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9+ Ways To Shed Those Extra Calories Before Your Wedding

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 23 July, 2020

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You may be one month away from your big day and wondering how to tone the body without paying an obscene amount over a gym membership. Fret not brides! We have a list of weight loss activities that you will love to engage in regularly. It will amaze you that you won’t have to spare a penny for the following ideas. So sit tight and scroll through to 10 Exciting Ways To Lose Weight Before Wedding.

1. Workout With a Friend


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Have your best friend follow you to a workout session to stay motivated. With high energy levels, you can burn lots of calories and spend quality time with your buddy. You may turn on some groovy music or gossip together while working out.

2. Indulge in Dancing


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Indulge in dancing, and you can even try Bhangra as a warm-up technique. Music and dancing lifts up the mood, so put on your favourite dance playlist and groove along. Who knows if you would be choreographing your next dance performance at the wedding. 

3. Try Couple-Yoga


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Yoga brings positive energy, followed by a calm and balanced mind. So try couple-yoga to double the positivity and have your boo next to you. You may be next in line to set couple-goals by staying fit together.

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4. Play In The Park


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Playing in the park can help you breathe fresh air along with losing weight. It is essential to spend at least an hour outdoors to reduce stress. Therefore, you can play badminton or with a frisbee which is absolutely fun. 

5. Take A Peaceful Morning Walk


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If you are a morning person, then you can enjoy a peaceful morning walk on the sideways, parks or wherever you feel comfortable. A daily brisk walk session with music plugged-in can result in weight loss. At the same time, help your body consume the morning sunlight that is filled with Vitamin D. 

6. Host Green Tea Evenings


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Burn calories from home by sipping on to green tea. You can even host green tea evenings to discuss your wedding ceremony ideas with your girlfriends. An apt example of healthy gossiping!

7. Go For Plate Shopping


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It is said that eating in smaller plates could moderate your diet and make smaller food portions look large. So ladies, shop for beautiful sets of dishes and tone your bodies with this little change.

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8. Drink Lots Of Water


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Drinking ample amounts of water is not only important for hydration but it also keeps the metabolism high. With a high metabolism, you can reduce your weight quickly than expected time. Throw in lemon or cucumber slices in the water bottles for a slight twist of flavour. 

9. Hula Hoop Belly Training


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The hula hoop belly training is a super fun activity to try once in a while. You might struggle to balance it at the beginning, but gradually it will help you tone up the body. So shake your belly and wipe out the carbs.

10. Play With Your Pet Regularly


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Sprinting and playing with your pet can be healthy for the two of you. As pets can feel a little lonely sometimes, you can set a regular playtime that can be beneficial for both of your health. Losing weight by engaging in daily activities may be the best solution than taking up a gym membership.

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Which of the ideas are you going to be trying to lose weight?

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