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7 Top Trending Kalire Designs For The Bride In Her Wedding

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

“ मासी, बूआ, चाची और मामी कलीरे साथ रज रज देते दुआए

जुग जुग जीए तेरा माही

जब तक चांद-तारे रहे तब तक तुम दोनों का साथ

कभी तेरा माही ना छोड़े तेरा हाथ “


Kalire is a symbol of the love and blessings a bride is showered with on her big day. Traditionally, the bridal kalire are made of makhanas (lotus seeds), dried coconuts, and nuts. It signifies good luck and prosperity in the bride’s home. The fun ritual is that the girl on whose head part of kalira falls when the bride shakes them over her head gets married next. 


The maternal relatives of the bride tie those on bride’s bangles. However, a lot of brides these days buy kalire themselves because they want to wear a style of their own choice. Wedding kalire itself is a world of designs. Available in different colours, designs and sizes to choose from. Many brides are now redefining the kalira trend. How would you like your kalira to be like?


The markets these days are full of different kalire designs, hence leaving a soon-to-be bride with numerous options. Well, I delved deep into the trending kalire designs that are trending this wedding season and have got a curated list ready for you to choose from for your wedding.  Check out 7 Unique Bridal Kalire Designs you can choose from!

Coconut Kalire


This one is the most traditional Kalire. It has dried nuts and coconuts in it. The reason for wearing this Kalire is that there is a belief that the bride who wears this kalire will never have food scarcity in her life ahead. 


Unique Bridal Kalire Designs


Coconut kalire designs


Kalire with red stones

Red symbolises love, strength and commitment. These red stoned Kalire give a beautiful bridal look as it will compliment your lehenga too.


Unique Bridal Kalire Designs

Tassel Kalire

Usually, kalire are quite heavy due to the gold or silver and precious stones. But these tassel Kalire spare our brides some relief as they are light. It looks cute at the same time. It can be single or multicoloured, and each one has its beauty. Perfect for the brides who do not want to wear a heavy one.


Best bridal accessories

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Gold Kalire

Gold is considered an auspicious metal in India which has a timeless grace. It is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. These golden Kalire will give a traditional yet regal look to your hands full of mehndi. Gold goes very well with heavy bridal wear. 


Gold Kalire designs for brides


Stone encrusted silver kalire

This type of kalire has multiple strands holding beautiful embellishments. The heavy accessory looks rich. It will add elegance to your bridal look. Much like gold, silver is also a precious metal. Choose whichever one you like better. After all, it’s your wedding!


Beautiful bridal accessories

Kalire with colourful hangings

People should not be able to get their eyes off you, and your kalire will make sure they only see the bride. These kailre with colourful latkans are so eye-catchy.

colorful kalire designs 

Floral Kalire

Initially, only precious stones and noble metals were used to make kalire, but now flowers have brought a refreshing version of the traditional Kalire. These trendy ones give a different look to your attire. They are lightweight and unique, giving an unusual touch.


Bridal wedding jewelry


Beautiful floral jewelry

Best kalire designs for bride


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Shell Kalire

These shell kalire with coconut hangings are looking breathtakingly pretty. It is giving a beautiful traditional touch to the bridal look.

Unique kalire designs for brides 

These bridal kalire designs are ruling this wedding season. I hope now you will be able to find the best kalire for your wedding in town. Get ready to tap your kalire on your BFF’s head and capture an awesome memory with this amazing kalire. I wish that your Kalire rocks your wedding look for the perfect start to a happily married life. Also, let me know which kalire design stole your heart away.


Image Source: Foto Walle, Morvi Images, Punjabi Traditional Jewellery, Photoz Aapki