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Most Popular Bridal Mehndi Designs of 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Are you looking for Bridal Mehndi inspiration? Check out the popular mehndi designs of 2020

To choose the best mehndi design is quite a task for every Indian bride-to-be or newly married bride for her wedding and other festivals. While some brides decide to go with what the Mehndi artist advise, which is not a bad idea, however, having some favourite designs of your own is better. We have compiled a list of most popular Mehndi designs of 2020.


The Raja & Rani or The Bride and Groom Mehndi Designs

Bride & Groom Portrait Mehndi Designs

Mesh Bridal Mehndi designs

Intricate Feet Mehndi Designs

Motif based Mehandi Designs

Mandala Mehndi Designs 

Mehndi designs for parties/ festivals for the newlywed brides

Let’s start with the most popular :

Best Bridal Mehndi Designs of 2020

 The Raja & Rani or The bride and groom mehndi Designs

The classic and timeless Dulha – Dulhan theme mehndi is the one which most brides prefer on their wedding day. This design showcases an artwork of a king and queen from the Mughal era. Intricate patterns are drawn around the two faces to make the focal point of the design stand.

Suitable for: Suitable for the wedding ceremony only

Pair with: Bridal lehenga


The bride and the bridegroom along with some really bold floral motifs. This is the most popular bridal mehndi design of 2020. This is design is surely a stunner!


A bride getting Raja Rani motifs drawn on her hands. Raja Rani motifs have become a rage in Bridal Mehandi in 2020.


Love the Raja Rani motifs on the hands of this bride. Raja Rani motifs combined by the traditional lace and floral motifs, make this Mehandi come alive!


The bride here has the scene of a royal court painted on her hands with henna. The personalised message for her husband is such a sweet touch. We could not stop admiring it.


Raja & Rani Mehandi motifs along with glitter mehandi. I think adding glitter to bridal mehandi is going to be really popular this year.


The Sindoor ceremony depicted in this Mehendi pictures leaves me speechless. Did you notice the hearts painted on the groom’s Shervani?

Brides these days are opting for the entire wedding sequence for their mehndi design. Right from baraat to Jai mala, to mandap rituals is being depicted in this design. Love how splendid this design looks!

Suitable for: Suitable for the wedding ceremony

Pair with: Wedding lehenga


Such a lovely concept for bridal mehndi! The bride has her wedding date, her birthday, her wedding logo, Om symbol and a portrait of Radha Krishna along with a caricature representing the couple!


Love the detailing in Baraat Mehendi design on her hands. Baraat scenes are the most after bridal henna designs in 2020.


This is stunning! First words that came to my mind when I saw this. Detection of a full baraat scene is no small feat. One of our favourite Mehendi designs.


Bride & Groom Portrait Mehndi Designs

The trend these days is to customise mehndi, and the brides prefer to get the caricature of the groom or both or caricature of their choice! Making caricatures by looking at the picture is not easy, and you would want the best for your wedding day!

Suitable for: Suitable for the wedding ceremony

Pair with: Heavy traditional Indian bridal outfits


The bridal couple and a clear message that this lovely bride is about ‘Good vibes only’


Bride shows off the caricature of her beau with a smile. Being in love is such a beautiful feeling. Couple caricatures in Mehendi designs clubbed with floral and lace motifs are really on fire in 2020.


Awww! Isn’t it sweet to have your parents and parents-in-law as part of your bridal Mehndi design? So whose caricatures would you have on your hands? 

Mesh bridal mehndi designs

This mehndi design is back in trend! The mesh-like design now comes with a modern twist wherein other details are incorporated within the jaali. There are no significant motifs but more patterns in this design.

Suitable for: Suitable for family functions and festivals and of course weddings.

Pair with: Traditional outfits. You can also wear these with your heavy suits and lehengas.


Intricate mesh Mehendi designs are back in 2020 and catching up to the portrait and baraat scene Mehendi fast.


Love the detail in the Mehandi. The mesh is so intricate yet every single pattern and motif is so clear and distinguishable.


Love the Mehndi, her floral jewellery and the peach lehenga.


Dark blue denim, a beautiful pair of silver anklets (payals) and gorgeous mesh mehndi design.


Check out this stunning mesh mehndi design, her gorgeous nail art and the red floral ‘maang teeka’. Lovely!


Intricate mesh mehndi designs with flowers and Indian motifs of aambi and peacocks.

Stunning Feet Mehndi Designs

A lot of brides don’t want too much on their feet, a lot of them do. So, here are our favourites for when you lift your lehenga and put a step on to the stage, this one is for that perfect click.

Suitable for: Suitable for family functions and weddings

Pair with: Indo-western bridal outfits



This stylish Mehendi looks like the bride is wearing jewellery on her feet. Stylish and understated!


Peacock motifs clubbed with Mandala inspired motifs in the centre make this design stand out. This has stylishly written all of over it.


Lovely use of different floral motifs in mesh format. Love this design for Mehendi on feet


Beautiful feet mehndi designs with elephants, flowers and peacock motifs.


A gorgeous feet mehndi design for brides. A combination of flower motifs and meshwork makes this design stand out.



 Stunning feet mehndi designs for brides. The mesh mehndi in the image on left and elephant and floral motifs make the designs stand out.


Minimalistic feet mehndi designs inspired by arabic mehndi designs.


Gorgeous Mehandi designs for feet – A combination of bold floral motifs, lace designs and meshwork.



 Lace inspired Mehandi design for the brides who would like to go minimalistic (left) Mesh/ Jaal work mehndi design

Motif based Mehandi designs

The unique motif designs fill up entire hands with intricate floral patterns, peacocks, lace that are bold and prominent. This can be extended till the upper arms or till the elbows as per the preference and linking of the bride.

Suitable for: Suitable for engagement and wedding ceremony.

Pair with: Heavy traditional outfits like lehengas or ghararas


Beautiful and intricate mehndi that the bride can not stop flaunting. Her pink and yellow floral jewellery is a nice addition to the Mehndi.


Stunning Mehendi motifs of peacocks, flowers and laces, making this a sought after Mehandi design by the brides.


Beautiful Mehendi motifs comprising of lotus flowers, aambi or kairi patterns and jhumka tassels.


Yet another stunning Mehandi design inspiration. The designs come out very well with the bride’s gold nail paint.

Asymmetric motifs

The beauty of this design is the uniqueness of an asymmetric pattern with vine designs and floral patterns all over the hands. Neither the design on the fingers nor the design on the wrists matches with the rest of the design on the hands.

Suitable for: Suitable for engagement and wedding ceremony

Pair with: Heavy traditional outfits or wedding attire. These can also be worn with your heavy suits or salwar kameez.



Love the full hand mehndi design as well as the bride’s pose with it. Isn’t it a beatiful photo?


And the bride chooses Arabic mehndi inspired bold motifs for her hands. Refreshingly different.


Gorgeous is the first word that comes to my mind when I took this picture. The use of bold lotus and flower motifs create a design that stands out.

The Kairi or Aambi Motif Mehndi

The Kairi or Mango motif is a traditional motif pattern inspired many Bridal Indian mehndi designs. You can extend these till the upper arms and even do the same for legs. The mehndi is drawn following one single pattern on both hands.

Suitable for: Suitable design for engagement and wedding ceremony

Pair with: Pair with traditional outfits


Rajasthani Mehndi design, inspired by the traditional designs popular with the Rajputs of Marwar.


Intricate feet mehndi design inspired by the traditional bridal mehndi designs of Rajput brides.

 Mehndi designs inspired by floral motifs

This design focuses solely on floral patterns and curves – but some contemporary hearts can be thrown in too!

Suitable for: Suitable for family functions, festivals and weddings.

Pair with: Heavy traditional attire if the mehndi is heavy and casual traditional clothes and light jewellery if the mehndi is minimal.


Bold floral motifs and varmala scenes inspire the mehndi of this bride.


Lotus motifs and jumki tassels inspired bridal mehndi. This design uses a combination of intricate jaal work with Arabic inspired bold lines and flower motifs.






Traditional Rajasthani mehndi designs, a unique combination of mesh designs with lace and aambi motifs among others.


The Mandala Mehndi Designs 


 The mandala is a very common design-a large circle that usually serves as a base around which several patterns are drawn. It looks like rays of the sun. The petals are often arranged to create a multi-dimensional look.


Mandala inspired fusion mehndi design. This unique design only covers the front of the legs.



 Half hand bridal mehndi design inspired by Mandala motifs.


Half feet Kairi inspired bridal mehndi design with a silver anklet.



Mesh inspired feet mehndi design with vintage Indian silver anklets.

Mehndi Designs for Parties/ Festivals for the Newlywed Brides

If you are not a big Mehndi fan or want something stylish for your first Karvachauth or any other festival, choose from our contemporary and glamorous mehndi designs that are also not clumsy. These days clutter-free and less complicated designs are setting the trend and go with modern as well as contemporary outfits.

Suitable for: Suitable for parties and festivals

Pair with: Indo-western outfits



 Light mehndi designs for festivals such as Teej, Diwali and Karvachauth. The designs are lighter than traditional bridal designs.


Mehandi designs for newly married brides for festivals and parties.


Light Heena designs for occasions such as Diwali, Karvachauth or Teej.


Fusion mehandi design inspired by Mandala and Raja rani mehandi.




Full hand asymmetric jaal mehndi design for newly married brides.






Arabic inspired hand mehndi designs for festivals.


Meshwork mehndi with motifs like Kalash, laces and kairi and mandala – a true fusion of various designs








Mehndi designs of Bollywood brides

Here are some of the mehndi designs adorned by Bollywood brides at their weddings. Hope you like what you see and can pick some ideas for your own weddings from the below


Bollywood hottie, Bipasha Basu, got married to her boyfriend Karan Singh Grover in an intimate ceremony. Bipasha is seen wearing a gorgeous floral tiara, a beautiful ‘hath-phool’ and 1000 watt electric smile at her Mehendi ceremony.


Anushka Sharma at her Mehendi ceremony wearing a Sabyasachi lehenga. Anushka got married to her cricketer boyfriend Virat Kohli at a private ceremony in Italy.


Esha Deol, daughter of Hema Malini and Dharmendra, with her businessman husband Bharat Takhtani at her Mehendi ceremony. Esha wore a stunning Neeta Lulla lehenga to her Mehendi and paired with floral jewellery.


Malayalam movie star, Bhavna Menon, got married to her longtime boyfriend film producer Naveen. Bhavna looks stunning in the yellow dress that she wore to her Mehendi ceremony. The intricate henna designs are nothing short of stunning.




Deepika Padukone’s stunning Sabyasachi paired with a multi-layered navratan Raani haar set with uncut diamonds, rubies, pearls and emeralds. Deepika brought in her Mehendi artists from Mumbai.


Bipasha Basu looking rad in her pink floral printed Anushree Reddy lehenga, panchlada necklace and beautiful floral jewellery at her Mehendi ceremony


The gorgeous Priyanka Chopra at her wedding ceremony, donning her beautiful smile, a traditional Rajasthani Bandhini lehenga and her intricate Mehendi designs.






Stunning Sonam Kapoor flaunts her intricate Heena at her mehndi ceremony. Just look at her smile with absolutely compliments her beautiful mehndi.

Amazing! Isn’t it? We’re sure that you must have shortlisted a few by now, so go ahead, add these designs to your Mehndi inspiration folder.

Have a Happy Mehndi!

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