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61+ Trending Bridal Poses For Stunning Bride-to-be in 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Finally, it’s your wedding day! I’m sure you might be wondering what are the best bridal poses for your day?

 Photos are the memories that are captured in the reel, and everyone is aware of how crazy girls are for pictures. Well, it’s your wedding day, a big day for you, wouldn’t you love to have the best and unique bridal poses for the ceremonies? I’m sure you do. And now that I think about it, it has a lot of elements to it, pictures while you’re getting ready or some creative shots with your veil or how about some unique poses with the mirror reflections?


The list is endless, so without further ado, let’s scroll through the infinite list of bridal poses that’ll give you a bunch of ideas and I’m definite that you’re going to love it!

1. Candid Shots


Candid shots are so natural, aren’t they? You’ve got to do nothing but ask the photographer to capture you everywhere, all the time and especially at your happy moments! Be it while you’re dancing or giggling around with your family making memories, the photographer will have you covered with some of the best candid shots. Moreover, these are the pictures that’ll make you smile even after years of your marriage!










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2. Full Shots


Every bride put immense dedication and thoughts into selecting her bridal lehenga. Then why would you even leave a chance of capturing that gorgeous bridal wear which is going to stay close to your heart even after many years from now! Creative full bridal shots are essential, and nobody can deny this. Either you can go for capturing the beautiful background of your wedding venue or use some gorgeous props of the hotel.


Bridal poses


Bridal pose ideas


Full-Shots-bridal poses





3. Fun Shots


Who doesn’t love a fun-loving cool bride? Gone are the days when brides used to be all traditional and shy, now the brides wear glasses and shoes along with turning on the swag mode. Ditch the cliche poses and go for posing while you’re drinking or in those cool sneakers! Moreover, such props add a fun element to your pictures and spice to your wedding day.










Bridal pose ideas

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4. Getting-Ready Shots


There’s this new trend that has been started among the Millennial brides of getting clicked while they are getting ready to walk down the aisle towards their mandap. Even you can pose with your stunning lehenga, while it is hung on the wall or maybe correctly spread on the bed. Moreover, you know which one would be the best amongst all? A picture being clicked while your mom helps you get ready.









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5. Haldi Ceremony Shots


Haldi Ceremonies are synonymous to the fun and laughter moments spent together while everyone plays around with the turmeric paste. Earlier, these ceremonies were not given as much priority as it’s presented now. But now, its an occasion full of happy moments and the photographers capturing all those happy moments. Moreover, for adding more beauty to your bridal shots, you can ask all your cousins to shower you with the petals of a marigold flower and let your photographer click that scenic beauty.











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6. Jewellery Shots


We all are aware of how much efforts a bride puts into making her attire perfect along with the jewellery. Then how can these jewellery sets be left behind hidden from the camera lenses? Another fantastic bridal poses idea would be this one. Here, ask your photographer to capture your pictures while focusing on your majestic jewellery. Also, the attire isn’t complete and equally beautiful unless and until the jewellery sets are added to it.













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7. Mehndi Ceremony Shots


What is more beautiful, you mehndi or you? While you get your hands and feet beautified with bridal mehndi designs, this moment is worth capturing. Moreover, not just your mehndi but your mehndi outfits look equally pretty, so another fantastic bridal pose idea would be to get yourself clicked after you’re done with your mehndi. Well, just like the haldi function, mehndi ceremony is another fun event with endless chatters and laughter.









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8. Mirror Shots


Two is better than one. Well, this is the reason why mirror shots are famous amongst modern brides. With people getting more creative with every passing year, even in the field of photography, the photographers are getting equally advanced. So, skillfully capturing your mirror reflection that looks similarly beautiful is another level of expertise. After you’re done getting ready, ask the photographer to take some mirror shots and see him do all his magic with the camera lenses.








9. Top Angle Shots


Even if you’re not much knowledgeable about the angles of photography, let me tell you, top corners can do wonders to your bridal poses. The high angles shot beautifully capture the face along with your maangtikka, and I cannot stop crushing over these. Moreover, another fantastic attribute of these shots is that it will creatively capture your breath-taking eyes and the eye makeup. This is another idea that I would recommend you and trust me, you’ll thank me later!






Bridal poses


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10.Trail Shots


Trails were not even a thing in India, its a culture adapted from abroad as the brides they’re used to wear gowns with gorgeous long trails. However, Indians have their twist in everything, so here either the dupatta is very long, which makes the trail or the lehenga skirt itself makes the trail. But, whichever way it is, the bridal poses that come along with it are the real beauty, and we cannot stop crushing over these trail shots. Look through them and get inspired!









11. Twirl Shots


Remember in childhood, how during garba we used to twirl like crazy in the Ghaghra-choli? Well, that brings us to another fabulous bridal poses idea, the twirl shots. I’m sure you would have chosen your bridal lehenga with the utmost care, then why not flaunt its beauty in the gorgeous twirl shots. Also, or not while you twirl around that dreamy lehenga, you’re going to look nothing less than a real goddess!









12. Veil Shots


Veils have always been a part of Indian tradition, started off traditionally for the newlywed brides. But, with passing years as the time takes turns, these veils are now being used for spectacular bridal poses and we are totally loving their beauty. Veils are see-through, and the clicks in which your gorgeous face is visible through the veils, makes the best combination. Look through these glamorous pictures of these diva brides and save the ideas you loved :