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11 Catchy Bridal Entry Ideas To Try At Your Wedding

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 11 August, 2020

Image Source: Dream Diaries

It is not every day that you make your presence known to the world, so when you can, why not step up the wedding entrance game and make it memorable? The most awaited day of life is all about that one grand evening where family and friends come together to indulge themselves in a celebrational spirit. Therefore, we have collaborated 11 Catchy Bridal Entry Ideas To Try At Your Wedding in this blog as we know that a queen likes to walk down the aisle in style.

1. Enter On A Horse Like A Boss

Why doli when you could climb up a horse and make your boss move at the entrance? Many brides dream of entering their wedding like a badass. Try it this way if this is you.


Image Source: Inav Photography

2. Elephant Rides For Queens

If your big fat wedding can accommodate an elephant ride, then give it a green signal. Brides love the idea to live like a queen even if it is for one fine evening. So make a royal entrance this way.


Image Source: Memorable Indian Weddings

3. Enter In Style With The Bride Squad

Bride squad with friends and family is always the best choice to be escorted with, at the wedding. Enter holding your parents’ arms or bring your friends for a loud arrival. Choose how you wish to step in your way.


Image Source: Dream Diaries

4. Wheel Your Way In At The Wedding

Rent or bring your own convertible and make some noise with Team Bride as you walk past the gateway. Your guests won’t be able to resist turning their heads for that wild sight. It is always fun to keep up the wedding spirit for similar ideas.


Image Source: The Lightsmiths

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5. Fancy Umbrella Entry

Make your entry thematic with enchanting props that will present a princess vibe on your D-Day. Fancy umbrellas are one of the props that have been trending at weddings nowadays. So you may equip yourself with one and request your brother to hold it for you at the time you make your entrance.


Image Source: Roshini Daswani Kewalram

6. Under The Phoolon Ki Chaadar

Phoolon ki chaadar comes in a variety of designs, so based on the decoration at the wedding you can get a coordinated one. Walking under a floral chaadar seems visually elegant and subtle. If this is the kind of arrangement, you as a bride can relate to then lock it soon.


Image Source: Design Aqua

7. Walk With Your Fur Buddies

Pet lovers cannot help feeling lost on their wedding day without their fur buddies. So if you have pets then walk the aisle with your babies and beautify the view of your entrance.  


Image Source: Anyonya Events

8. Sparkle With Fireworks As You Walk In

Fireworks are scenic but what makes it even more wonderful is the bride walking simultaneously as the sparkling begins. If you wish to leave sparkles wherever you go then you can decide to enter your wedding with fireworks.


Image Source: Gautam Khullar Photography

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9. Did Someone See That Dancing Bride?

Keep it musical and dance throughout your entrance track until you reach the designated stage. Sassy and bold brides make a statement with these stunts. It also keeps the visitors hooting while uplifting their spirits. 


Image Source: Cool Bluez Photography

10. Royal Doli and Palki

Traditionally brides were welcomed in a Doli at the wedding but as we are ahead in time and even though we have some amazing quirky ways to enter, this moment, the bridal entry still remains special and touches the ritualistic grounds. So, if you wish to experience the authentic kind of an entrance on a palki or doli, then you can consider this option as it is close to Cinderella’s fairytale carriage.


Image Source: Morvi Images

11. Walk-In With The Groom

A prosperous entry as a couple is the most beautiful sight of all. What is better than walking with the man of your dreams to the wedding and unite forever? Enter the venue like you own it because it will be the best time to embrace your union. 


Image Source: The Vintage Films, Jaskaran and Gursheen

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