11. Patterned Curtain Drapes

If you are someone who wants to exhibit elegance in every aspect of the wedding then this is the way to go.


canpoy decor in wedding by using drapes and curtains


12. Like a Forest Tent

Give the guests a wholly immersive experience by using ferns and foliage as a part of the canopy.




13. Go for Exotic Themes

Canopies can be matched to your wedding them very easily, be it subtle ones or off-beat ones. Seen below is an Egyptian themed canopy.

exotic theme wedding canpoy decor ideas


14. Circular Canopies

If you are looking for a way to shake things a bit, then these funky circular companies may interest you.


circular canopies for wedding decoration


15. Unique Lighting

Canopies give you a lot of space to play around with lighting and this is just one example.


unique lighting in canopy decoration in weddings


16. Make it Playful

Play along with colours, banners and streamers to give the setting a fairground feel




17. Elaborate Canopies


elaborate canopy decoration in sangeet function


18. Checked Patterns

If you like to play with patterns then this one is for you.


checked pattern canopy decoration in haldi function


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19. Under an Umbrella

Umbrellas are being increasingly used as an important instrument of ornamentation in multiple places.




20. Monochrome Magic

A monochrome design in royal hues such as purple and pink make for a royal affair.


exterior canopy decor ideas in a monochrome way

21. Swinging Away

Canopied swing sets both for photos and some fun.


beautiful canopy decor ideas in a swinging way


22. Naked Canopy

If you have a beach near you, then a bare minimum is enough to give the required effects


naked canopy with lighting for weddings


23. Aisle Canopies

Aisles can be canopied in multiple ways and can be used to make a grand entrance.




24. Trees and Lanterns



25. White Wash

Go all white, this one especially suits a white wedding.


beautiful wedding decoration with white canopy

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26. Green Scene

Bring the outside in with this elegant yet classy theme of greens.


best canopy decor ideas for weddings


27. Splash of Pink

Blush pink to give it an imperial look.


canopy decoration for sangeet function in a pink colour


28. Hanging Decor

You can use hanging decor on an otherwise plain canopy. Flowers, lights or even chandeliers can be used here.


hanging canopy decor ideas for wedding

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29. Glass Palace

This is the one for you if it is a fairy tale themed affair.




30. Go Retro

It is not only the canopy that matters but also how you set it up inside. With a wide, airy off-white canopy the retro theme is already half done.


canopy decoration for wedding in a retro theme


31. Ribboned Canopies

This style makes the area look both spacious, airy and kaleidoscopic.




32. Fairy Tale Dinner

Having canopied dinner places is a trend which is in vogue right now. You may want to pin this one and use it for your rehearsal dinner.


canopy decoration in a fairy tale theme


33. Tassels and Twirls

Swirl in your lehengas under a sky of brightly coloured tassels on your big day.


canopy decoration in wedding function by using tassels and twirls


34. Keeping it Simple

Simple yet artistic styles for the no-fuss bride.


simple canopy decoration for wedding


35. The Traditional Way

The right way to mix up the tradition with a tinge of the modern.