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13 Bride and Bridesmaids Photoshoot Ideas That Shows The Bond

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

How can you miss out on posing with our best friend on the very important day of your life, right?

Here is an amazing set of ideas for bride and bridesmaids photoshoot!


Weddings are not only about love but also friendships. And who can be better friends than your girlfriends – the bride’s bridesmaids? Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the time for capturing the ultimate BFF moments! A bridal shoot is incomplete without a happening photoshoot with the bridesmaids. It’s the time that shows your happiness and enjoyment, a friendship of time wrapped in memory. So, unleashing your true self in this shoot is very important, for these are the moments that you are going to remember for life!


So, here are some ideas for you to take inspiration from and create those #bridesquad for life moments!

Get crazy, unleash your inner divas and make memories!


The Diva Queen look

This one puts the attention on the bride and shows that it’s her day. The bride poses with elan in the throne while her BFFs behaves like a queen’s entourage. The expressions slay it here, and you need to jazz it up with mischief. 


bride with bridesmaid with a diva queen look

Kaala Chasma Pehen Ke Look

Nothing spells being fresh than this swag look with black coloured sunglasses. Show your cool gang bonding with this look. It’s time for the Kaala Chashma click!


Kaala-Chasma-Pehen-Ke-Look of bride with bridesmaid


The Peekaboo Placard Game

This one is quite in vogue these days. Here the bridesmaids steal the show and introduce the bride. Your girlfriends will be teasing your better half with the placards which build the anticipation. Here you’ll be in the picture but not entirely. You will be hidden behind the curtains. 

bride with bridesmaid on The-Peekaboo-Placard-Game


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The Traditional Homely Look

This is a soothing welcoming look. Here you guys will look sober and traditional with diyas and thali in hand. A simple conventional look that spells vintage. 


bride with bridesmaid with The-Traditional-Homely-Look


The-Traditional-Homely-Look- of bride with bridesmaid


Heads Uniting Moments

Remember the times when you and your BFFs went for a vacation. Yes, we are talking about those lying on the ground head-to-head United circular pose. Well, you can try this out here too.

It’s time for the buddies hurdle after all. So, get on the bed and rock the hurdle look.

You can even do a standing tilting head stack uniting pose.


Heads-Uniting-Moments of bride with bridesmaid


bride with bridesmaid Heads-Uniting-Moments


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A Congenial Reflective Look

Weddings are all about past and future continuation. So, a reflection look channelises that continuity. Here you will be looking into the mirror while your bridesmaids look on. They will be posing with you having their eyes on you while you look into the future.


bride with bridesmaid with A-Congenial-Reflective-Look


Showing your friendship story

This is an ideal pose for showcasing your inner bonding. Those years are bunking classes in colleges. The distraught flatmates-roommates story, that first friend in school – those are the memories to cherish. Play on those friendship stories now. Let the BFFs tell these stories by holding up chalkboards or placards while you guys pose. 


Showing-your-friendship-story with bride with bridesmaid


The Vintage Classic Bollywood Look

Remember those old Bollywood films where the girls would be swinging on a beautiful floral swing? How about using them here! You can sit or stand on the floral swing while your girlfriends pose around. They could either pose around you, or they can swing around like you. 


beautiful bride with bridesmaid Vintage-Classic-Bollywood-Look-

The-Vintage-Classic-Bollywood-Look- of bride with bridesmaid

Playful Playmates time

Friendship is all about teasing and pulling each other’s legs. Friends run after each other, splash water, colours, flowers, etc. on each other, and some even pull each other’s hair and clothes. You can relive those points by trying such fun playmate poses. Through some flowers at each other while you laugh. Or maybe you would like to splash some water?


Playful-Playmates-time- of bride with bridesmaid


bride with bridesmaid Playful-Playmates-time

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The Shringaar Pose

Can a bride and bridesmaids photoshoot be without Shringaar Pose? Of course, you need to pose with your dress and show off that gorgeous piece of lehenga. So, do the iconic bridesmaids handling the dress tails you see in Hollywood. You might not have a gown, but you do have stunning lehenga with an even more stunning veil. Let them handle those veils and lehenga tails as you lead the walk. You can also pose with your churas, bangles and other accessories.


The-Shringaar-Pose of bride with bridesmaid


The-Shringaar-Pose- of bride with bridesmaid

bride with bridesmaid The-Shringaar-Pose

The Fun Pool Party Poses

Nothing spells bachelorette time than pool party poses with your BFFs. So, get into the pool and raise with your BFFs. Tangle your feet into the water. Pose with balloons inside the pool. Throw the pool ball around and pose. You can even use plushies with ‘bride’ or ‘team bride’ written on it. 


The-Fun-Pool-Party-Poses of bride with bridesmaid


 The Foodie Brigade Look

The one combo that spells comfort and happiness is ‘food and friendship’. There can be no more excellent bond than the bond created by food.

Showcase, that food for thought. That friendship is as vital as food. Share pizza slices amongst each other and have fun. Or maybe look at a bowl of biryani longingly?


The-Foodie-Brigade-Look- of bride with bridesmaid

bride with bridesmaid The-Foodie-Brigade-Look- 

The Picture Perfect Colour Coordinated Look

Last but not least, is the tried and trusted colour-coordinated look. Deck up beautifully in colour-coordinated outfits with bouquets in hand and click that picture-perfect photograph! 


The-Picture-Perfec-tColour-Coordinated-Look bride with bridesmaid


bride with bridesmaid The-Picture-Perfec-tColour-Coordinated-Look


Indeed, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and here you are the beholder. So, have fun and show your inner side in the pictures. Maybe the story that you’re living deserves this mirror, these pictures.