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Top 15 Makeup Essentials for a Complete Bridal Makeup Kit

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

15 Must-Haves in your Makeup Kit to Flaunt your Bridal Look

A newlywed bride and her makeup kit must stick by each other. Every day when the Dulhan needs to be ready for the guests, she better looks her best self too.


No doubt our bride would be clueless, thinking that there are tons of makeups products needed and she would end up with just some showpieces in the dresser. Worry not, as always; we are here to help you. Let us save your post-wedding looks! Well, here we have listed 15 must-haves in your bridal makeup kit items:

1. Primer

Make sure to have a long staying primer so that at the end of the day, your makeup doesn’t fade away. And you look as good as you were in the morning.



2. BB/CC Cream

 You can’t have a dense layer of makeup every day on your face, so it is necessary to have a Beauty Benefit or CC cream in your makeup kit for daily routine

bb/cc cream for beautiful bridal look.

3. Basic eye shadow pallets


Who doesn’t likes to look gorgeous every day? You can use the powder eye shadow palette with brown shades for your daily wear makeup. White and silver colours in eye shadow are used for creating shadow and highlights. 


4. A Concealer


Most needed for every event you need to attend. Firstly you need to choose the right shade. There is various tinted concealer to use for different things. Like green-tinted to reduce redness, orange and red-tinted to reduce dark spots. Decide which type of concealer you want to use. Always use a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your natural tone.


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5. Lip Liners


Many shades according to the mood! They help you in giving smooth shape to your lips. color coordinate your lip liners with your lipstick.

colourful lip liners for lips of brides

6. Shades of lip colour


Most imperative! Aren’t they? You can choose from matt to gloss to gel. The nude shade is trending these days. Red is the all-time classic, and if you want a more bold and different look, then you can try dark colours like purple, brown, burgundy and green.  


7. Lip Balms

 These are needed to moisturise your lips and save them from damages, otherwise done by lipsticks and lip liners. There are many lip balms in the market, choose yours wisely.


8. Eyeliner Pencil


Most looked-for! Aren’t they? Liquid eyeliners stay longer and are more intense. Pencil eyeliners are easy to apply and enjoyable to go.


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9. Kohl Kajal


It is the basic need for any girl. Makes your eyes look bigger and adds charm

branded kohl kajal for bridal eyes

10. Bronzer


it is used to give shine and colour to your skin.  


bronzer for shinny bridal skin                     


11. Mascara

 To curl up your eyelashes and look bold. 


12. A tissue and blending pads


tissues and pads while doing makeup


13. Blush in different shades

Use the blush that suits your skin colour and never overdo it.



blush in different shades for bridal skin


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14. Nail paints

 Different shades which go with all your dresses, some dark shades and some pastel colours would be perfect. 



15. Makeup remover


Last but don’t skip it, ladies!