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23+ Most Amazing Black Lehengas For Weddings in 2020

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

In recent years, brides have started to experiment boldly with unusual colours and are straying away with the traditional red and gold. And one trendy colour here is black. Black being traditionally considered an inauspicious colour is probably what stopped you from considering it as a viable choice. But all the superstitions and myths aside, black is always perceived as a colour which exudes style and elegance. There is no way that you can go wrong with a black dree, and I am sure you will be convinced of the same when you look at these gorgeous black lehenga designs below. 

Black is The New Red These Days! Show Your Love To Black Lehenga Designs

All in Silk Black Lehengas

Silk by its mere presence takes the outfit to the next level as can be seen in the picture. If you are aiming for a sophisticated, no-nonsense look, then you will definitely like this. To add a little more bling, you can use a sequined dupatta. 


Silk Bridal Black Lehenga Design

Mirror Worked Lehenga Designs

Mirrors look exceptionally beautiful against black, and the combination of the onyx colour only amplifies the allure of this black mirror work lehenga Design.


Mirror-Work-Bridal Black Lehenga Design

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Beautiful Embroidered Borders 

If you want just a hint of some other colour on your black lehenga design, get an off-white or different similarly coloured patterns to be stitched along the border and the shawl.


Embroidered-Borders-Bridal Black Lehenga Design


Intricate Zardosi Worked Black Lehenga

A signature Sabyasachi move, tastefully done zardozi work can never go wrong. Depending on how heavily worked you want it to be, you can have the work only on the blouse or on the blouse and lehenga both.


Intricate-Zardosi-work-Bridal Black Lehenga Design

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Black Velvet Lehenga Design

Try a black velvet lehenga, adorned with zari work and taffeta to achieve a perfect mix between modern and ethnic.


Katrina Kaif in a Black Velevet Lehenga


Bollywood outfits give quite an inspiration to everyone! Having said that, check out the best Bollywood Lehengas and get ample amount of inspiration!


Combination of Styles

A Sabyasachi masterpiece, here we see how a sequined worked blouse is paired with a lehenga with colourful floral patterns and diamond work.


Bridal Black Lehenga Design with combination of styles


Jacket Style Lehengas

Pair a simple blouse with a jacket to add a bit off flair to your attire. You can also use a pastel shade or a brightly coloured jacket, to add a pop of colour.


Jacket-Style-Bridal Black Lehenga Design

Make it Unique

Create an entirely nonpareil look by styling each element of the lehenga with care. Here we a see a gold sequined blouse paired with a full-length jacket and a ruffled skirt, designed by Raghavendra Rathore.


Unique-Bridal Black Lehenga Design

Black and Gold

Pair black with gold to achieve the ultimate royal look.you can play around with proportions of the two as you see fit to achieve the perfect balance with elegance and grandeur.


Black and Gold Bridal Black Lehenga Design


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Buckle Up

One of the latest trends in lehengas is to pair it up with a belt. It can be a classy, understated belt but you can also go with something funky to give the traditional lehenga look a twist.


Buckle-Up Bridal Black Lehenga Design

Fringes and Ruffles

If you are that bride who is looking to modernise the conventional lehenga, then this trend is for you. One of the best things about this is that it can be added to any part of your costume ensemble and immediately take it up an extra notch.


Bridal Black Lehenga Design With  Fringes-and-Ruffles

 Sleeve Statement

From short to long sleeves, now extra long sleeves are in. By adding elaborate sleeves to your lehengas, you eliminate the heavy dupatta, which also gives you the freedom to move freely. If not possible, to wear it at your wedding, you can wear it for the sangeet or Mehendi function.


Bridal Black Lehenga Design With Sleeve-Statement


Moving away from the traditional blouse design, having longer and differently styled tops can help you stand out. It also flatters your body shape. One of the ways to do that is to have a long Kurti-style top with a mid or side slit.


Top Notch Bridal Black Lehenga Design


Furs and Feathers

 Adding feathers and furs to the blouse and sleeves, and in some unique designs, even the skirts, gives the lehenga an edgy, ramp worthy look.


Furs-and-Feathers Bridal Black Lehenga Design

Boho-chic Look

This lehenga which is inspired by bohemian themes, has incorporated shades of peach and white and also a belt to give a fresh look.


Boho-chic-Look Bridal Black Lehenga Design

Understated Style

Muted embroidery patterns on the skirt coupled with simple sequin work on the shawl to give an opulent look.



Sequined Lehenga

The simplest way to make a dress look grander is to cover it with esthetic sequin work and the one displayed below has the Sabyasachi Style written all over it.


Sequined Bridal Black Lehenga Design

Cape Blouses

By incorporating a cape blouse, you eliminate the need to use both a shawl and also minimise the need for jewellery!


Bridal Black Lehenga Design with cape blouses


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 Pleated Shawls

On the other end, we have pleated shawls which can be draped in a half saree manner. If the shawl is intricately worked, then the blouse can be simple and vice versa.


Bridal Black Lehenga Design with pleated shawls


Pops of Colours

If you want to add more colour to your outfit, then you can use black as the base material on which other colours are worked. Here, we have shades of red and pink and the black background makes these colours pop out.


best Bridal Black Lehenga Design


Printed Skirts

Skirts with beautiful prints are another way to go, and a safe option here is to have floral patterns.


Bridal Black Lehenga Design with Printed Skirts


Go Floral

Floral prints and black skirts make a lovely duo!

Floral Bridal Black Lehenga Design


Peplum Blouses

If you are someone who is looking for the current trends, then peplum blouses are the way to go!


Peplum-Blouses-with-Bridal Black Lehenga


Contrast the Blouse

The thing about black is that all colours go along superbly with it. So you can add a shawl or blouse of your favourite colour.


Contrast-the-Blouse with Bridal Black Lehenga

If you had any doubts about opting for black, then we believe that this article would have cleared all of that by showing you the various creative ways in which black lehengas can be styled.