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Amazing DJ Vendors In India For Weddings

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 20 August, 2020

Image Source: DJ Zaeden, Instagram

The days and nights of the Wedding week tend to get more lively with great music. Therefore, Dj vendors are called upon to pump up the environment. Fuel up your guests with groovy beats and let the music keep their energy levels high. We have collaborated a list of Amazing Dj Vendors in India who can be booked for your Wedding celebrations. Scroll through this blog to explore all about these talented artists.

1. DJ Zaeden


Image Source: DJ Zaeden, Instagram

The man behind a handsome face has earned his place in the music industry. His single ‘Never Let You Go’ ft. Nina and Malika received upto 3 million views. He too has been the face of 350 shows in a span of two years, i.e. 2014 - 2016. People often like to address him as Martin Garrix of India. 

2. Nucleya


Image Source: RC Photography, Instagram

In the past few years, NUCLEYA has blessed us with great EDM numbers which mostly exist in our personal playlists. He puts up a great show by giving his audience the right amount of musical dose. From playing gigs at a farmhouses to numerous events and locations, he has never failed to entertain the crowd.

3. Nikhil Chinappa


Image Source: Nikhil Chinappa, Instagram

Nikhil Chinappa charms his fans from being a RJ to playing one of the most insane EDM beats. He manages to smitten everyone since he pioneered the electronic music in India before anyone stepped in and is a common name around the hood.



Image Source: DJ NYK, Instagram

Nikhil Sahani explored his talents in the music industry at the age of 17 and carried them forward from Delhi. One of his famous works is ‘Chammak Challo’ from ‘Ra-One’ featuring Shahrukh Khan and Akon. He is all about EDM and known by the global population too.

5. Lost Stories


Image Source: Lost Stories, Instagram

The duo of Rishabh and Prayag play music that has magic since they have flown to multiple countries and have been a part of well-known music festivals such as- Sunburn and Tomorrowland. They have been working hard for over seven years, and success has knocked right on their doors, bringing them wishful gigs. Their music is recognised globally.

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6. Ritviz


Image Source: Ritviz, Instagram

Ritviz has launched great tracks that have advanced the music style and can get anybody hooked to them. He is famous for songs like Liggi, Barso and Sage who caught the attention widely. So do not hesitate to call a dashing personality with glamour.

7. DJ Chetas


Image Source: DJ Chetas, Instagram

DJ Chetas is known for his Bollywood mushy remix and has gained fame for the same. His soundtracks top the rank in any given Bollywood Genre. What’s the fun at an Indian Wedding without the Bolly Factor? He knows how to kickstart the mood of your guests.

8. DJ Shadow


Image Source: DJ Shadow, Instagram

DJ Shadow has previously worked with celebrities such as- Badshah, Pitbull, Guru Randhawa, Bohemia, Sean Paul and more. This Bollywood DJ Artist is an award winner, so doubtlessly book him for wedding events because he brings the best to his gig.

9. DJ Lemon


Image Source: DJ Lemon, Instagram

Vibe with DJ Lemon for mind-blowing Bollywood mashups as he knows how to place his music with the mood of his crowd. Your guests will root his personality along with your favourite music that he would play. 

10. DJ Ganesh


Image Source: DJ Ganesh, Instagram

DJ Ganesh and his team know how to get the party started, and they can bring their equipment to the venue as well. They amuse their crowd with wild music making the event a hit.

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11. DJ AJ Shah


Image Source: DJ AJ Shah, Instagram

The great mixer of Punjabi music to amp up the party, DJ AJ Shah shows immense talent when it comes to entertainment. He specialises in Bollywood, EDM, Hip-Hop and House music. He brings just the vibe that a wedding event requires.

12. DJ Suketu


Image Source: DJ Suketu, Instagram

DJ Suketu reintroduced remixes when Bollywood music was losing fame. He stunned the audience by breaking into the music industry with jammable remixes. You can reserve him for foot-tapping rhythms.

13. DJ Akanksha Popli


Image Source: DJ Akanksha Popli, Instagram

Akanksha Popli is a winner of MTV Splitsvilla and became a star DJ since then. She has been invited to many countries to perform and is skilled at playing Bollywood as well as electronic dance music. The diva will surprise you with her music selection and a gorgeous appearance.

14. DJ Paroma


Image Source: DJ Paroma, Instagram

DJ Paroma chose her career in the nightlife industry while experiencing clubs around the globe as a cabin crew visiting multiple destinations. She puts her heart and soul when spinning music. Her music genre is mostly that of Bollywood which suits the Indian club and event needs so she can be the artist to book in future for wedding ceremonies too. 

15. DJ Ravish


Image Source: DJ Ravish, Instagram

DJ Ravish is the man for cocktail parties if you are all in for some sick beats and working under a tight budget. He’s available in Goa too, so you may book him for all the fun your event wishes to carry. His EDM drops are really amazing. 

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