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13 must have Bengali dishes at a Bong wedding! My Best friend's wedding

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Updated on 30 June, 2020


Bengalis and their eternal love for their cuisine is a well-renowned love story, and when it comes to weddings, they walk an extra mile for it, which is the love affair of a lifetime. Marriage is one of the most memorable and vital memories of anyone’s life and when it comes to that, how could anyone take the food lightly, especially the Bengalis. 

The Bengalis are known for taking their food very seriously, and they will never disappoint with the food. If anything, you can imagine yourself walking out of a Bengali wedding with loosened belts or bottoms, smacking lips and patting your belly for such great endeavour!

The Bengali feast is quite like a multi-starer movie, where the main hero is the fish, but the others keep trying hard to over-shadow it with all the healthy spices and finger-licking taste. While you dive into the fish and desserts that these artistic people are known for, do not forget to take a handful of the vegetarian dishes that tend to be a well-kept secret.

Here are the most delicious dishes the Bengalis dive into for the most special occasion and are the essential part of a Bengali wedding!

The yummiest Checklist of Food Items to be Served at a Bengali Wedding




Mochar chop or banana flower cutlet is one of the tastiest Bengali starters. It is a balanced mixture of the boiled banana flower with the sweet raisins, ginger and crunch from the deep-fried outer coating. The use of selected spices brought up together on a single plate with that garnishing will make you crave for more.


Mochar-Chop bong dish



This is a Bengali cocktail kind of snack. It is deep-fried potato stuffed with spicy fish fillings. This snack tastes best with mustard sauce or kashundi with finely sliced onions and lemon.

Delicious Maacher chop  



This is kind of a delicious appetiser that can be served with puri, but its taste will make you keep asking for more. It consists of slices of brinjal/baigan which are coated in lip-smacking spices and pan-fried until crunchy and crispy.


begun-bhaja Bengali dish



This recipe is puri that is stuffed, also known as Kochuri. This dish has stuffing of mashed peas within the kochuri. It tastes the best when eaten with aloo dum, which is baby potatoes in a spicy curry.





Potol in Bengali means gourd or parwal while Dolma implies any kind of stuffed vegetable. It is usually prepared by stuffing the pumpkin with prawns or fish, but it can also be made in a vegetarian style by using paneer and dry fruits as the stuffing.


Potoler Dolma Bengali Style

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Dhokar Dalna is a traditional Bengali dish that is made of spiced channa dal koftas or lentil cakes which are first fried and then it is soaked in curry with onions, tomatoes and coconut. It can be made in gravy as well as it can be prepared dry.


Amazing Dhokar dalna dish



This Bengali dish is trendy and is served at almost all the events. It is a fragrant yellow pulao with subtle sweet undertones that can be eaten with spicy chicken or mutton curry to provide a beautiful balance.

Bengali Mishti Pulao




It is the all-time favourite fish wrapped in banana leaf. The fish is marinated with mustard paste or kasundi, curd and a lot of spices before being cooked into the banana leaf. This cuisine tastes the best with betki or hilsa fish.

Bhetki Macher Paturi Barramundi




Kosha Mangsho refers to an authentic Bengali mutton curry. It is cooked by adding pieces of goat meat and potatoes in an onion-ginger-garlic gravy along with tomatoes, mustard oil and curd/yoghurt. The spicy delicacy is a must-have at any Bengali event.

kosha mangsho bengali item




This is one of the most famous dishes, where prawn is cooked in a rich, delicious spicy gravy with coconut milk or cream. The best compliments to this dish are when it is served with white rice or pulao for special occasions.

golda chingri malaik dish

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This well-renowned Mughlai biryani is what Kolkata is famous for. Its flavour is quite different and stands out because of a unique style of blending potato along with the meat. The biryani tastes the best when served with burani raita or a non-veg gravy-like laal-maas or creamy butter chicken.

Calcutta style chicken biryani




This is a Bengali combined with Mughlai dish where large slices or pieces of chicken are marinated in a rich spiced up the paste and cooked in a rich gravy made of poppy seeds. Chicken chaap tastes best when accompanied by naan, pulao or biryani.

Delicious chicken chaap




The most famous Bengali sweet, rosogolla refers to ball-shaped dumplings of fragmented milk or chhena in sugar syrup. This tops the list of Bengali’s most favourite dessert, and they have given their beloved a different name and call it rosogolla. You just can’t miss out this dessert! Rosogolla is also one of the many reasons why any foodie would want to visit Kolkata.

Bengali wedding food




A well-known Bengali dessert made with chenna along with milk and sugar. It sounds much better and authentic when you call it the Bengali tone and accent “shondesh”. It is one of the most famous sweets of Bengal, and it is available in many variants.


bengali sweet sandesh



Mishti Doi, as the name suggests, means fermented sweet yoghurt. It is prepared with milk and sugar or sometimes jaggery. For Bengalis, it is more than a dessert, for them its an emotion! Misti Doi can be garnished with elaichi for better flavour and fragrance. If you are born a Bengali, then this dish is one of the desserts you can take pride in. The immense popularity of Mishti Doi adds just another compliment to Bengal as while mentioning the best things of that state. One never forgets to keep it on the list!

Ah,khoob bhalo Menu in a Bengali Wedding! Never should a foodie ever miss a chance to treat themselves with one!

mishti-doi Bengali sweet