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9 Tips To Lock Your Makeup For Longer Hours in Summer

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By Kanika Chachera

Updated on 17 August, 2020

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A little change can go a long way, so get ready to modify your summer makeup kit and habits. Perhaps, you don’t want to be missing out on the fun this summer by worrying about makeup or sweat. Tune with us to find out about keeping your foundation fresh and much more. Explore these important 9 Tips To Lock Your Makeup For Longer Hours In Summer. Scroll away and enjoy!

1. Begin Makeup By Using Ice Cubes


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Use ice cubes for a greater benefit than just cooling your drinks. You will be amazed to see the results of applying ice-cubes before starting a makeup regime. This technique will tighten your pores and keep the skin cool to avoid any product from melting because of the heat.

2. Press In Your Product


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Press your foundation in using a damp beauty blender. This will not only make your skin look natural but also keep the foundation from gliding. Makeup shall be blended well and not surface the skin. If so, it may look unflattering and slide-off before you know it.Make sure you press that foundation well!

3. Setting Spray Sandwich


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The setting spray sandwich is a new way to lock makeup. You can spray before and after the application of all your beauty products to ensure double safety and keep the makeup lasting for long hours. This can be a powerful tool on sunny days.

4. Powder Your Crease


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If you often get foundation creasing on your skin, then you must powder the fine lines. Smile-lines can be powdered with a thick brush and eyelids with a relatively thinner brush. One must always powder the makeup generously to avoid creasing. Dry skin types too should powder the makeup but with a lesser amount of compact. 

5. Befriend Smudge-Proof Eyeliners


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Every woman wants to keep their eyeliners on point. So stock up on smudge-free and waterproof eyeliners of good quality. Panda eyes suit nobody, therefore give away the old school smudgy liners.

6. Go For Waterproof Makeup Products


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Not only eyeliners, but all makeup products can be swapped with the waterproof category. It will ensure longevity on sweaty days as waterproof makeup products do not smudge and lock your look. Summer or rainy season, one must secure their makeup from dripping down at all times.

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7. Hold On To The Silicone Foundation


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A new addition to your makeup kit could be the silicone foundation. Due to its waterproof nature, it stays on the skin for a more extended period. The best part about a silicone foundation is that it feels light on the skin and provides full coverage. It is ideal for blemished and heavy acne filled skin.

8. Avoid Hot Areas


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Avoid hot areas and sun exposure as it can heat up the body temperature resulting in a sweaty state. Even if your makeup is secure, too much heat can ruin your skin and cause pigmentation. Instead, before heading outdoors you can apply a mattifying sunscreen right before putting makeup. This will dodge the greasiness on your face. 

9. Buy Long-Lasting Beauty Products


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When shopping for makeup, keep a check on the hours it can last upto. You may as well aim for more than 12 hours, so the makeup needs less to no touch-up. Save your time of washroom queues at events and mingle more without stressing over your look.

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Do try these tips from our blog and share your experience in the comment section below.