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7 Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 30 June, 2020

A Bridal Beauty Regime must be practised mindfully because the health of our skin lies under the routine we follow. So if you are a Busy Bee or just a Cosmetic Freak, do not neglect the ingredients of the daily products that you use. You must choose products with a formula that suits your skin type. 

As a Self-taught Makeup Artist, I will share with you 7 tried and tested beauty tips that will help you achieve the ultimate Bridal Glow.

Especially when your wedding day is to arrive, try not to experiment too much with your skin. Always Remember Less is More!

Carefully Pick Your Bath & Body Products

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A healthy glow is never temporary so drop off those Bathing Gels and Skin Creams that promise you fairness. Skin tones may vary but will glow only be there when it is healthy. Instead, focus on Dermatologically Tested products which are listed online as per your skin conditions. You might want to check for Ph balanced shower gels that do not overdry your body and retain natural oils in the body. Get hold of non-greasy moisturisers which last long to keep your skin hydrated.  

Treat Your Face Well

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Remember to: 

Wash your face regularly after waking up and before dozing off because your skin needs to breathe.

Exfoliate twice if the product is mild or once if it clears your pores at once. DO NOT SCRUB IF YOU HAVE ACNE; IT MIGHT WORSEN!

You might want to buy medical facial cleansers. I personally recommend ‘Sebamed and Cetaphil’ because it suits all skin types and keeps you acne-free. They also have excellent Facial Foams for daily use.

DIY Masks And Scrubs

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We are all aware of the beauty industry offering consumers a wide variety of products containing natural extracts, Aloe-vera gel, essential oils and vitamins. But if you prefer to go organic then try stepping into your kitchen and make yourself chemical-free treats!  


Ubtan in India is a multipurpose speciality that scrubs out unwanted dirt leaving your face and body glowing. Moisturised and smooth too!

Fuller’s Earth / Multani Mitti

Rid your face from all that unnecessary oil by applying a Multani Mitti face mask. You may add a couple of rose water droplets for the greater good.


Naturally, tighten your skin by applying freshly whisked egg-whites. Apply it over the face and wash off with lukewarm water once it dries up. 

Lemon Extract

Lemons are your best friends containing natural bleaching properties that fight with anti-ageing and reduce the appearance of pigmentation. It can be added in any of your DIY Masks supplying your skin Vitamin-C. Do moisturise after the procedure.

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Choose Your Makeup Wisely

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Mass utilisation of makeup has made the beauty game stronger. However, you must know how to pick products for your skin type wisely. 

If you Have an Oily Skin Type

Then it would be best if you went for mattifying makeup that controls oil visibility. Avoid Illuminating foundations as they tend to be creamy in texture. Do not skip moisturiser before applying makeup, even if it takes you to use an oil-controlling cream.

If you Have a Dry Skin Type

Then you can try illuminating foundations and creme based products that will not keep your skin looking flaky. Hook yourself up with hydrating face lotions to retain moisture under that makeup.

If you Have a combination Skin Type

Then you may use either mattifying or illuminating foundation. However, set it well with compact or mineral loose powder that will keep you safe from creasing. 

BONUS TIP: Invest in a good Makeup Fixer which will freeze your makeup all day long.

Makeup Removal Routine

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As much time as you invest in the application of makeup, you should also consider taking it off after you are back home because your pores need to remain unclogged. 

There are Three Ways I Recommend:


It is a cream-based formula that can be dabbed onto a cotton ball or apply straight to the face then wipe off the makeup with cotton swabs.

Micellar Water

Another great and powerful product that takes makeup off the skin effectively is micellar water. Pour some on a cotton pad then gently rub off the makeup. Voila!

Mild Soap / Face Wash

If you are running short on time or products, then you might simply wash off all your make up using a mild soap or daily face wash to relieve that skin and pat it dry.

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Set A Spa Day To Relieve Stress

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When your mind and body are stress-free, then nothing can stop it from glowing. Try scheduling a Spa Appointment and get some tension off of that back. It will stimulate your blood circulation hence, leaving you full of energy. A tiresome body may steal away the beauty you’re worthy of.

Consume Coconut Oil And Change Food Habits

Coconut oil is a great moisturisation element that is rich in Vitamin-E. It reduces stretch marks over months and leaves your skin shiny and mark free. Consumption of Coconut Oil promotes healthy Hair, Skin and Teeth. That is truly magical!  

To Glow, keep off Fried Food because it may cause your skin to break out and so can the unhygienic street food. 


Bottom Line 

If your Wedding Day is Months or Weeks away, then you may try this personally recommended beauty regime to regain your glow and BE BRIDE READY!  

Tell us what worked for you in the comment section below!