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21 top Bar Decor Ideas for your 2020 wedding | WeddingsOnly

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Updated on 30 June, 2020

Bars are places where two unknown people bond over some drinks. It’s like a posh and sophisticated version of your chai tapri bonding. Weddings, being the fun and hectic celebration they are needs some moments of relief and some time for retrospection. Bars serve that purpose. No matter who they are and what they are, your visits will surely visit the bar. It’s a happy place for everyone! So, this should be decorated with umpteen care. It’s your chance to impress the guests and give them a good environment. Remember that dialogue from ‘ Band Baja and Barat’ that people only remember the food of a wedding. Well next to the food, it’s the time spent in drinking that they’ll remember.


So, choose wisely from these unique ideas and influence your guests. It’s your dream wedding, after all.


21 Swanky Wedding Bar Decor Ideas

Floral Bar Decoration

Florals have a tendency to make everything a lot prettier and this floral bar decor is an example of that. Also, to top it up you can hang a circular banner with a quirky saying along with the florals.

beautiful floral bar decoration in exterior

beautiful bar decoration on beach side


A Sangria Station Table

Well, everyone loves sangria. It’s a drink that sets the mood. It’s the sophistication that you need. Especially the women in the house loves it. Hence a sangria bar table with a floral look is a good option.

wedding bar decoration on a sangaria station table

Sangaria station table used as a bar decoration


 The Unlimited Beer Barrel Taps

There’s only one word that relieves stress. It’s beer. Even so, if there’s some hard-working gentleman around who has slog it in the office all through the week. For them, an unlimited supply of beer is all that matters. Wooden beer barrels with taps attached to it is ideal for the occasion. It’s rustic and vintage. Even normal beer taps bar design without the barrels would be good. 

unique style beer barrel taps for bar decoration

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The Vine Forest Wonderland

Turn your wedding bar into a wonderland garden with beautiful vines, leaves, wildflowers, and plants. 

bar decoration in wedding as in a forest style


The Glittering Shiny Bar

Well, it’s a wedding. That too an Indian one. Can you leave the shine out of an Indian wedding? Not! Make your bar a shiny glittering place with streamers, glitter, candles, and mirrors.

beautiful shinny bar for intimate weddings

A Floral Enchantment

Weddings are a perfect opportunity to deck up things in flower. Like the wedding ritual mandap, the bar too can be decorated with flowers. Maybe not the same way but definitely in a better way. Some floral chandeliers and streamers would make it an enjoyable experience.

beautiful floral bar decoration in interior weddings

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The Organic Aesthetic Look

How about a simple aesthetic look that pleases the eye and soothes the nerve. Same as a glass of port. Well, a simple organic look with white vases natural flowers and vegetations might do it. 


simple aesthetic bar decoration look

A Cart of Surprise

How about letting the bar coming to you instead of you going to the bar? Won’t your guests love it? So, a simple wooden cart beautifully decorated with elements such as leaves would make it worthwhile.



The Sink & Drink BathTub

Let’s go for a unique vintage look. An old bathtub all decked up as a booze stash. It’s got that rustic look and also manages space well. 

unique style bar placement in a bath tub

bath tub wedding bar decoration idea

The Signage Happiness

Well, nothing sets the mood than some fresh signage coupled with some nice colours and designs. A simple signage reading ‘cheers’ in a fancy font would set the tone for the day. 

wedding bar decoration by using sign board


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The Circle of Continuity

A circular bar adds more dynamics to the aesthetics and feel of the place. It’s suitable for functionality as well – easy to access and manoeuvre around it. 

unique style bar decoration idea


The traditional classy look

Deck the bar with a majestic royal look. Put those traditional glass chandeliers, large end to end mirrors and candles. A grand set up from the collections of Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, what say?

bar decoration in wedding in a traditional way


The Classic Hollywood Style Black & White

Remember the 20s and 30s Hollywood with black and white check patterns, stripes and boxes. Well, you can use that look in your make the extensive background black with white elements like boxes and streamers. The bar bench base would look excellent in checkered black and white patterns or black and white stripes. You might even add some iconic pictures of Hollywood legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, etc. 

hollywood style bar decoration idea in weddings


A Signature Shelf

Similar to those quirky boxes or slant bookshelf ideas, we can make a signature shelf loaded with liquor supplies as a bar. Let’s say an all-white circular shelf which looks a circular roller coaster. Maybe add a flower and leaf wreath around it.

bar decoration in a signature shelf style


A State of Art Installation

This is an exciting proposition which blends the bar decor with art aesthetics of the surrounding. We can make it into a museum rack kind of benches which makes it look like an art exhibit. You can use even art elements such as paintings, sketches, ceramic installation around it. 

artistic bar decoration idea for weddings


The Punch Bowls Full of Life

You can make it homely loving affair with punch bowl setups with leafy twig decorations. Let the guests take a sip from the punch bowl with a drink or two, refilling from different containers. You can add elements such as laughing Buddha ceramic statues, dancing tribal girl statues to add more depth.


A Boat Ride To Another World

How about taking them for a ride? Turn your bar into a Kegger. Let the drinks be stored in a boat. You explore it and choose the one you like. You can even use dolls such as boatmen, water decorations, etc.

bar decoration in weddings by using a boat


A Colourful Bar

The most minimalistic, inexpensive but a vibrant looking bar. Make it a colourful shamiana with colourful paper and fabric decorations.


colourful bar decoration in indian weddings


A Frozen Lady

An enchanting ice sculpted bar with ice statues and icy elements will transform the guests into a winter wonderland. You will be the princess in that frozen land. 

bar decoration in wedding by using ice structure

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The Monogram Delight 

Show your message. Shine your love. Put a huge monogram saying ‘LOVE’ or ‘BLISS’ and make a smooth wide-angle bar around it. This will change the look of the bar and make it grand.

beautiful bar decoration in a wedding 

A Crafty Bar

An attractive option would be to make it a handcrafted bar. Wood curved bar table with intricate designs will make you stand out. 

unique style bar decoration idea in weddings


A Personalized One

Lastly, make a personalised bar with your ideas. Add your colours, pictures, and memories to it. 

personalized bar decoration idea in weddings


These are bar decor ideas is the tune that makes the music. Use them wisely; maybe you will make a song out of it. Mix and match the designs and make the bar the chilled out place you desire it to be!